Friday, April 25, 2008

New Viniani at Armidi

...say that 10 times, fast!

Oh, what sets my heart a flutter more than release day at Armidi? Surely I do not know. And there I was thick with lag and determination, I needed to see the shoes. Yesterday's massive release included accessories, Men's and Women's Gisaci items... and these, the Viniani Heels.

Oh joy, what bliss - so many colors... possibly too many colors! It was near to impossible to decide, and even harder after I saw the new clothing and wanted them to all cooperate well. I am going to have to learn to browse then buy! But decisions were eventually made, my picks; Chocolate - those sneaky Armidites tried to make me choose between 3 equally awesome browns (tisk, tisk!), Eggplant - irresistible shade, and Reja Pink - because I'm a girl darn it!

As usual the shoes are great, nothing bad to say about them - they just keep getting better! Take a closer look at the Viniani Heels by trying a demo, and see all the new releases at Armidi. You can also visit the Armidi Blog for fancier pictures than I could ever take. :)

Wearing; PXL Skin, Aden Hair... and everything else NEW at Armidi! Note: Second photo is of store display created by Adian Armidi, photo by Anessa.

My pose by KoumB.

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Wilma Delgado said...

My fellow shopaholic Gal and I were in the store with you last night. I can't believe you didn't take our advice and buy all of them :)