Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Shoes from Adam And Eve

Damen Gorilla from Adam and Eve sent me these new sculpted shoes to try out and I tried them on right away. I think these loafer style shoes are quite stylish and they are available in 6 colours, including Blue, plum, black, Chocolate, Grey and Brick.

These are the black version and as you can see they have a nice chunky sole and a detailed texture that gives the impression that they would be super comfortable to wear.

Due to the assortment of colours available you could easily combine these with many outfits depending on what mood you are in. Its a great thing to see mens footwear getting some focus and the designs are improving as time goes on. The shoes also have a prim resizer script built in so they are easy to resize to match your avatar with a minimum of fuss.

Shoes in this blog from Adam n Eve

M105 Shoes featured in Black, Grey and Chocolate.

Clothes from Muism

Shirt and tie from Leather Blazer and Shirt Set
Pants and belt from Black Spring Set

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