Monday, July 28, 2008

The Art of Seduction

SMG2. Yes, that is what I said. And here I go, falling for it hook, line, and sinker... I always fall the hardest for the sleek, sexy, tall ones.

Stiletto Moody gave me a sweet awakening today, details of her very soon to be released SMG2, Stiletto Moody Generation 2 line. She assures me that these shoes are so far advanced over her previous (already spectacular) releases, that they are worthy of the 'next generation' moniker. Stiletto is promising new features, exciting new styles, and as always big things to come!

This about to be released Pre-Fall Range for 2008 sidesteps the previously only footwear line to include the impossibly sexy launch of the Lucky Lingerie Line... are you with me still people? The 'On Your Toes' exclusive from Stiletto Moody herself certainly made me feel lucky, providing me with the first production set of lingerie a full week ahead of release. Now if only I could get 'Lucky', which shouldn't be hard with this in my inventory.

As with all previous releases Stiletto rewards her group members with early shopping privileges, scheduled for *Friday, August 1st. Group membership will likely be closed prior to the launch, so please join now if you want to be the first to see the new shoes.

So for now Dear Readers, I leave you with one heck of a tease... my name wouldn't be Anessa Stine if i didn't. More news to come. ;-P

I am wearing; [PXL] Crys Sun Kissed Skin, Cake hair, Stiletto Moody 'Lucky' Lingerie, Gloves by Fleur, Stiletto Moody Elegant Slingbacks in Black Twinkle (previously released). *note correction to sale start date.


Azu Catteneo said...

I love those shoes!
I want them out nowwww :)

Thanks for the Preview!

Graciana McMillan said...

Are you going to wear them Azu?