Thursday, March 6, 2008

Treats from Enkythings

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and while Enkythings creator Enktan Gully is far from an old dog - It seems that the traditional prim shoe construction wizard has picked up some new tricks. I can only imagine the challenge of learning to create footwear with sculpted prims, and doing it at the level you are used to providing to your customers. I think Enktan has really hit on that with the latest release of the Nana Pumps.

Admittedly I have neglected visiting Enkythings for far too long, my yellow Talyn Pumps are still a staple in my wardrobe... but since the addition of sculpties to the line I haven't really taken a good look, that ends today. The Nana Pumps are really lovely, a delicately shaped slide pump with subtle texturing and offered in the usual gazillion colors... OK only 24 colors, but that's plenty to enjoy.

Previous releases included the Gyala Slides with all sorts of sole options and funky rivet details and toe decoration, and a classic sculpted stacked wooden heel pump called Menisa (shown below). Both are available alongside the Nana Pumps at Enkythings headquarters.

Also wearing; Photo 1 - Minnu Skin, -=H2L=- Hair, /artilleri/ Top, LBD (LeeZu Baxter) Pants, Accessories by Earthtones & Caroline's. Photo 2 - Minnu Skin, -=H2L=- Hair, Mimikri Dress & Gloves, Accessories by Miam Miam (Coco freebie).

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