Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UBU: Update!

As I tend to do, I visit some of my favorite cobblers from time to time because I just hate to miss an exciting new release. Today it was UBU (Urban Bomb Unit)'s turn, and O-M-G there they were. More of those amazing rain boots I blogged way back at the beginning of March, and holy baked goods - Cupcakes! I think I sent pairs to all my friends as gifts... and forgot to get some for me. :(

In any case they are still fan-frippin-tabulous... and so are the 2 other new styles, Dots and Retro Stars. If you somehow were able to resist the call of the rain boots last go round... I double dare you to resist these adorable things again!

Get your puddle jumping selves to UBU, now!

Image captured in-store by Anessa of display created by Coke Dreadlow.

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