Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sixty-Nine: New, New, Free!

New releases at one of my personal faves ::69::! Some great military inspired camouflage boots called simply Military Boots. They come in 4 unique camo shades, complete with brown leather strapping and a small back-up supply of ammo. The colors available are called; Forest, Desert, Rock and Snow. Also available are matching belts, with 2 attachment options and a leg strap... and some adorable tiny bears, only 100 L for 4 bears... and they are transferable!
But if you go looking for the shop today, make sure the one you hit is the brand spanking new MainShop! It is a truly fantastic build, I was in awe of the amazing attention to detail with a very whimsical feel... complete with giant strawberries and a stack of pancakes you have to see to believe!

As a special treat for one and all who visit the new main shop, the adorable Kumii Yoshikawa has placed in and around the new shop 6 over sized gemstone rings... in each one (you buy for 0L) is a completely new and unreleased pair of shoes, yes people... 6 free pairs of sweet ::69:: pumps! Here they are, and not too hard to find if you can stop shopping long enough to look.

Make your way over to ::69:: asap, the search is on for a limited time only!

Also wearing; Skin by Detour, Hair by ETD, Abyss, and MiraiStyle. Clothes by DUTCH TOUCH and Canimal. Accessories by Diamonde & Caroline's.

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