Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cattiva e Cattivo

Showing off my new Aprilstars by Ms. Lissa Maertens. I love the shine and the tones on these ankle boots and the height of the heel is just right! I had to also show you all the delicious colors available. So hop on over to Cattiva e Cattivo and pick up your own!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pixel Mode: Danielle Boot

Drive by posting to make sure if you missed these when they came out, that you take a moment to pop over to Pixel Mode and snatch up the Danielle Boots while you are there. Available in a huge selection of dark and light tones, these are a sexy addition to your shoe collections.
Visit Pixel Mode Online and InWorld.

Monday, January 26, 2009

StyleCard: Shiny Things Ving Boots

My morning routine usually consists of cruising the feeds for the latest releases. This morning I saw this cute as pie dress Jazmin from Bare Rose and just had to grab it as soon as I logged. A short while later I received the latest release from Fallingwater Cellardoor, the Ving Boots, and decided to make an outfit using these 2 new items.

The Ving Boots come in 5 shades; Black, Warm Brown, Ash Brown, Oxblood & Grey. This boot features that amazing Shiny Things worn leather that makes then a favorite to the fashionably casual and the role play crowd alike. They are a mid calf height boot with an ample rounded toe box and a chunky boot heel. The upper features a series of straps and buckles and contrasting patches of faux reptile skin for even more character. The laces are scripted and the boot set comes complete with a HUD that enables you to custom tint the laces to match anything you like. The boot release also features 3 different sizes in the pack, and versions to suit the previous viewer release (1.20) and the current (1.21) which allows mirroring the sculpts, smart.

Besides the ample dose of cute provided by that sweet Bare Rose frock (the set includes Black, Blue, Brown, Pink & Purple... the Brown is worn here.), this look is complemented perfectly with this great necklace and earring set from Luc called The Awakening. The ocre colored woolen tights from Persona, and the Polly hair from TRUTH. Skin, as per usual, hails from REDGRAVE.

Ving Boots are available at Shiny Things.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello Ingrid!

Love 'em or hate 'em, the prim foot revolution continues! The latest release in the Stiletto Moody BARE © collection is Miss Ingrid. Ingrid is not a timid girl, she is a sexy as all heck platform with a sweetly beveled shape and a band of contrasting metal accent through the middle. Ample and detailed leather straps, metal rivets and of coarse that sexy sculpted foot make these irresistible to high heel lovers, and reminiscent of late 50's Hollywood styling.

The Ingrid is available in 8 colors, with 2 new shades making their debut in the Stiletto Moody BARE © collection, White Leather and Sand Leather. The full color set is fantastic if it's in your budget, but there is plenty to celebrate even if you can simply settle for one shade. You do get the option to change metals from Silver to Gold, and add or remove Toe Rings on each foot, a multitude of nail polish options, and a few other goodies that are more suited to enhance photography.

The most talked about aspect of the BARE shoes to date seems to be a tie between skin matching and the join point to the avatar body. The shoe comes with some pre-set shades that may match or closely resemble your skin tone, in my case I selected one and then headed over to the 'control freak' menu where I added and subtracted in increments of RGB to get my perfect match, it took maybe 8 minutes to do this to my satisfaction. Alternatively you can enter color shade data numerically, personally I never went this route but potentially if you find your 'magic formula' you could simply enter it on all of your pairs of BARE shoes, a time saver really.

As for the 'join' issue, I am a very satisfied customer in that respect. Anyone who wants to get picky will happily complain about glitches with invisi prims and issues that arise when the avatar ankle is flexed. One needs to remember that these are prims, and as with any prims, unless you have a mathematically exact fit on a non moving connection you will be able to see where the prims join. The same is true of any sandal or boot I have reviewed previously that features a 2nd attachment on the lower leg, an avatar moves and joints shift. Unless you plan on walking around with your camera locked on your big toe, any of the unique issues presented by the foot in shoe are imperceptible.

Finally, I would like to clarify for the curious, I do not in any way retouch aspects of the footwear in my blog photos, edits to my avatar to clean up SL anomalies and make me all purdy is typical, but shoes are as they appeared in SL, no tricks. You can click on the images to see them larger sized if you wish. Thanks for reading! :)

Visit Stiletto Moody to see the entire BARE © Collection.

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, TRUTH Hair, Dress by JE Republic, Armidi Necklace, Earrings by Kraftika. Photos taken at Las Islas, Las Lagunas.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Klondyke Trio

I got an offline just yesterday from a reader who was looking for a fur boot that wasn't a platform 'stripper heel', just a nice moccasin footed boot with a furry upper. Just moments after reading that message I dropped into Kitties Lair to see what was new, and saw these Klondyke Boots. Available in Black, Pink and White, the boots have the lovely comfy flat foot with stitched texturing, an ample amount of 'fur' and a nicely detailed topper that features a pair of fur poms attached to a string. This frisky little boot reminds me of winter getaways and ski lodges, they have an adorably casual vibe.

Worn with the boots are the COCO Black Knit Stole, Muism Jeans (naturally), A white tank from LaLa FooFoo, and this adorable knit shrug about to be released by Glam Couture. Special mention for the furry ear muffs from BOOM that seem to be the perfect touch! Just a feel good look to go with these super sweet boots.

Visit Kitties Lair in it's new location.

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, TRUTH Hair, Jeans from Muism, Tank Top by LaLa FooFoo, Shrug from Glam Couture, Knit Stole (Scarf) from COCO, Earmuffs by BOOM.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who Me?

Well it happens, footwear is dropped on me in folders and some days I get multiple folders, others none at all, so when Adam n Eve creator Damen Gorilla passed me the folder marked 'Adam n Eve Boots - Anessa' I simply assumed he was handing the footwear out to multiple reviewers and had named the folders so he could keep track of his deliveries. It was not until I saw the Fashion Planet feed this morning that it dawned on me that the boots were actually named Anessa (brilliant choice btw), so how could I not walk around in them today all happy-like?

So here they are, a perfectly nice ankle boot with an oversized buckle for the all important fashion forward look (I have it on good authority that these are a RL sensation by a very big name in footwear at the moment, so I would not be surprised to see a few variations popping up). The Adam n Eve boots come in multiple shades of suede with contrast white piping, and great neutral leathers with the added special versions with red/black mixed combinations. (you can click on the image for a super jumbo close-up)

I wore mine with this fantastic new set from Bijou, I just can't stay out of that place! I simply added the multi-strand black pearls from Paper Couture and a favorite bangle from Fresh Baked Goods along with my new hair from TRUTH (on sale now!). I never get tired of that red and black combination.

Be sure and visit Adam n Eve to see the full range of shades for the Anessa Boots!

Thanks for the nod, Damen! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Glamour & Glitter from Redgrave

The holiday season has passed, the parties, the special events and most certainly that seasonal sparkle that seems to happen right around the holidays and usually fades after New Year's Eve, giving way to the blah grey unbearably cold winter still in full swing. It was just prior to New Year's Eve when the REDGRAVE girls had a major release that included a quad of glittery little dresses accompanied by matching shoes with glamorous details. With the madness of the season I neglected to share them with you, but catch up time is here.

These 4 dresses have all the sexy body hugging photo-real texturing that the REDGRAVE woman has come to expect, and some nice options such as multiple skirt styles and accessories that make it possible to style the dress to your own liking. The shoes in matching hues have both gems and feathered tails to max out the glitz factor. Sisters Viola and Emilia have proven that they can collaborate their color palates to create virtual head to toe dressing for female and male avatars.

Even with the absence of full on party season these looks will keep the spark of celebration in your wardrobe, with plenty of sex appeal to inspire a night of dancing at the hottest clubs, or romantic date with a special individual. If you are looking to add some post holiday sparkle and shine, you might just find that look at REDGRAVE.

Click here for a TP.

The stuff;

Look 1 - [*RG*] Elegant Satin DRESS -Brown, New Years' Glamour Heels -Brown- *REDGRAVE*, Redgrave Skin, ETD Hair, Earrings by Styles of Edo, Ring by Bandit/Jador.

Look 2 - [*RG*] Cord-Sequin Mini DRESS -Black, New Years' Glamour Heels -Black- *REDGRAVE*, Redgrave Skin, Magika Hair, Earrings from Diamonde.

Look 3 - [*RG*] 70ties Clubbing DRESS -Nude, New Years' Glamour Heels -Silver- *REDGRAVE*, Redgrave Skin, Armidi Hair, Ring by Bandit/Jador, Necklace by boing fromage.

Look 4 - [*RG*] Flower DRESS -White, New Years' Glamour Heels -Red- *REDGRAVE*, Redgrave Skin, ETD Hair, Bracelet by Cashmere, Lipstick/Mirror/Pose by Animah.

Photos take at Connection Design Furniture.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

StyleCard: Callie Cline Kick Shickers

Gotta love that Callie Cline, she is possibly the bubbliest fashionista going, and certainly one of the most generous. She continues to create her own style of fun wearables with a ferocious color palate and dash of fun in everything she does. When she excitedly showed me her new boots while they were still a work in progress I was thrilled with her ideas, and before I even had a chance to do a post on them, I see she has already been working to expand the boot release to include some skins and patterns, so please be sure and visit her headquarters to have a look at the latest. The version I am wearing are the original Kick Shickers in Black Suede (these with Gold trim), are a generous cowboy boot with coloured accents and a ring of gemstones around the ankle. Each one is touch scripted to change the colour of the stones for endless combinations.

I kicked up the rest of the outfit with a real mash-up of casuals in a similar color palate. The jeans are the 'Sexy Ass' Jeans from Drawmachine, the tank top and jacket are from the Bijou 'Born Free' set, Bijou is one of my all time favorites for mix and match. The Fuka hat/hair from Mirai is one that I love more each time I wear it, and the bunches of bangles are courtesy of M.R.M. and the opening freebie from Giusia.

Visit Miss Callie for these fun and fabulous boots.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pixel Mode: Toots Ankle Boots

Due to SL being a bug this post is just a quick drive by to show off my new Toots from Pixel Mode. These ankle boots are available in leather and suede versions and many colors. Don't just take my word for it, drive on by yourself to Pixel Mode Inworld and check it out!

Other stuff: Skin from Belleza, Hair from Zero Style, and Outfit by bijou

Thursday, January 8, 2009

StyleCard: TOSL Sweater Wellies

And the cute just keeps on coming! Color me happy when the super sweet Quinlan Quimby sent me her latest creation, the Sweater Wellies. TOSL, or Tree & Ocean SL™, has long been a favorite of mine for its creatively textured and uniquely shaped footwear, these Sweater Wellies come in two lengths and 8 colors, all of them completely fabulous! Cosy and cute is the vibe of these laid back boots, and the adorable pom pom tassel doesn't hurt either. I am wearing the Pewter, also available are Snow, Charcoal, Candy Floss, Sage, Dusk, Wintermint, and Butterscotch (not shown).

The rest of this look is made up of comfortable favorites like the cropped cardigan from DETOUR, a camisole from LAST CALL, favorite denims from MUISM, and accessories from Miam Miam. Hair is ETD cuteness, skin is from Redgrave.

Visit the TOSL Shop for these sweet Sweater Wellies!

StyleCard: Skin Flicks Reptile Boots

Mavis McGettigan of Skin Flicks was kind enough to send me a few of the newly released footwear items that can be found in the store, among them these Sally Reptile Boots. A nicely textured tall skinny boot with a slightly funkier foot shape and full inside zip. A cute and wearable boot, my only concern was the no mod upper (correct me if I am wrong), that required me to wear my modified skinnier shape. If you don't have a problem modifying your shape for the sake of footwear then these are a nice choice, the texture is really dimensional looking and quite appealing.

To complete this look I included items from other recent faves, en svale is a real gem of a shop, both the charcoal cardigan and houndstooth capris slacks are from there. The belt just released from COCO is amazingly well designed, and because it is mod I was able to make an alternate version with silver metals, so do not be deterred by the gold you see in the store... if you are at all competent with retexturing selected prims it's a pretty quick fix. The hair is the delicious ::69:: freebie from the recent CSR Rally, love the look and the attached beret.

Check out the footwear at Skin Flicks for these and other great items.

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair (includes hat), en svale Cardigan & Pants, COCO Belt.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Einar fur boots

I'm channelling my inner Raquel Welch in this post for you. There are times, in this SL that we all enjoy where one of the greatest joys is being able to dress up. I don't mean putting on that gorgeous formal, although wonderful in it's own right, I mean the times where we get to put on a costume to fulfill that fantasy or whimsy. So if you feel like me ever, and want to really "get back to basics" as in prehistoric basics, I've got some fur for your feet. Morgaine Price sent me over her Einar fur boots. While not something I'd wear every day, these are fun pieces for your wardrobe. You never know when you might want to get all cave man (yes, they come in male versions too). What's even cooler is that these boots texture change into different shades and even have a blood spotted option (you know, for after you go on a dino hunt). Check out Mer-Elf Creations InWorld.
Other stuff: Bikini from Shai, Skin from Belleza, Hair from Abyss.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Kookie Boots

Well, SL kicked me out at just the wrong moment, but alas all is not lost..I had just taken some pictures of one of my delightful Christmas presents. Anessa had given you all the heads up on Kookie a few months ago and I had the pleasure of shopping there again recently. These boots are available in several colors, including a red tartan, which I also have, but didn't get a chance to take a shot at. Take a look at Kookie Inworld when you get a chance, there is also a few pieces of cute jewelry and shoe poses too!
Other Stuff: Skin by Belleza, Hair Kyoot Army, Clothes: Later when I get back in SL to check :)

The Best in SL™

I was asked a while back to do a fashion article for BOSL Magazine, and was allowed free reign to write about any topic I wished, and do my own photography. I really can't claim to know a whole lot about fashion in general, but about shoes... well, that I know! So I decided to do a round up of some of my favorites from the past year or so (and keep in mind that this was done some weeks ago), broken up into a few choice categories. It's pretty self explanatory, shoe names and creators are listed at the end of this post. Apologies if I missed anything, but I think I was able to cover a whole lot here. Click the images to expand to big size.

I am looking forward to seeing what 2009 holds in store for these feet.... Happy New Year!