Friday, April 18, 2008

Taking Sulaco for a Walk

Some newness to share from Enktan Gully of Enkythings, the Sulaco is a peep toed ankle strap pump, and the quality of these is exceptional. They are exceedingly well done, loads of detail from stitching to strap, a perfectly shaped heel and lovely thin sculpted leather parts.

As with many Enkythings releases there are many color options available to suit your wardrobe, check in store for full selection. The Sulaco also comes in a 'Simple' and a 'Shades' version which features a second color contrast piece and insole. My fave is the 'oh-so-white' White Simple version, which features additional white sole detail - perfect for spring weddings!

Shown above are; Simple in Burgundy, Umber and White - and the Shades in Cinnamon, Pink and Olive. Shop for the Sulaco at Enkythings.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Detour Hair, 'heart' Cupcakes Dress, Paper Couture Earrings, Earthtones Bracelet.

My pose by KoumB.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Nice art !! Its more better to change the design of the shoes not only the color.