Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pretty Periquita...

So I begged Erpla Prieto of Periquita Shoes to please show me the new things she has been up to and she was generous enough to send over her 2 newest. I have to confess that it was Anessa who saw Erpla's flickr and tipped me off, she's just too damn good at finding shoes! First is the Bootie Shoes, a sculpty and shapely design. Now the best part is that the colors are bright, wild and fun. I'm ready to push my blacks, brown, and navy to the back of the closet and welcome the warmer months, and that means bright colors. For now I think I'll ease in with my feet! Just take a look below at the selection, but I must warn you, these are not color combinations or textures for the meek!

The Fat Dolly is chunky and equally as colorful, with a bit of a peak from the inside lining on the top of the shoe. Shiny and slick looking, these are unique and flashy. Just like the Bootie shoe, these are in some pretty funky and fun color combinations! I played it on the safer side with a chocolate and black combo for the full picture..go figure, but that doesn't mean I won't spice it up later! Check out Periquita In World!

Other stuff:

Top photo - ETD Hair, Wax Poetic Skin, Last call Desiree outfit Jacket and top, GHOST! Prison tight leg warmers, Black Leggings by meriwell Faddoul, Sand Shack Surf Co. Denim Skirt, Periquita Bootie Shoe in Red.

Bottom Photo: ETD Hair, Wax Poetic Skin, Jacket & Skirt by Cubic Effect, Shirt and Leggings by Cachet, Periquita Fat Dolly in Black.

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love the shoes!