Monday, April 28, 2008

The Truth and nothing but...

I love the summer, I mean adore it! So anything that reminds me of summer, surf and sand is right on my list of favs! On this list is Truth Hawks' new Iggy shoes. These casual slipons are perfect for taking a trip to the beach, or a walk on the boardwalk right as the sun is starting to set. Available in 3 different patterns, the bamboo, duo, and stitched. What is cool is these come as scripted shoes so by clicking on the right shoe, you can change the color instantly and have 5 choices (see below). These also are unisex shoes and come in sizes 0, 15, and 35.

On a side note the first picture in my post was taken in Windlight outdoors, while the close ups were taken inside, hence the color difference (I'm still struggling to figure it all out). None of the pictures were post processed other than cropping. Visit truth In World.

Other items: Hair: ETD, Skin: MMS, Top: AOHARU, Shorts: Jumbie.

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