Friday, July 25, 2008

Footwear Expo Update: Lazy Places

Maximum cuteness overload when I saw these Vlinder Boots in the Lazy Places booth at Footwear Expo. What girl doesn't love butterflies? These chunky black boots, with silver buckles and straps come with a few little stationary friends, and even more that magically rez and float around you. The butterflies are not just particle, they are actually prim wing flapping butterflies that fly. They come in an assortment of exotic butterfly species and colors, and even a multiple species version as a bonus when you buy the fatpack. I couldn't resist the Monarch, since they seem to follow me around in RL too.

Check out this really special footwear in the Lazy Places Booth at Footwear Expo, or visit the mainstore here!

I am wearing; PXL Skin, Armidi Hair, Finc! Sweater, Artilleri Tank, Kyoot Skirt, Dutch Touch Socks/Fishnets, ETD Cuffs & Abyss Choker.

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