Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tree of SL..Grows Flowers!

Nessa and Kets were nice enough to invite me shopping last night and I love to tag along, so of course I accepted. We had gone to a couple shops when Anessa disappeared, and then soon after Kets and I were tp'd to a place with a very, very large cupcake. Me, being a slow poke was goofing around with the frosting, when Kets shouts..."There here are the clothes...and cute shoes."

So off we went and yesss there were cute clothes and very cute shoes. The Flower Heels are 6 separate shoes covered with exotic flora. Available with the hardwood, hemp or leaf heel, these cuties are fun and whisper warm weather to all of us who are counting down the days for summer. So we stopped for a moment, shopped a lil, and I snapped a quick shot (ok it wasn't really quick, but Nessa kept shoving and then crashing).

Here is our loot (from left to right) Kets: Flower Heels - Tropics Hardwood which she paired with the Tiny Bubbles Provence Verte dress. Graci: Flower Heels - Tropics Hemp, matched with the Umbrella Liquid Sunshine dress. Anessa: Flower Heels - White Orchids Hardwood. Umbrella Old Hollywood dress.

One thing I will miss about the cold and all the boots, is that they so nicely hide misshapen SL feet. Urrg, I wish there was a way to fix the look of my feet other than wearing socks. Would someone get on that? Pretty Please?

Visit TOSL Inworld.

Other Items: Kets: Hair from Tickled Pink, Skin from Canimal, Bracellet from Shiny Things. Graci: Hair from ETD, Skin from Minnu Model Skins. Nessa: Skin from PXL, Hair from ETD, Earrings from Caroline, Bangle from TOSL. Picture of TOSL shoe display created by Quinlan Quimby, taken by Graci. Shoes purchased by the girls in question.


Noirran said...

Is Umbrella a store? I can't find it in search.

Noirran said...

oops nevermind :)

Anonymous said...

I love that Umbrella dress, I've had it for awhile! But I did edit the flexi settings a wee bit (knocked down the wind factor) as it was kicking up a lot.

Thanks for the reminder I need to hit up TOSL again. :)

Graciana McMillan said...

OMG you can edit flexi settings????

I think i love you aueenkellee!! Anessa kept shoving kets and I and I had to wait for ever to get the dress to float down from over my head...(ok it didn't fly up that high, but almost)! YAY

Graciana McMillan said...

arrg...Q*ueenkellee :)

Noirran said...

yea I did the same thing with mine, the wind settings were kinda bothersome. I turned them off too.