Sunday, March 2, 2008

10 Seconds in Paradise

Graci wins the shoe sleuth award of the day, her afternoon visit to Armidi netted us quite the little discovery. 'TP me!' was all I could say, and then fingers crossed that I didn't crash on the way. By the time I reached the site Graci had already made her first purchase - and there they were the new Dhali Bow Platforms. I had been waiting for these - ever since I saw the spread in Second Style Magazine about the Armidi gals - you can bet I noticed their feet more than anything else.

Unfortunately SL had it's way with us today, I made my first purchase - amazing and red on a dark wood stacked platform heel, and by the time Graci tried to grab a second pair transactions were failing across the grid. 'No Worries' I said, let's go snap some shots of these on the beach (not willing to risk another TP). So here they are... I would love to share all the names of the shades for you but Armidi booted us out soon after these photos were taken on the beach, a protective measure against stale transactions. But as you can see many combinations are available.

In any case - they are clearly fabulous, and worth any number of crashes and the like. As soon as you are cleared to shop without fear by the Linden's again, make your way over to Armidi to pick up the Dhali Bow Platforms. (Or check out the Armidi Blog.)

Also wearing; On Anessa - Minnu Skin, Armidi Hair, Elephant Outfitters Top, GLAM Capris, Miam Miam Accessories. On Graci - Wax Poetic Skin, ETD Hair, LaLa FooFoo Top, (to come)Capri Jeans.

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