Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Green News!

So all of you who are busy getting your snaps in for our little BEST IN GREEN Footwear contest might be a little curious about what this 'surprise shoe package' Graci alluded to in her previous post might be - well I am happy to reveal a bit more about that for you now...

These are a very limited edition Sherry *St. Patrick's* Shoe from TESLA, how limited? The winner of our little contest (and the runners up) will be the only ones to ever own these cuties! They are covered top to bottom in shamrocks... and that makes them very lucky indeed.

Grand Prize Winner receives; 8 Pairs of the Ltd. Edition Sherry St. Patrick's Shoes (They can share with friends!), A Collection of Shoes selected by Tesla herself, and 2000 L cash.*

Two Runners-Up will receive; 1 Pair of the Ltd. Edition Sherry St. Patrick's Shoes, and 500 L cash.*

We are still accepting your entries! Send photos/links to photo storage (ie. flicker..etc.) in world or via email to Graciana McMillan of you in GREEN SHOES. You MUST send in the photos by 11:59pm SLT on March 14th. On March 15th we will post the top 3 pictures for a user vote for best in GREEN that will end on March 17th 12pm SLT.

Graciana's email: graci.mac@gmail.com

Stay tuned - more prize announcements still to come!

I am wearing; Minnu Skin, ETD Hair, Savvy? Blouse, Armidi/Elephant Outfitters Shorts.


Seeandwrite said...

Can you write the email, please?


Gala Giha

Anessa Stine said...

Sorry for the oversight... I added Graci's email address to the post - and here it is again :))