Friday, March 28, 2008

Revolutionary in Rubber

I thought I had seen it all... OK, I never thought that, but these great new Rubba boots from Storm Schmooz caught me completely off guard. Bright in golden yellow and emblazoned with a flamingo pink pop art image of Che Guevara these high heeled, high shine boots are completely fab, right down to the pink grommet and tie accents.

So nice to see designers using the shoe or boot as a canvas for imagery and art. My guess is that this is just the first of some upcoming great new items from Storm Schmooz, so regular visits to the main store at Viva La Glam are highly recommended.

Also wearing; TaP (Fleur) Skin, Marlys Anessa's Valor Hair (Yay!), 'heart' Cupcake Dress, G.L.A.M. Tights, TOSL Bracelet, /artilleri/ Earrings and some great new shades by Vintage McMillan of VINTAGE WEAR.


Stein Shilova said...

Hey Nessa. I went and got these boots the same day as this post and I have to say that this is the only time I have ever regretted buying something that you guys have recommended. I have quite a few pairs of shoes from Storm Schmooz, and I have always loved them, so I didn't feel the need to try on the demo. Oy. 498L later (REPEAT 498L!!), I have a pair of shoes that I am so disappointed in. The problem with these boots is not in the design, it is with the execution. The invisible prims that surround the boot are visible in every single light. Big, blocky prims. The least thing that Storm could have done is sculpt the invisible prims so that they wouldn't be so visible. I have complained to Storm for either a fix or a refund. Will you encourage Storm to make this right? Or maybe not promote these items... Thanks!

Anessa Stine said...

Hey Stein, I noticed no such issues with the boots... and there is no editing whatsoever to the footwear in the photos you see here (one of my rules), I shot them under normal (non-windlight) conditions with no effects or tricks. I would encourage you to get in touch with Storm, I will direct him to your comment... but I can't offer any explanation for what you are seeing. Let's wait and see what information he has to offer. :)