Friday, July 4, 2008

The whole *TRUTH* and nothing but the truth....

So those of you who know some of my RL craziness right now will get the tongue in cheek title...and NO I haven't been in jail or anything like that. Unfortunately I've had some personal things that demanded my attention, I'm hoping it's simmered down for a while, and I can get back into the groove. What better way to start is by showing off my new Croc Slides by the talented Ignite Nightfire from TRUTH. These are prim slide ons with adorable colors and a fun croc texture. Jump on over and take a look before you go out beach bumming. Visit TRUTH Inworld!

Other Stuff: Hair from Truth, Skin from oBscene, Swimsuit is the free Costa Rica Sim opening gift by Pin Upshaw, ETD Earrings, VG Republic Sunglasses.

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