Thursday, April 3, 2008

Knock me dead there are new shoes (and clothes) at Redgrave!!

So after a chat with Davey from Homme mag he informs me there was new shoes at Redgrave (things only ever get released there after I don't go there for all of 2 days, I need a subscibe-o-matic group thing to there so I won't miss anything in future) so I stumble down there to check it out, and my god, he was right!

There was a heap of new clothes and I swear that it was Emilia Redgrave's goal to separate the men of SL from their lindens. Anyway, I went a little crazy and got some new clothes to go along with these new shoes. Look at the results of this little moment of indulgence in the following article.

First up was the STRAP Loafer's which I totally loved. These loafers are accentuated with prim laces and by 2 straps that go over the shoe, and have have some of the most highly detailed textures I have seen on shoes in SL as if we all expect anything less than this from Redgrave. She sets the standard with her textures and these shoes are no exception. I coupled the black pair of these with the new Redgrave ELEGANCE Suit in Black and they perfectly complimented each other as can be seen below. This suit would have to be my new favorite inventory item (as you all know I am a suit whore) and it is amazing, just everything about it I totally love. This 20 piece (yes that is right 20 pieces!) has so many options and combinations you will be able to wear it for weeks on end without your friends even knowing you had clicked out of that folder. It also comes with a black prim foulard, prim watch, 2 lengths of tie, and 2 sets of prim cuffs (shirt cuffs and suit cuffs). This suit sets the new standard in my eyes, as everything about it screams Elegance.

Next pair I tried on was the STRAP Loafers -Sands- which are in a neutral sandy colour, and to compliment these I decided upon the new Redgrave Jeans Dirty No.1 -Dirty- as the neutral tonality of the shoe is highlighted by the dark appearance of the jeans. Once again, I think this combo topped off with Redgrave's Rolled up Sleeve in dark sand sweater or Smoke with Shirt would make an awesome casual combination all achieved with the luxury of shopping in only one store!

The next style of new shoe was the Casual Loafer , the black pair of which I again coupled with the ELEGANCE suit. I have to say the shading details and texturing on all these shoes is amazing and I am sure you will be seeing me wearing them in-world alot in future.

For the Dark Brown Casual Loafer I pulled out my Redgrave Striped PANTS Brown I had in inventory and these shoes complimented these pants perfectly.

Overall I must say I love all the new (and old stuff) available at Redgrave, and Emilia still retains her spot at the top of my list of favorite designers. Her absence has been missed but lets hope this isn't the end, as SL wouldn't be the same without designers such as her who push the limits as to what can be achieved. The following few pics are these shoes coupled with a couple of other new items I picked up to give you a taste of the new items available at Redgrave. I have to conclude by saying I love all this stuff! Woot wooot!!

All clothing and footwear Items Featured in these pictures are all available from Redgrave Mens Fashion. REDGRAVE Mens Fashion

Be sure to check the new womens clothing as well, as a few of my friends already have ;-)
using the following SLURL Redgrave Womens fashion


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Redgrave and new stuff, especially for the men...looks good Jonny but ohlala---you---the jeans---drools. Nicely done!!

And I just followed your tip and did a little damage myself on the new ladies items.


Jonny Tobias said...

Ahh yes, I hear you there. I realized after I posted that in all my excitement I had forgotten to resize the prims on the jeans legs in some shots. Oh well, next time you see me you will see they have been fitted and look amazing. Thanks for the feedback ;-)

Anessa Stine said...

Jonny, awesome guest post! So nice to hear your thoughts on what looks like some more great footwear for the guys... now if only we could get some new redgrave for my feet too! :)

Alexa Trefoil said...

Great post Jonny...amazing shoes and you look devastatingly handsome in the suit ;)

It's all your fault I had to shop today! Enabler ; )

Jonny Tobias said...

Thank you all for the kind words.
It was a pleasure of being a guest on here Anessa, anytime you need me just holler at me.
Since SL is down I decided to write a blog that is the answer to how to become a model on SL as it is a question I frequently hear inworld when people see my tags or profile stalk me ;P
Anyway would love it if you can check it out and give some feedback. Find it at