Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Inner Venus

Well, SL is having it's way with me today, can't seem to log in and get my blog shots done. But I did manage to get one snapshot before crashing last night... and I am wearing these fabulous Venus Wedges from GIANETTI, so I will post the review and share Gianetti's wonderful product shots which I borrowed from her blog here.

I am thrilled to introduce these great sandals, a first 'step' into footwear from Gianetti. Previously she has made some great clothes and accessories, and some of the best prim fingernails I have ever seen. The Venus are a rattan woven wedge with crystal studded straps that just scream sexy beach chic. They come in Gold (worn above), Silver and Black - equipped with bling on/off command. I am really impressed with the styling and creativity here.

I just had to throw on my golden bikini and show off my inner Goddess of Love and Beauty. Find your Venus at GIANETTI.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Laqroki (RaC) Hair, Bikini by Nuclear Boutique, Watch by MUSE, Bracelet by Fresh Baked Goods.

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