Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Truth Be Told

Oooh, goody goody gumdrops! Another new player in the shoe game... okay, I can't say for sure that Mr. Truth Hawks is a player, what I can say is that he announced the release of some shoes yesterday and they are darn cute. And here they be, 2 styles both alike in quality - but unique in style. We've got the Newtown Wedges and the Balmoral Pumps, creator credits go to Ignite Nightfire according to the TRUTH Blog - I would confirm this, but I just can't seem to get logged in tonight - what's that about?

In any case the ones I am showing off are the scripted full color set dealies, and they are amazingly priced for scripted and sculpted shoes, so don't hesitate to get that version if you are even tempted to grab these puppies up. These are a really nice option for those of you that flee from the super high and dangerously pointy stuff. The cork soled Newtons are always a great option for spring, but I really like the daintier stacked wood heels on the Balmorals.

I'd name off all these juicy colors for you, but since I can't seem to log - lets just call 'em; Purple, Blue, Brown, Fuchsia, Green, Black, Red and Slate. Go get some at TRUTH.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Detour Hair, Tres Blah Top, Muism Tank, 'Heart' Cupcakes Pants, Orchid Dreams Belt, Bangles by Argyle and Caroline's, Necklace by Chicoco. Review copies provided upon request.

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