Monday, March 10, 2008

From Head to Toes

If you are anything like me you race over to ETD the second that the new releases are out, braving lag, being trampled by people whom you have not yet rezzed for... and yesterday, a SL glitch that made it impossible to buy... oh the horror, it had us fainting right there in the NEW hair section. But lately Elikapeka Tiramisu has done more than offer us perfectly sculpted hairs, she has managed to also offer us equally tempting goodies for our avatar feet.

As soon as I saw these amazing Hampton Wedges I knew that they needed that extra attention, and after not so subtle begging (during the 'don't buy till we say it's OK' throws of yesterday afternoon...) she kindly gave me review copies so that I could share them with you. What amazes me about these is the level of craftsmanship the ETD footwear has reached in such a short amount of time. The shape of the wedge is fantastic, there is a nice heel cup that gives them a great retro feel - and the overall wrap of the foot is well done... not to mention the amazing selection of colors, 12 in all.

Colors are; Black, Brown, Caribbean, Cerulean, Charcoal, Ivory, Light Gold, Pink, Ruby, Steel Blue, Teal and Tyrian Purple. I can't say enough about them - they are a great looking sandal... get some next time you hit ETD... it's not just about the hair anymore! :)

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, ETD Hair (yay! newness), BBBM Dress.

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