Monday, February 11, 2008

ChiChi, Yes Yes...Yes!

It feels like I have been living in lingerie for the past week or so, but really what better reason to take off your clothes is there… than lounging about in great shoes like these. When I first caught sight of the new ChiChi shoes from Maitreya it was at the GLAM Magazine launch fashion show. My heart skipped at least a beat, maybe two, my camera zoomed – I was in bliss. These shoes are like a little Valentine’s gift to all female feet across the grid.

Onyx LeShelle has really outdone herself, the styling of this shoe is spectacular and inspired by a real life shoe that she fell in love with on sight – no I won’t name names… but feel free to do some research! The amazing shape is a shoe lovers dream, and the details are completely ingenious, she even went so far at to have the inside textured to give the illusion of a shadow created by the straps and ties… I mean – nobody sees that unless they are rezzing them to take a photograph, but there it is, small gold logo embossed on the sole and all.

You really can’t go wrong with these shoes – my advice is fatpack these babies, but even if you can decide on one or two pairs – you get so much value here. The shoes are scripted – NO, not for bling or clicking! –so that you can change the color of the trim. There are 14 shoe colors, and 16 changeable trim colors… my math is rusty, but I think that gives you approx. 224 options… far too many to list here. And knowing how Maitreya continually experiments with new and exciting textures I am sure that it won’t be long before they introduce variations of the ChiChi. The ChiChi has just hit the shelves – make sure a visit to GLAM WORLD 2 is on your Valentine’s ‘to do’ list. Now please… I need some alone time with my shoes!

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Artilleri lingerie and hair. The amazing cushions are by Neil Protagonist and are available at Fluff n Stuff.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OMGOMG!! Thanks Anessa!! <3 You make my day by telling me they just hit the shelves and i bought the fatpack!! <333 I am so in love with Chichi since the glam show and now i am never gonna take them off again!!!

*sorry about the 1st fault comment :P