Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Maple Sugarr

Okay, I just couldn't resist that title... because yay! It's Canada Day, and I am one of those Canadian girls! But also, Damen Gorilla made me smile yesterday when he sent me the sassy as all heck Sugarr Wedges. Get it? Maple Sugarr! Ooh, I am too clever sometimes.

These luscious shiny red wedges were a must wear for me today, and they do come in 12 colors... but I was feeling a bit patriotic, so here are the Scarlet and the Snow White. Please be sure and take a trip to Adam n Eve today to take a look at the full colour range. The details are really nice, I love the contrast of the fabric straps and the shiny wedges, cute buckle details too.

Check out the Sugarr Wedges at Adam n Eve , Damen tells me he has even more on the way very soon!

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, H2L Hair, Outfit by LAST CALL, Accessories by Fresh Baked Goods and Ume Mode.

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