Tuesday, April 1, 2008


As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the talented Lyra Muse has successfully opened her new store under the name Jaywalk - this change, from the previous incarnation as LC Vamp, is just as exciting as all the amazing new items she has released for her Grand Opening.

Five new styles, all fabulous spring/summer fare, made their way onto my feet after my visit to the store to pick up the RFL Boots - and a quick congratulatory chat with Lyra. I hope you enjoy them as much as I am. Because of the sheer number of amazing styles available I wanted to try and keep the length of the post to a minimum, so I am presenting only a few of the available shades per shoe.

Livia is a fantastic looking flat sandal with semi-precious stone discs, leather and metal accents and and attractive dark wooden sole. Worn in Crimson, also show are; Prussian Blue, Black and Tan. I am wearing; PXL Skin, Detour Hair, Armidi Limited Pants, Random Tunic, Muse Necklace & Ingrid Ingersoll Tote.

Diamanda sure earns her name... this cute sandal is studded with rhinestones along the ankle strap and embedded in the heel. Tons of great colors in this style, and darling little sculpted bows on the front. I am sporting the Crimson, also showing Pink, Indigo and Grey. Worn in the image above are; PXL Skin, Detour Hair, /artilleri/ shorts, Elephant Outfitters Top, Earrings by Creamshop, Bangle by Caroline's.

Kithryn is a nice chunky platform mule on a blond wooden sole. A nicely shaped heel and lots of colors to choose from. These come in both leather and suede versions, I am wearing the suede in Ultramarine, also shown in suede are Moss, Fuchsia and Russet, and in leather are Crimson, Blue and Buttercream. Worn above are; PXL skin, ETD Hair, Celestial Studios Dress, and JUNK Earrings.

The sexy strappy Billie is one of my faves of this release, I really love the pair of darker toned buckled straps and the chunky heel on these. I am wearing the Wheat version, also shown to the left are Pewter, Teal and Cherry. I paired the Billie with; Skin by PXL, Hair by Maitreya, /artilleri/ Outfit, Accessories by Earthtones.

Haleigh is a super high cork soled platform, with gem stone accents on the toe and a ton of great colors, all named appropriately enough for precious stones. I settled on the Sapphire, and am also sharing the Emerald, Garnet and Amethyst. My clothing is from Mimikri Hot Couture and G.L.A.M., Accessories from Earthtones, while my Skin is PXL, Hair is from ETD.

Please be sure to visit Jaywalk to see all the color combos, and do some jaywalking of your own!

All poses are by KoumB.

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BellaBaroque said...

I love the outfit with the Livia sandals. Very cute!