Monday, July 21, 2008

Shoes for the surfer in you........

Today Eponymous Trenchmouth of Jeepers Creepers released these new shoes in time for the shoe fair in a beachy theme that kind of struck me in a place in my heart that thanks to SL i have neglected alot in RL, and that is the beach! There are 3 different styles, Finz, Mavericks, and Reef Rider.

The Finz style I am wearing here is the Sea Grass colour and they are your classic Summertime open sandal. They are bright enough to capture attention but not of the wrong kind if you know what I mean. When I picture a sandal like this, it reminds me of the Reef Brazil ads in Surfing magazines. Trust me, if you have ever seen a Reef ad, you won't soon forget it.

The Mavericks shoe is less of a sandal more of a shoe. These are the 'Ice' colour I am wearing and as you can see, they have a rugged rubber-like texture that gives an impression of strength much like the legendary big wave Californian break which I assume it is named after that killed Hawaiian big wave charger Mark Foo way back in '94 (just to give you an idea of how strong the break is). these are probably the most versatile due to the strange shoe/sandal hybrid-ness of their appearance, so they could be worn with either jeans or shorts.

Finally the Reef-rider featured here in Red is another shoe/slipper hybrid that appears to have a spongy like texture with a steel strap. I wished I had a shoe like this when I was climbing the rocks down to Supertubes in Yallingup one day when I kicked my toe and ripped off most of the layers of skin and procceded to walk like a cripple the rest of the surftrip back in the day. Anyway, I must say these new releases are some cool casual footwear styles available at Jeepers Creepers. There are multiple colour options available, this is just a small sample so get on down to JCS today and give them a try!! Jeepers Creepers at the shoe expo & Jeepers Creepers mainstore

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