Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well is certainly seems like sandal season is upon us, so many great releases in the past few weeks... they are certainly keeping me on my toes... hehe, get it? *slaps knee* Without the beautiful Graciana here to help cover the latest shoe news from across the grid, it seems I am forced to have to review all these lovelies myself, and really - no complaints from me. Just look at these amazing new Celine Sandals from DeLa... couldn't you die! Kuranosuke Kamachi has done it again - love, love, love 'em.

The sculpted heel and base on these sexy sandals is a most attractive shape, really well done. Incredible colorful textile wrap on the toe, and the wow factor of a tied ankle and hanging sculpt and flex bow, sensational. The eye catching metal and semi-precious stone accents are simply gorgeous.My only problem was deciding which one to wear today... I eventually settled on this spectacular Zebra.

The Celine is available in; Zebra (shown above), CutieLove and CutieLove Black (red print), Wordsworth (green), Breeze (blue), and Camellia (yellow/purple) and Camellia Black soled variation. These can be had at DeLa, fly on over soon.

Also wearing; (1) Minnu Skin, Aden Hair, LAST CALL Dress and Earrings. (2) Minnu Skin, Maitreya Hair, Savvy? Bustier, Veschi Shorts and accessories by Caroline's.

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