Thursday, April 3, 2008

Venus Divine

I always love when I get my first glimpse at the work of creators new to the shoe biz. More often than not I am thrilled with the items that come my way, and the first shoes to hit the shelves by the folks behind *HUB* (formerly Hubby's Boutique), JH and Jessie Gervasi really got my attention. It seems that even in this climate of content theft and drama mongering there are still some wonderful things being 'born' into SL™ daily. Hooray for that!

I can easily say that I am impressed with these unique Venus Sandals, with both a cork sole and a stacked wooden heel. They come in 5 variations, the chocolate 'snakeskin' suede I am wearing above, also Cherrie, Sand, and Noir (Black) Suedes and a great looking Noir Patent. The construction of the Venus is top notch and the ankle wrap is super sexy when shown off with a short skirt.

Demos are available in store, check out the fabulous detail up close at *HUB*.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Detour Hair, Outfit by League, Accessories from Earthtones.

All poses are by KoumB.


Jingo said...

OMG I love these shoes, nice to see some new original designs coming to the sculpty front.

Anonymous said...

My posh and proud feet thank you Anessa : you're such a good source of inspiration for them ! ;) hugs. Vyktor Maertens

Anessa Stine said...

@ Jingo - I so agree - the possibilities are endless... nice to see someone take advantage of that amd make something unexpected!

@ Vyk - You doll... your feet have always looked great to me! ty ty xx.