Monday, July 7, 2008

And My Inventory Loves Them Too!

I was not expecting to be reviewing shoes made by Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude Enterprises any time soon, I associated most of her creations with Gothic or Lolita-ish goodies. But this chick has some serious skills, her work on the awesometastic Lloyd Sim is mind blowing!

These Lucent Bow Heels are an easy crossover into every girls wardrobe, a fun chunky soled pump with satiny sheen and adorable puffed up bows on the heel. But Allegory doesn't stop there... no siree bob, she give us a non-bow version too. Oh and did I mention the colors? 30 of them, and the shoe and the bow can be changed seperately using the easy-peasy hud. That gives you an unbelievable... (/me gets out calculator) ...ok nevermind the actual math... hundreds of options, m'kay? I don't say this often, but you cannot afford not to own these... I have more shoes than pretty much anyone in SL, but these will be worn again and again... and bonus, only take up a few inventory items. Yay!

These won't be available till the 12th, Allegory will be unveiling them at Footwear Expo... stay tuned for details!

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, ETD Hair, ICING Dress, Fleur Gloves & Belt, Encore Necklace.