Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Kick.

Still cruising through those beautiful Allure shoes, and this time it is free of the socks and tights, stepping into the naked foot version of these great shoes. The foot in the Maitreya Gold shoes remains one of the most realistic available, with subtle shading and skin texturing beyond compare, they also boast one of the most user friendly HUDs for customizing.

I am not sure why some designers have not yet adopted a similar system to the Maitreya Gold, but it should be said that it is a feature that I would like to see included on more 'high end' brands, regardless of price, if your customer's opinions matter, I would wager many of them would prefer the simplicity of a colorful graphic system. SL is at its core a visual platform.

That said, the sandals are an easy style to dress up or down, this time I went for a more classy dressed up feeling with one of the newest clothing items from Maitreya, the Bubble Skirt Dress, and the gorgeous new Siri hair.

Visit Maitreya again soon.

The Stuff;

Maitreya Gold, Allure - Red.

Skin: LeLutka, IFE, Light Makeup 1D (hairbase).

Maitreya, Siri, Chocolate.

Maitreya, Bubble Skirt Dress, Grey.

Accessories: Mandala, Monica Earrings, Red. & MEB, Silver Bracelet. & Calla, Pearl Wrap Bracelet, Blood.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Loving It.

More of those new Maitreya Allures, this time the sock version. I pulled them together with a very relaxed look, including the Maitreya Boyfriend Jeans, a pretty ruffled cami from Nylon Outfitters, and some new chunky silver accessories from Mandala. I even managed to find this really fun crimped hair from MrS, and I love the heavy cropped bangs. The shoes come with 2 size options but can still be resized to fit any avatar, and loads of colorful sock options, though my favorites are the basic white. It is just an all together great outfit for running around the grid, and once again no need to skin match.

Visit Maitreya for the shoes.

The Stuff;

Maitreya Gold, Allure - Socks, Nude (White).

Skin: LeLutka, Estelle, la femme (LE.LOOK Exclusive).

Hair: MrS, SECRET, medium length crimped hair - brown.

Maitreya, Boyfriend Jeans, #08 & Nylon Outfitters (NO), Ruffle Camisole, Dusty Rose.

Accessories: Mandala, Takara Bangles (White Stone) and Takayama Earrings (Silver) and Hannya Necklace (Silver) & Donna Flora, Bice Ring (Tinted Silver).


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Allure.

Maitreya's latest release of footwear and fashions came at just the perfect time, I am not one to spend a lot of Lindens lately, but the beautiful palate and predictable quality of the items makes it much easier to enjoy the shopping trip. The newest from Maitreya Gold Footwear is the Allure, a beautiful and very 'now' style sandal with a zippered closure up the heel. It also comes in a few variations which pick up on the more recent trend to wear socks and tights with your sexy heeled shoes.

There was a time where the sight of someone with hosiery and sandals together was almost laughable, but the trend seems to have stuck, and with the new 'underwear as outerwear' collection from Maitreya, it is much easier to embrace. I chose the Allure in a lovely SeaGreen shade, green tends to work well with so many colors so when deciding on just one pair these were the ones for me.

The Allure come with a full assortment of 12 shades of full length tights and shorter sock versions too, and best of all no skin matching required with this style! In addition to the many hosiery options included with the shoes, a sexy gartered version is included with the belted girdle available as part of the clothing release. The overall look has a sultry boudoir feel, but the spirit of the collection can be reinterpreted and worn with more mainstream garments.

More Allure to come, but visit Maitreya to get a closer look at these styles.

The Stuff;

Shoes: Maitreya Gold, Allure - Tights, Seagreen (Powder).

Skin: LeLutka, Estelle, Sunkissed Makeup 6(D).

Hair: Tukinowaguma, Jenny, Brown.

Outfit: Maitreya, Bodysuit de la Ruche, SilverBlue & Maitreya Girdle and Stockings, Salmon (worn with Powder stockings).

Accessories: Donna Flora, Bice Ring (Tinted Silver) & Encore, Knotted Pearl Necklace, White.

Poses: Exposeur.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Decent Exposeur.

The awesomeness that is RubyStarlight Writer came through with something very special for me today, I simply don't know how she finds the time, but she does! I had made a special request for a couples pose inspired by a photo I had found, and sure enough, Ruby did an amazing job with it! If you haven't visited her Exposeur Shop yet, or tried any of her fantastic modeling poses, you are in for a treat. This one is tentatively titled 'That Shoe Girl and... Casanova?', I am not sure if it will be for sale, but I adore it, for obvious reasons.

Other things I adore today... these fairly new Short Lace-Up Boots from G Field. These are exactly the type of boots that can work with modern fashion and vintage inspired looks, the classic lace up boot comes in an beautiful assortment of soft shades, they also come in black (seen here) and white versions that offer enhanced color change features, like the sole, eyelets, laces and sides. The prices at G Field are truly amazing, so go grab yourself a pair or two and enjoy!

Visit G Field and Exposeur today!

The Stuff;

Footwear: G Field, Short Lace-Up Boots, Black.

Skin: LeLutka, Estelle, Sunkissed Makeup 2D (hairbase).

Hair: Analog Dog, Whimsy, Black.

Outfit: R.icielli, Luciana Bodysuit, Azure. (The Dressing Room) & Bijou, Rosemary Leggings (from Set).

Accessories: CIHUAE Fresh water pearls on sterling silver (Complete Set).

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Play.

Another new release from Stiletto Moody, this one is an elegant open-toed stiletto with soaring height and a belted ankle strap that gives these shoes a bit of edge. Much like the other releases in the BARE line, the Anita Shoes have that menu of options for color matching of skin, nail polish shades, metal options, etc. I am wearing the newly released Payton Dress from Baiastice, this rich purple shade and super short mini work perfectly with the shoes, I also added plenty of chunky silver accessories to complete the look.

Visit Stiletto Moody & Baiastice for these.
The stuff;

Stiletto Moody, BARE Anita (All Color Set).

Skin: LeLutka, IFE, Suntan Makeup 5D.

Hair: Zero Style, Kristin 2.0, Chestnut.

Dress: Baiastice, Payton Dress, Purple.

Accessories: CIHUAE Jewelry, Silver Double Bar Necklace & UZURI, Ibzgane and Bibi Cuff Bangles.

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Judy, Judy, Judy.

Stiletto Moody's BARE Judy takes a futuristic approach to the sexy laced up boot, this sans heel style defies convention and makes for a unique choice. Available in multiple shades and an all color set, the Judy shoes feature a prim foot that can be skin matched, the shoe also allows for 2 metal choices, and many more Stiletto Moody extras.

Visit Stiletto Moody for these.

The stuff;

Stiletto Moody, BARE Judy (All Color Set).

Skin: LeLutka, IFE, Suntan Makeup 4D.

Hair: Mirai Style, Ofif, Darkbrown.

Outfit: Bijou, Bounce, Green Set.

Accessories: Redgrave Driving Gloves, Black and U & R Dogs, Figaro Earrings and Ring.
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Shiniest Things

Fallingwater Cellardoor, one of the first masters of the sculpted prim, is back in SL and creating new shoes for her brand Shiny Things!  This is one of my all-time favourite brands in SL and I am hopeful that these new flats are a sign of more great things to come.

Her time away from SL has not diminished her skill in the least; the new Zimmy flats are as sublimely made and textured as ever, maybe even more so.  The bow is optional, with a simple click on the shoe to remove or add it.

With the contrasting toe, there are some gorgeous colour combinations, including my personal favourites, the white with black toes, a perfect update to the classic Oxford styling.

She's also kept up with the new viewer options, and if you're on 2.0, you can wear the included alpha layer and skip the invisiprim, and of course there are still two sizes included, for size 0 and size 10 feet.

For one pair, it's a reasonable L$300, and for the fatpack of all 11 colours, it's a 25% savings at L$2475.

Make sure to stop by the store for a demo, and to sign up for the all-new Subscriber kiosk, and you can even get a special colour as a gift after you do!


Hair - Joanna 2 in Cynical Black \ Skin - L.Fauna Lapine Velvet in Pale 2 (ltd edition, get it before Apr 30!) \ Shirt - Ruched Buttondown in Berry \ Pants - Ingenue Leslie in Midnight \ Bracelet - U&R Dogs Ma Mere in Silver \ Poses - Diesel Works (Scarlett set).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

SLinky & Sexy

Siddean Munro of SLink gets better & better with each release.  Her latest, the divinely sexy Quinn boots, are sublime works of art.

When these first hit the grid in a teaser colour for Fifty Linden Fridays, I was so excited I didn't even wait for the photo to fully rez before I did the click-buy.

You can wear these boots with either open or closed toes, but I found myself more drawn to the closed toes.  And it's not at all because I was not in the mood to try and tint my toes to my skin.  Because actually I find SLink some of the easiest to work with for that.

These come in ten delicious colours (not including the Fifty Linden Friday burgundy special editions).  They are L$650 each, and the fatpack of all ten is L$3250.

Additionally, SLink has started to include 2.0 compatible alpha layers, and no invisi-prim shoes to wear with them.

If you have not been to SLink recently, you should definitely check it out and some of her gorgeous new shoes and boots.  Demos are available for everything, and I defy anyone to leave there without wanting to buy something!

Outfit Worn:

Hair - Lamb Witch in Kit Kat \ Skin - Belleza Elle in Pale \ Jacket - LeeZu Margo Jacket in Snow \ Skirt - Coco Feather Skirt in Black \ Boots - SLink Quinn Boots in Black \ Pose - Long Awkward Pose.