Saturday, March 1, 2008

Twilight in Tableau

Yuuki Kurosawa makes sweet things in her shop Sugar Cube. Her Ketty line of shoes is small, but her latest release the Twilight Pump caught my eye when I saw it on the feed this morning. I like to have a variety of shoe styles in my wardrobe, ones that are hyper realistic with details that amaze, and also shoes that have a more hand drawn... err... hand sculpted feel to them. It just so happened that her release coincided with newness from Nylon Outfitters - and I so adore hand drawn clothing... I scampered off to Tableau to grab some goodies.

The shoes are undeniably cute, have a great shape and a nice moderate height. Grab a pair of these very reasonably priced pumps at Sugar Cube.

Also wearing; Nylon Outfitters Skin, BettiePage Voyageur Hair, Nylon Outfitters Jacket, Savvy? T-shirt, [Random] Pants, Accessories by Caroline's & [Amaretto] and Necklace by elka Lehane/Boing Fromage.

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