Friday, July 31, 2009

StyleCard: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

Continuing on my quest to free myself from sculpted feet and toes, and enjoy the more relaxed looks of Summer, I happily stumbled upon the most recent from Urban Bomb Unit's Coke Dreadlow. The PornStar Lo-Tops are a unisex style, so yay! for the boys, these things come packed with the easiest customization HUD for a shoe of it's type. Great styles that range from tattoo art to camo, and rainbows to pink argyle, a little bit of something for every Lo-Top lover.

More great denim and tank tops from Maitreya, and a great sculpted cardigan from COCO, round out relaxed daytime look. Great Hair twisted up and out of the way and a few simple accessories from Armidi are all I needed.

To capture some fun casual of your own, be sure to check out the UBU PornStar Lo-Tops at Urban Bomb Unit!

The Stuff;

Shoes - UBU PornStar Lo-Tops, Urban Bomb Unit

Cardigan - Cardigan Black, COCO

Tank & Jeans - RB-Tank White & Skinny Jeans #04, Maitreya

Skin - June Sundust Frex - Pure 1, Gala Phoenix

Hair - Faye-Walnut, Mirone

Accessories - Zimbawe Necklace - Freedom & Towanda Quintet Bangles - White, Armidi

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

StyleCard: EarthStones Darya Wedge

Summer is a great time for no fuss, no muss casual looks. It was such a treat to be able to kick off my prim feet and slide my avatar tootsies into these amazingly detailed Darya Wedges from EarthStones. Abraxxa Anatine delivers more of her recognizable earthy delights, with the added benefit of two metal options, an assortment of specially selected semi-precious stone accents to match the rich colored leather. Once again a beautiful job done on the foot shape to create a more natural looking foot without the need for prim toes.

To complete my lazy day look, I threw on a pair of damaged jeans by EmJay which I shortened to capri length, an olive tank from Maitreya and the absolutely fantastic EarthStones Leather & Laced Belt. Other touches like the Samsara Hair from ::69:: (with custom tinted hat) and an UZURI Necklace make this an outfit I had to 'folder' so I can wear it again and again.

Check out these Darya Wedges at EarthStones.

The Stuff;

Shoes - Darya Wedges in Sienna, EarthStones

Jeans - Ripped Dark Jeans, EmJay

Top - RB Tank - Green, Maitreya

Skin - June Sundust Frex - Doe 1, Gala Phoenix

Hair/Hat - SAMSARA - Umber, ::69::

Accessories - Leather & Laced Belt, EarthStones & Atmosphere Necklace, UZURI.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

StyleCard: Kookie Powder Puff Wedge

A weekend shopping trip requires a perfectly comfortable shoe, and these really fit the bill! The Kookie Powder Puff Wedges come in a strappy, and strap free version. Great vibrant colors with contrasting shiny black toes and nicely curved cork wedges are fun and stylish. Go grab a look at Kookie soon.

The Stuff;

Dress - DCNY Fay Dress - Red

Skin - DCNY [Lorelei] Spice - Make-up 09

Hair - (Dernier Cri) Ella - Brown

Bag - DCNY Plaid Bag - Beige

Shoes - *Kookie* Powder puff wedges - Bordeaux

Accessories - [Armidi Gisaci] Summer Stacked Bangles - Assorted 7 & [Armidi Gisaci] Towanda Quintet Bangles - White (All custom tinted to match outfit.)

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

DCNY Sim Reopening Event Continues!

Just in case you missed one of the fun events of the weekend, the Xalapa Sim home to DCNY Clothing Co. among others, has Reopened and now features a fantastic New York City build! As extra incentive to pay a visit and see it all for yourself, the generous vendors of the sim have also left a few hearts around the sim full of special gifts for you!

Here are just a few examples of what can be found:

From DCNY Clothing Co.

From Dawn Designs

From SIMco.

& From PIN UP Dolls

Here is also a look at the new line of skins just released at DCNY. I really love the new Lorelei Skins, beautiful faces and make-ups on a really well made skin. Jog through Central Park and pick yourself up some DEMOS.

StyleCard: Kalnins Morning Dew

Another great shoe from Kalnins, Morning Dew, a great looking cork soled wedge with layered leather straps and metal details. As with the last release, the Kalnins shoe HUD is about the easiest thing to use yet, you can change separate parts of the shoe to match your outfits, and skin change has a very easy to work visual system.

The dress a new item from COCO, part of the Gion Collection Show that I was fortunate to attend on Saturday evening, could not be sexier with it's perfect prim top and derriere cleavage baring back. To complete this tropical evening look I opted for the beautiful new Leah hair from TRUTH, earrings from Creamshop, and bracelet by ICON.

The Stuff;

Shoes - Kalnins Footwear - Morning Dew

Skin - Gala Phoenix, JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - TRUTH - Leah, Caramel

Dress - COCO - MaxiDress, ScarfPrint

Accessories - Creamshop - Bamboo Earings, Yellow, ICON - SW Gold Bracelet

Saturday, July 11, 2009

StyleCard: LeLutka St.Tropez & Teese

Another collection released over at LeLutka, in case you managed to escape the news. Teaser images have flooded the feeds for a few days now and with the release yesterday even more... but what I always look for, naturally, is the footwear. This time around 2 Styles, one each from Minnu Palen and Thora Charron.

The St. Tropez Shoes are certainly summer vacation friendly with perfectly painted toes and a sweet heel strap, great colors and combinations. A HUD system is delivered by touching your shoes and it includes skin presets and custom shade selection.

The Teese Shoes come in 2 different fabrications, some of the shoes have a black chunk soul , while others are more suited to strolling on the boardwalk with their pale wooden platforms. These have a funky fashionable feel, but a lovely smooth texture that is really appealing.

All told there are tons of color choices here and plenty of exciting mix and match with the garments of the new collection. Pretty short dresses, pantsuits and sexy little bikinis. An amazing collection to be sure, and I recommend you visit LeLutka for some shoe demos and to shop the latest releases. Be warned, it is very hard not to buy it all!

The Stuff;

Look 1

Shoes - LeLutka Mode - St. Tropez Shoes, Tan

Skin - LeLutka Beaute, LeLutka London

Hair -LeLutka Beaute, HANNAH - Beach Blonde

Dress - LeLutka Mode - NADIA Dress, dimtan

Accessories - LeLutka Mode - Nicolette Earrings and Necklace

Look 2

Shoes - LeLutka Mode - St. Tropez Shoes, Pink

Skin - LeLutka Beaute, LeLutka London Revolution

Hair -LeLutka Beaute, PETRA Black

Dress - LeLutka Mode - SADAH Dress, medium orchid

Accessories - LeLutka Mode - CLAIRE Cluster Earrings, Fuschia Red

Look 3

Shoes - LeLutka Mode - Teese, Royal Blue

Skin - LeLutka Beaute, LeLutka Moscow Light

Hair -LeLutka Beaute, ANNA - Copper Red

Outfit - LeLutka Mode - MONROE Pants, Steelblue & MIA Bikini Top, Orange

Accessories - LeLutka Mode - KELLI Pendant

Look 4

Shoes - LeLutka Mode - Teese, Black

Skin - LeLutka Beaute, LeLutka London Revolution

Hair -LeLutka Beaute, SAMARAH, Chestnut

Dress - LeLutka Mode - QI Dress, Turqouise

Accessories - LeLutka Mode - GRACE Earrings and Necklace

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Friday, July 10, 2009

StyleCard: Kalnins Empress

The recently released Empress shoes from Kalnins are impressive. On the heels (pun intended) of the Coquette shoes, Maris Kanto has released the Empress, improving them in so many ways it is hard to believe that these are really only his second women's shoe released. Gone is the need to wear a size 11 foot as the basis for the shoes, but also the prim feet have arrived allowing for more versatility and sex appeal. The HUD that Maris created might just be the easiest one I have encountered to date, and there is a very simple system that allows you to individually re-color parts of the shoes; buckles, straps, sole, body, accent, and nail polish can all be selected from a palate to match anything you can imagine!

The Stuff;

Shoes - Kalnins Footwear - Empress

Skin - Gala Phoenix, JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - Posh, Lolli Sexy Buns -Umber

Top - :bijou: *GG* Doll corsetcami [Yellow] - former freebie

Skirt - Sweetest Goodbye Day Dream - Black (pants & skirt from Dress Set)

Accessories - Fresh Baked Goods

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

StyleCard: INDI Designs Bellucci

Quickie but a goodie, in case you missed the release of these strappy little numbers from INDI Designs, another 'new to me' store, seriously, who knew? The Bellucci Heels are extremely well designed and reminiscent of my Viniani Heels from Armidi, but with definite style all their own. Great release, I look forward to more from INDI Designs. (click to enlarge image, shopping info below.)

The Stuff;

Shoes - INDI Designs - Bellucci, Beige

Skin - Gala Phoenix, JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - !lamb - Dog Roses, Kit Kat (custom tinted cap)

Dress - Donna Flora, Carla Dress

Accessories - Fresh Baked Goods - Turkish Delight Bangles.

Get Your Dancing Shoes Ready & NO H8

DCNY Clothing Co. will be welcoming you all to it's brand new sim this Sunday July 12th @ 4 pm SLT for it's Re-Opening Event! Things start off with DJ Miguelina Cazenove at 4 pm and will include a Mini-Hunt for Red Hearts with gifts from all the sim vendors, including; DCNY Clothing Co., Dawn Designs, Wicked Fashion, SIMco., Fresh Baked Goods and PIN UP Dolls! More info and SLurls to come... stay tuned!

Here is a picture of DCNY Clothing Co. CEO, Dave Casanova and I showing our support for the NO H8 Campaign, you can get more information about NO H8 in SL here.

More shoes very soon!


Monday, July 6, 2009

What All the Fuss Is About...

So the 'Lag Gods' and luck have been on my side a little bit today, and I was able to make my way over to the Stiletto Moody 2 sim (no easy task!) to see all the excitement. Some of the other fortunate few able to get to the store complained of slow rez rates and were curious about all the shoes included in the release, so I played camera spy for a few minutes between crashes and managed to get away with these Polaroids.

Please note these are just unedited snaps taken with low settings and no special lighting, so my apologies to Stiletto Moody & Crew if they aren't the best representations. Enjoy the peek, and be a little patient, join the Stiletto Moody Group so that you can access the new releases, and wear your tag to take advantage of the discounts offered on previous releases.

Happy Shopping!

Stiletto Moody 2 Sim

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Serving Up a Sneak Peek!

I know you missed me... and I missed you too, but if you follow shoe news then you might have expected a little something like this! Stiletto Moody is on the cusp of her Summer '09 release, and this time she is serving up more than ever before. This release is highly anticipated with several peeks already leaked to various media. But Stiletto assures me that I am the first lucky girl to get her very own pair of the brand new Stiletto Moody BARE © Lauren, the gorgeous ribbon wrapped ankle stiletto pumps were the ones that caught my eye, and they certainly do not disappoint... and these are only one of seven, count them, seven, new Stiletto Moody BARE © Shoes and a pair of Thigh High Boots 'to die for' slated for release tonight!

Loaded with delicious texture and the usual features, the Lauren Patent ColorSet comes in 10 great shades; Black, Midnight, Red, White, Coral, Turquoise, Nude, Purple, and very special contrast colors Pink&Grey or Black&White. Now here is where the fun starts... if customizing is your thing, a very adorable Cyan Card Table emerged from my inventory and on it was perched a lovely card and envelope from Stiletto, a very special add-on for my sweet little Laurens was the Stiletto Moody Lauren - BAREfoot1 Upgrade set, it contained fun and funky foot tattoos and charm anklets, other upgrade sets include toe rings and bonus nail polish options, very cute!

So now that I have aroused your appetite for shoes, please be sure and join the Stiletto Moody Group right now! Later tonight a 40% off sale for members only will begin. For the first time ever - BARE Ingrid, BARE Audrey, BARE Greta & BARE Vivienne will be on sale and the Summer '09 Belle de Jour collection will be out at regular price! Join the group and watch the notices... NOW!

Expect to see more of the new release here very soon!

The Stuff;

Shoes - Stiletto Moody BARE © Lauren, Coral (worn)

Skin - Gala Phoenix, JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - Curio, Betty Boop - Brown

Dress - Donna Flora, Teacup Dress (w/ sugar cube bracelet & necklace, hat)

Lingerie - Cherry Girl Freebie (No Longer Available for Free)

Accessories - Donna Flora, Daniel Coral Earrings