Thursday, July 24, 2008

Footwear Expo Update: Pictorial Shoe Museum

Well, it was another amazing adventure for the Shoe Crew, who, after making the discovery of these pieces of footwear history buried deep below the Expo, resurrected them and now happily share them with all shoe lovers - A Selected Pictorial History of Footwear in Second Life.

150 pairs of shoes, that's 300 feet of creativity. Images collected from volunteers, 'On Your Toes' team members & friends. I wished for some even earlier examples, and maybe a few more men's items... but even still it's a fun little exhibit... and If you plan on visiting or revisiting the Footwear Expo (btw - I see some new vendors have set up!) we hope you'll pop by for a peek... see how many of these might be in your own inventory!

Carry on footwear fans. Shoe Girl, Boot Girl & Loafer Man still have some work to do! See you at the Museum Exhibit!

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