Thursday, March 27, 2008

Highly Un-Heeled

I love shopping at Mimikri, great stuff - great colors... but until today I had basically ignored the Sven Olbers footwear department in the Mimikri Hot Couture main store. Today that changed when I saw these interesting 'heel-less' heels on the feed. I scooted my butt on over to check them out and decided on grabbing the Green-Flower version to share here... well unfortunately it seems the vendor contained the Aqua-Flower ones... one of those things that can happen**. No worries, I left an offline for Sven and proceeded over to 'heart' Cupcakes to see the dress newness I had yet to see. Found a great dress - that I just LOVE with the colours of the Aqua shoes - so really, things ended up well.

The Shoes are of the traditional prim variety, and are certainly attractive and 'on trend' with real world fashion. I love the bright colorful versions especially. As with many one piece ankle strap shoes you will see a bunch of ankle glitching as your ao plays or you pose, but that doesn't really bother me much when wearing. I did see a few tiny issues with the invisible prims making my toes look a bit short in places, not enough to deter me from wearing these though. Any minor issues are completely overshadowed by the great style of these 'heel-less' heels.

There are 5 variations available, find these at the Sven Olbers main store, located within Mimikri Hot Couture. **UPDATE - The Vendor Issue has been addressed, thank-you Sven!
Also wearing; Minnu Skin. -=H2L=- Hair, 'heart' Cupcakes Dress, UnTone Earrings, Calla Pearl Wrap Bracelet, Earthtones Maya Bracelet (L).

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Lacey Alderson said...

I saw those earlier and thought about getting them! They look so cute with that Heart Cupcakes dress! Looks like I have another night of shopping and outfit planning ahead of me.