Monday, July 14, 2008

Shoe fair and new boots from Tesla

OK so I'll start this post with my tale of attending the opening day of the shoefair. I had to go scope out whether there was any new releases for us guys but I had to go in my 'Loafer man' attire which was from Nicky Ree and I just wore my Jeepers Creepers Toltec loafers to complete the outfit since the boots didn't really reflect the true 'Loafer man' character. Anyway it was quite fun as I ran into or saw every blogger and their dog there and other such luminaries as Sparkle and Dominus Skye, Mui Mukerji, Ana Luetia, Tempest Hennessy and a few other people sorry if I forget who.
Anyway onto the important part of this blog, the new release boots from Tesla! These boots aren't featured at the fair but my friend Tesla Miles dropped these to me and I tried them on right away. The 4pack features blue, black, brown and red versions of these sculpted boots.
So after playing around and realising that they didn't really suit the jeans I had on I decided to go with these shorts instead as they allowed the boots to be shown in their full glory.
Apart from a couple of AO poses distorting the part where the leg joins the boot I must say that these are a great addition to any guys collection as the rugged styling and flexi laces gives a 'Don't mess with me' appearance which will probably appeal to some of the SL tough guys out there (you know who you are).
So in this blog I have shown every colour except red as I forgot to convert the pic to jpg, but the black, brown and blue ones I have shown show the quality of these.
Once again I thank Tesla for making some mens shoes worth owning as we all know us guys get neglected some of the time on SL. So if you are looking for some nicely detailed boots I recommend checking these out.

Boots are from Tesla

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Anessa Stine said...

awesome post Loafer Man! You ARE worthy! xx