Thursday, July 17, 2008

Footwear Expo Update: Katat0nik [Stomp Lightly]

A giant leap out of my usual comfort zone, and into these amazing offerings from Katat0nik [Stomp Lightly], and I love every second of it! The amazing quality and range of colors alone make me happy, but when looking at these creations from designer extraordinaire Katat0nik Pidgeon, it is clear she has not only mastered the art of fun sculpted footwear, but managed to create an appealing line of clothing that works hand in hand with it. It's part Punk, part Lolita, part Goth and a smidgen of Hasbro... if you know what I mean!

Be sure and visit the Katat0nik [Stomp Lightly] Booth at Expo, and the mainstore to get these delicious outfits!

I am wearing; All skins by MiaSnow Myriam. All clothing by Katat0nik. With Ghostfire Boots - Hair by Jolie Femme, Locket by Earthtones. With Strawberry Legwarmers - Hair by Zero Style, Necklace by Refuge. With Bubbly Mary Janes - Hair by Magika, Gloves by Fleur, Socks by House of Nyla.

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