Monday, March 10, 2008

One, Two, Buckle my...

Wow so many great releases this past weekend, still catching up! Here are the latest from Miss Tesla Miles, the cute little cobbler behind TESLA Shoes. Today's newness is the Sherry Sandal and they have all the sweetness we have come to expect from TESLA, I am pretty sure these are her first strappy sandals... I hope this means the 3 feet of snow on my doorstep will be gone soon.

They come in 9 great shades with gemstone inspired names, have a pale silvery platform style base and nicely detailed buckles. I really like the muted jewel tones.

You can get these and more great shoes at TESLA.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, CAKE Hair, KA Designs Top (From Papillo Dress - which I love!), BiancaF Jeans, elka Lehane/Boing Fromage Necklace (apologies for my earlier oversight!).

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elka said...

Greetings! Just a note to advise you that this necklace is not from Yummy. I know because... I made it! Haha, 1 prim at a time! It's a replica of my favorite necklace in real life and is available at my store, Boing Fromage. Thank you :)