Sunday, July 27, 2008

Footwear Expo Update: Grand Finale

Just a quick few words to summarize the amazing experience that was Footwear Expo 2008. Two weeks packed with fantastic releases, fun events and shopping for all. I am proud to report tha over $850 000 L was raised to benefit the ASPCA. And for us at On Your Toes it was a crazy two weeks that including 30 new blog posts, a chance to have a booth at the expo, and be part of such a great large scale event! My thanks goes to Graciana McMillan, Jonny Tobias, and Iustinian Tomsen for their contributions to the blog. Also, to Jhuzen Ketsugo, Incolumis Lancaster and the others who submitted photos for the Museum Exhibit. It was a huge task!

Congrats to Phoenix Chapman, the Footwear Expo Volunteers & Vendors, Metro Models, Hathor Models, Photo Contest Participants (winning photo information will be posted when we have it), Rezzables, and YOU-The Readers of On Your Toes, the people who buy the shoes!

Authors Note: No need to feel blue just because the Footwear Expo has ended, I have heard the rumblings of a major new release coming our way once again from the Stiletto Moody camp, the latest buzz is about something called the SMG2 - new designs, new features... and don't you just know you need to keep your eyes right here if you want a first look! AS

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