Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On HIS Toes

Tesla Miles is such a tease! She goes and gets me all excited about a new release this week, only to drop on me 6 pairs of... men's shoes. *groans* OK, I can do this! All I need to do is find some willing male feet - Oh! and looky... isn't that Caelen Mata and his adorable feet right there. Yay! So here it is, a review of Tesla's first steps into the land of male footwear.

OK for starters can we just acknowledge the fact that men's and women's footwear and avatar feet for that matter are very different, so for Tesla to tackle a new challenge like this is really admirable. And the truth is she has done a really nice job on these Leather Oxfords, they are simple and well constructed, nice textures and shapes - and in 6 wearable shades.

These come with a resizer script and I really didn't ask Cael to play around with it (thus, the slightly smallish feet in these shots), but it is a great feature and the instructions are easy enough to follow. Now I need to go take this handsome man dancing, in his nice new Oxfords... see how that works? :)

Gentlemen you can find these shoes at Tesla World. Enjoy!

Caelen is also wearing; Damiani Skin, -=H2L=- Hair (I think), Armidi Suit & Tie, I am wearing; Minnu Skin, ETD Hair, Ingenue Dress, Battered Boudoir seamed stockings and Maitreya Verve Pumps.


Jonny Tobias said...

I also have these shoes and I must say they are quite good, especially since it is her first attempt at mens shoes.
The colours go well and I haave been looking for a decent pair of plain white shoes for a while and these seem to fit the bill perfectly.
I look forward to seeing what she has coming in the future!

Caelen Mata said...

Hey Guys, let me just add .. these are classic and classy! You will be proud to go out in these shoes anytime ;) Thanks Tesla for finally helping us guys out! We need it ;))

Jingo said...

I saw these at the begining of the week and practically bought the white ones immeadeatly. They go great with some of my shorter trousers and look really summery with no socks as well. Great summer shoes! and you know i rarely wear flats!