Thursday, July 3, 2008


Yep another brilliant title for this post... but what does it mean? Well it's time for another little tease from 'On Your Toes'. Since you all loved the last one so much! And isn't it true that all girls really just want a nice banana? just me? okee. As you can see by the logos inside the shoe this tease comes by way of Maitreya. No firm release date as of yet, but I plan on parking myself in the store and holding a banana fast until Onyx sets the 'Frenzy Banana' Sandals up for sale. I'll let ya know when it's time... just watch the ground for banana peels, I cannot be held responsible for broken ankles and bruised buns!

I am also wearing; PXL Skin, Magika Hair, Random Top, MAiiKI Sculpted Leggings, Creamshop Earrings, Fresh Baked Goods Bracelet.

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