Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOVE and LUST: Stiletto Moody Spring Preview

The past 24 hours have been pretty spectacular in the life of this shoe blogger. Last night I had the privilege of meeting the head siren on Stilettos, Stiletto Moody, and her boutique manager Dancer Dallagio. I was escorted into the inner chambers of the Stiletto Moody headquarters and given a look at the very top secret and utterly fantastic Spring Preview, a collection of 4 new styles that will satiate those among us who have just been salivating for something new from Moody... some of us more patiently than others.

Instead of my usual creative shot and straight shoe pics - time being of the essence here - I have decided to tease you with some sexy photos of these mini masterpeices of footwear, in hopes that you will run, not walk, to Stiletto Moody to take a closer look for yourselves before scooping them up as soon as they hit the shelves tomorrow at 4 PM game time!

Top to bottom are; O Wedge (Black), Foxy Wedge (Pink), O Wedge Tie (Silver), Elegant Slingback (Rose Gold).

The O Wedges are absolute pieces of art, amazing crossover footwear that appeals to both a fetish driven buyer and those of us who see them as sculptural masterpieces we can wear. Moody herself is referring to them as "fashion-meets-fetish", and I couldn't agree more... even though my fetish is for fashion! The sleeker heel cup version(shown in all black) is my personal favorite, while the option with the heel ties allows for custom fitting, versatility and added bling factor.

The Foxy Wedges (shown in pink) pack a whole bunch of goodness into one shoe... the familiar Louboutin-esque uppers mated with a knock out wedge in 9 color combinations - these are spectacular!

And then there is the sweet darling of the Spring Preview, the Elegant Slingback. The keen eyed among you might remember seeing a sneak peak way back when the store first opened, you will be happy to know it's back, better than ever, and in 3 colors - including the Rose Gold shown here, which I adore.

It seems so fitting with Valentine's Day just around the corner that Stiletto Moody has given us more to love... err, lust after. Stiletto is also giving us a celebratory 3-day end of season sale and offering a 40% discount on previous season stock to members of the “Stiletto Moody Shoes” group, join up if you haven't yet and wear your tag while shopping. Sale will run from 4 PM on February 1st, until 4 PM February 4th. Oh! and guys, if you are looking for the perfect gift for your ladies this Valentine's Day remember that Stiletto Moody has easy to use gift vendors in store.

Phew! Could anyone else use a cold shower? ;-)
also wearing; Minnu Skin, Hair by Cake... and nothing.

Riding on Nessa's boot straps...

Sooo do you want the good news or do you want the bad news?

I love positive people lke you! The good news is that after reading Anessa's entry about Siddean Munro's boots I ran over to SLink and picked up the Sara AND the Angelina boots! These are to die for...which leads me to the bad news...seems somehow Joel was able to give me his sickness from 2500+ miles away!!! But don't you fret, I was lucking enough to get in a really great shopping spree before the fever set in...and honestly, I don't think much of anything could keep me from shopping!

So back to these gorgeous boots...the smooth foot and calf textures mix nicely with a solid heel that sports a small metal cap. A very nice detail. Shown here in the black and bronze and available in more choices these are a boot to consider.

Other Items:
Aden Hair, Celestial Studio Skin, G.L.A.M. Denim Jumper Set. Boot's purchased by Graci at SLink

DeLa, Delightful.

A few days ago I noticed a little teaser inside DeLa, the lovely shoe store operated by Kuranosuke Kamachi, about the imminent arrival of some new sculpted heels. Not wanting to miss out on the release, I messaged Kuranosuke and was happy to hear that the wait would not be long. I awoke this morning to find that the Helia Pumps were waiting for me, and they are a really well done sculpted pump.

The Helia Pumps come in 12 nice shades - some jewel brights, a perfect pink, and some great whites. Shown here are; Black, White, Red, Gold, Green, Purple, Blue, Vanilla, Gold Olive, Pink, Magenta & Virgin White.

I like the satiny sheen of these... not quite a patent... someplace in between. The heel has the small black tread built right into the texture which gives the shoe a nice authenticity. The soles are a neutral colour with a tastefully discreet logo in place. Of special note are the 'Virgin White' which feature a pure white sole, a great option for those of you slated to be SL brides in the near future. All in all, these shoes are a delightful option and fit in with all the best of retro or modern fashionista flair. Visit DeLa soon and take a look for yourself.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Aden Hair, PixelDolls Dress, Miam Miam Necklace.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For the Boys... and Girls.

Ever since my co-blogger Joel has been under the weather, On Your Toes has been keenly lacking a dose of testosterone. In an attempt to remedy this situation, when I caught sight of this piece about SOREAL on the Vain Inc. blog - I decided to gather up the troops and make a day of it. Lucky for me I have an address book just overflowing with the hottest male models in SL! I was lucky to catch Jonny Tobias and Steve Hansen online, and they generously agreed to follow me and Graci on a window shopping trip around 'Fashion Mode' legend Ashlin Leandros' new San Leandros sim, scheduled to open in all it's shopping glory this coming Saturday.

creator Kwamey Pinion (pictured below) has really done wonders here, both the sculpty work and the texturing are incredible... the City Steps Sneakers look so real I was tempted to peel open the Velcro closures (yes Joel, Velcro!) just to hear that familiar sound. If you have read this blog before you might recall I rarely go anyplace without a pair of stilettos on. But these feel good... so good. They look perfectly at home on male and female feet and come in fantastic color combinations and fabrications, available singly, in multi-packs or the ultimate - a colorchange HUD option that lets you have all 13 looks in your footwear arsenal.

SOREAL is still in it's early stages, only a few items up for grabs at the moment (including the black and blue jacket Steve is wearing) but make note of the name - I expect some great things yet to come.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Photo Submissions...8 More Days!

That's right...the deadline for entries is February keep those pics rolling in! I'm so excited about what we've received so far!!


We are looking for photos of YOUR avatar all decked out where the shoes make the outfit! Up for grabs is a $2000L shopping trip to the shoe store of your choice.

Send Graciana McMillan ( graci.mac[at] ) via email or note card, one full length photo (full perms) of yourself in your outfit and one closeup photo of the shoes. Please include the details of the clothing worn, especially the name and creator of the shoes. Also, if you did not take the photo yourself, please let us know who the photographer is.Submissions without full avatar names will unfortunately be deleted.

Feel free to send Flickr, Photobucket, ImageShack links or just send the photos themselves, whatever works for you.The shoe crew will go through submissions and pick some of their faves to post on the On Your Toes website.

The grand prize winner will be determined by an online vote by our readers.Deadline for photos submission will be Midnight SLT, February 5th.So time to wiggle those toes and show off those shoes!

The Bien Fait...

I was out roaming for some new clothes when I stumbled upon the shoe section at Adam n Eve, and I have to say this is a place I'm going to check out more often. I had to pick up a pair of the Bien Fait booties by Damen Gorilla and then play dress up to show off my new kicks. These shoes come in a wide array of colors and of course have a demo to try before you buy. I liked that the demo seemed to give you just about every color to put on one foot. I have to say my favorite part about these shoes is the extra long pointed toe...I feel so chic! Visit Adam n Eve In World.

Available Colors

Other stuff:
Suit found at G.L.A.M., Hair at ETD, and Skin at Celestial Studios

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Essential Sara

I love when content creators name things after people; hair, dresses, shoes and boots too - It can make them easier to remember and to find in you inventory again. Siddean Munro recently released some sassy new boots named Sara, a name I happen to like very much... these new square toed boots from SLink are very likable too! The boots are sculpted with a fairly generous calf piece... meaning I did not have to modify my shape or the boots to wear them... good thing too - with 12 attractive shades, that would be 24 boots to adjust.

The shape is pleasing and the textures are nicely done. I like the contrasting croc textured panels on the foot and the slight highlights at the seams. These are not like anything I have seen in SL before, they have a unique shape and a funky retro feel. I paired my boots with the freebie gold metallic tights from G.L.A.M. and the adorable Metallic Short Suits from Little Rebel - who believe it or not, as a retro lover in SL , I had never heard of until today.

Colours include; Black, Teal, Chocolate, Sky Blue, Dark Purple, Lime, Blue-ish, Mint, Silver, Red, Slate & Magenta. Check out the new boots at SLink - in addition to Sara, Siddean has recently released Eva & Angelina, if you are a boot fan these are definitely worth a closer look.

Review copies requested. Also wearing; RaC Hair, Minnu Skin, Caroline's Bracelets, Suits by Little Rebel, Tights by G.L.A.M.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I just wanted to welcome the readers of Fashion Feed of SL who may be reading On Your Toes for the first time! If you are a shoe lover, this is the blog for you! Browse through some of our recent posts for great reviews and finds from Maitreya, 69, Fuel, ZHAO, Tesla among others - and Men's shoes too!

Do not miss your chance to win a shoe shopping spree in our first reader photo contest! We are looking for photos of YOUR avatar all decked out where the shoes make the outfit! Up for grabs is a $2000L shopping trip to the shoe store of your choice! Read more about the contest in Graci's post here.

In the meantime, as I am known to do... I decided to have a little fun. It seems I have been collecting some really super photos lately, some cautionary tales - and just plain shoe giggles... you might want to use these as a sort of a 'What not to Wear' if you are planning on entering the contest.

Let's do a quick run down of these personal favorite moments, I call them "Great Moments in Shoe-Ness";

1. Mismatched.
2. Sim-Crasher Boots. (Please do not wear these to fashion shows)
3. System Shoes.
4. The Faux Name Brand Runners.
5. Invisi-Boots.
6. Missing/Wrong Shoe Bases.
7. More System Shoes.
8. Large Men's Shoes on Small Girls.
9. Large Women's Shoes on Women.
10. Shoes that might actually make avatar feet hurt!
11. The Double Whammy- Bling & Butterflies.
12. Errol Flynn Boots.
13. Demo Shape, I hope.
14. The Pant/Boot Issue.
15. That shift thing that happens when you take pictures sometimes.

That's it for now... Stay on Your Toes!

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Maid well Matched

I ran into my friends Lyanis Sin of Sin Shoes, and Eloria LeShelle of Battered Boudoir and found them wearing these completely sweet sexy Maid outfits, complete with fuzzy toed slides. I was elated to find they had collaborated on this sassy little get-up... and immediately decided to share the fun with the readers of On Your Toes.

Admittedly this is an early offering from Sin, new to the sculpty universe, but the frothy fluff on the toes, the attractive shape and appealing price, the Marilyn shoes are a fun addition to your sexy shoe collection. The colours are perfectly matched with the Boudoir Maid sets from Battered Boudoir and really - every girl in SL should have sexy bedroom slip-ons and a Maid's costume in their wardrobe! Lucky me, I now have 4 flavors to choose from; Black, Pink, Red and Blue.

Oh, and by the way - I don't do windows!

Also wearing; Hair by ETD, Minnu Model Skin.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Need More Fuel?

If you haven't gone over to Fuel yet, I'm reminding you to go and take a look. Sandy Cleghorn had some cute and original creations and has been working hard on setting up her store. Today I wanted to show off a pair of her Dolly Barely Black Cherry Slippers, along with her Berry Legwarmers (these actually come with a pair of heels). These fat and scrunchy leg warmers have the cutest lace up feature in the back along with buckles & straps wrapping around.

Happy shopping, and if you see Sandy, tell her On Your Toes sent you!

Other stuff:
Alley Cat Top from Dutch Touch, Armidi Hair, IKI rolled up belted shorts, TaP tights, & Shiny Things Socks.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Show Us Your Toes...

On Your Toes would like to announce our first reader photo contest. We want to see what all you shoe lovers wear and adore. So here's the skinny:

We are looking for photos of YOUR avatar all decked out where the shoes make the outfit! Up for grabs is a $2000L shopping trip to the shoe store of your choice.

Send Graciana McMillan ( graci.mac[at] ) via email or note card, one full length photo (full perms) of yourself in your outfit and one closeup photo of the shoes. Please include the details of the clothing worn, especially the name and creator of the shoes. Also, if you did not take the photo yourself, please let us know who the photographer is.

Submissions without full avatar names will unfortunately be deleted.

Feel free to send Flickr, Photobucket, ImageShack links or just send the photos themselves, whatever works for you.

The shoe crew will go through submissions and pick some of their faves to post on the On Your Toes website. The grand prize winner will be determined by an online vote by our readers.

Deadline for photos submission will be Midnight SLT, February 5th.

So time to wiggle those toes and show off those shoes!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Skulls and Bows

My little shoe sleuthing toes have carried me far and wide... across sims whose names I could not pronounce, and to places that I pray I never have to see again. Sometimes the great shoes are just a camera angle away. This morning on one such journey I spotted a poor ruthed girl... the orange hair helmet, the awkward stance... the shoe shape gone, but the shoes... my little heart started palpitating!

We have already covered my affection for detail, sculpties and bows, right? Well here it was an Anessa 'Grand Slam'... amazing sculpted pumps with bows... and skulls. Yah! I am assuming at this point that I am the only girl left in SL that did not know that you could click on a worn object and 'Inspect' it to find out who created it (thank-you Graci!), so I entered into a unique conversation with the wearer, who only spoke Japanese, to try and get the name of the shop where she got them. It took some work, but I eventually got a landmark. Fingers crossed I TP'd, I arrived at the Honmoku Sim and this shop named 69 (Sixty-Nine).

As the rezzing took it's sweet time, I became anxious... I needed these shoes! I was thankfully in the right place, and I grabbed up a pair of the amazing Succubus pumps in basic black. They come in some other great shades; silver, blood, dark cherry, olive, dark olive, snow and leopard for my fellow animal print fans. Here I am wearing the Dark Cherry, Black and Leopard.

I also had the pleasure of speaking with creator Kumii Yoshikawa who gave me a sneak peak at some other great shoes she is about to release, the MargueriteL Ribbons in Cream and Black. From the looks of these sweet Mary Jane pumps and the boots I saw in her shop - and some great accessories too - I can assure you that there is more to enjoy from 69 in the future.


I visited 69 again today to pick-up an additional pair of the Leopard Print Succubus shoes for a friend (the shoes are transfer!!!) and discovered that Kumii Yoshikawa had placed a special limited time only 1L item out alongside the Succubus Pumps! A Leopard Print Hat that is completely addorable! - Go get some shoes, and go get that hat! Yay!

Also wearing; (with Succubus) Minnu Skin, ETD Hair, Clothes by Bare Rose, House of Nyla & Armidi, accessories by Digital knickers. (with MargueriteL Ribbons) Minnu Skin, FD Hair, Clothes by Paper Couture, stocking by Battered Boudoir, accessories by Calla.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

In Living Color

When I first set eyes on the new Patent Leather Slinky Stilettos from Maitreya my initial reaction was, Wow! just look at all those delicious shades. Not only have they offered the additional shiny brights this go round, the entire Slinky has been revamped, the shape slightly enhanced since my original review.

I already loved them so much, but when deciding on how to best present to you these gorgeous shades I remembered how badly I wanted to shoot some photos on Silent the amazing sim created by Kyoot Army creator Saeya Nyanda. I enlisted my co-blogger Graciana to join me in the land of film noire. I think the shots speak for themselves.

This fresh batch from the talented sculptress Onyx LeShelle features a really nice shine texture. They come in the following shades; Yellow, Red, Fuchsia, Blue, Wine, Nude, Silver, Gold and White. And some great Black options; Black Patent, Black Patent with Red Soles, and Black Patent with Purple Soles. These colour just 'Pop'!

They come with the optional brassy gold steel accents (silver steel on the sliver pair naturally) and optional heel clicks - for those of you who like to be heard making an entrance. These shoes are show stoppers and they speak to your good taste and fashionista flair - even in Silence.

Also wearing; On Anessa - Skin by La Sylphide, Hair by COIF, Tattoo by Aitui, Savvy? Bustier, LBD Skirt from PinkUp Dress, Calla Bracelet. On Graciana - Chai Skin, Hair by Cake, Dress by (to come).

reciew copies provided.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Under Lock and Key...

I was delighted when Rowan Caroll from She's So Unusual, recently sent over a folder with her new goodies from January, and threw in a pair of Brown Suede Chain Booties from the December release. Although Rowan's store name speaks for itself, I admire her flair for mixing the unexpected with classic looks.

Take the Chain Booties for example, the classic short boot enhanced with silver accents, such as the metal heel and all wrapped with a chain. Completing the look is a little lock on top with a dainty red heart. How did she know the key to my heart was through my shoes???

As for the newer items at She's So Unusual, the Silk Bow tie heels are a cute, dress up shoe that comes in several colors. These are a great addition for the upcoming spring dresses, and are a steal at $95L a pair. Speaking of steals, if you are a fan of flats, check out the new Chinese Flats, only $50L!

Visit She's So Unusual In world and Online

Other Items: Hair Armidi, Shirt ETD, Skirt Sand Shack Surf Co., TaP leggings, Shiny Things Socks.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Here Kitty-Kitty-Kitty

Emma Gilmour's Sand Shack Surf Co. has some of the cutest casuals I've seen on the grid. It happens to be one of my fav stops on my shopping circuit. One item that is especially dear to my feet are the Fall Kitten Heels. I love unexpected pops of makes my feet feel they should. My pair is in the "Tea Party" teal color, but there are many different shades to choose from, and fit into any season with ease. While you are there check out the sandals and the ballet flats...if you don't have them already, they are adorable and very reasonable!

Other stuff: Cake Hair, Cake Sweater, Armidi Capris

All Fueled Up!

Those gazillions of Fashion Consolidated notices I get everyday can sometimes make me want to hit that 'leave group' button (let's not even touch the group chat spam situation). But I do read them, most of them, especially anything to do with footwear. Fuel released some pretty neat sculpted boots yesterday, I visited the main store at Envy to take a closer look.

Though creator Sandy Cleghorn offers some other nice looking shoes, boots and accessories - the new Tainted Boots are a unique combination of boot, open-toed shoe and slouchy leg warmer all in one, and they offer some pretty unique features too. Funny how the minute I see leg warmers I always think about Jazzercise, the Jane Fonda Workout & Flashdance... so i dug through my wardrobe and just went with it! Oh yeah.. I am a maniac on the floor.

Let's look a little closer at some of the neat extras included on this boot. Most obviously... the adorable prim toes, yes toes. The folder comes complete with toe shade and nail shade rezzable prims that allow you to customize the shade of the skin and the varnish... possibilities are endless here. The slouched leg warmer comes in a few neat variations for texture; Wooly (with bonus black & gold boots), Spots, Print, Fur, Gold Metallic & Tartan. The upper leg portion is scripted, a simple touch with raise or lower the leg warmers individually - gotta love that! Here I am showing the Special Edition Wooly Set and the Print Set.

Obviously, Lycra is not required to enjoy these boots. Sorry - got to go, I am running late for my 'Cats' audition!

Also wearing; Hair by ETD, Minnu Model Skin, Kitties Lair 'Call On Me' Outfit.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On Sales and Shoes

The good thing about a sale is adding all the new goodies to your wardrobe and knowing that you paid less. This has been an incredible time for sales in SL - something for everyone (who can surf the lag and remain cool headed in the process). With all this money that I must be saving on clothes and great hair at ETD and Last Call... I should be able to get some great shoes too, right?

I was just so happy this week when I heard there were some new items at Armidi, another fashion mecca to which I am drawn like a moth to flame... or err, boucle sweaters. I roamed in my usual circuit... hair, casuals, footwear... and OMG there they were... the Barcelona Slingbacks - OK, not 100% sure that they are new new - but they are new to me!

And so many flavors to choose from - some with contrasting gold soles, others that wrap edge to edge in those signature Armidi shades that I just love. But how to decide... then i remembered all my recent sale 'finds' - and I settled on 2 pairs (amazing restraint I thought) - the Seagrass (green is a weakness) and the rich Bole with it's brown upper and golden heeled sole. They are like little sculptures, so nicely shaped with a lovely matte sheen and slightly curled toe box. And once I paired them with my new Last Call casuals and ETD hair - I was positively gleeful. Aren't sales great? Now I just need to get that white pair off my mind, ooh the white. Happy lag everyone!
Also wearing; ETD hair, Last Call Clothes, Accessories by Earthtones Boutique (with exception of Griffe Belt).

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chips & Beer

Being a guy isn't always about being dashing and suave. In fact, some of the best fun you can have is when you give up on that completely. Enter Eponymous Trenchmouth's bowling shoes, called "Strike". Seeing as we seem to be on something of an Eponymous Trenchmouth "streak" lately, I thought I might as well throw in this review of one of his best pieces of work to bookend his interview.

The Strike is a marvel in that it captures an element of male character that isn't exactly right off the pages of GQ, but has a certain charm and (in a hard-to-describe way) some sex appeal. What could be more symbolic of the American male icon than a pair of bowling shoes... bringing to mind chips, beer, the sound of crashing pins echoing through the room...? It's one part of American culture that's worth preserving and wearing as your own.

The workmanship of these shoes is absolutely stunning. As is typical of Trenchmouth's work, the textures are so well-made that to look at it you can almost feel the leather under your fingertips. The shoe comes in black & red or blue & red (blue & red is really the cool one, if you ask me). Honestly, you could not ask for finer work than this... not just in the stitching (which is perfect) and the laces (which are so realistic that you can almost touch them), but the shoe even has the patent leather sole for crying out loud. This shoe will go exceptionally well with casual wear, especially when you're "in character" with a circa-1950's shirt and even a loud pair of slacks. At first, one might think there's no real sex appeal to it, but I disagree; geek chic is very hot right now and if you can wear it with some confidence I think you'll find the impact is excellent.

Unfortunately, the shoe suffers from some mild problems with "muffin top" shaping, i.e. that the top of the shoe kind of "puffs over" the bottom. It's a very subtle thing and hard to see, but it's there. You'd be nuts to turn down a great shoe like this for a trivial flaw of that sort, but... very close examination will reveal the limitations of prim-based shoe building.

Part of good male style is understanding that humor and flare is as important as fit and fabric. These shoes communicate great style and taste while being a bit bold as well. Put them on for a friend's house party or a night out with the boys. Wear them with confidence and they'll make you look fantastic.

Strike bowling shoes at Jeepers Creepers.

Other stuff:
Sofia glasses from Etch'd
Shirt from from Artilleri
Slacks from Zen Abyss
Hair from Petrelli

Friday, January 11, 2008

An interview with Eponymous Trenchmouth

If you're noticing the name of Eponymous Trenchmouth all over this blog, there's a reason; in the world of Second Life where good men's shoes are kinda hard to find, Eponymous has made it something of a goal in life to bring better footwear to the males of the species. Electing for a more mature, dare I say "adult" style over the flashy, trendy styles of his peers, Eponymous creates reliably great shoes and boots with a lot of taste and the occasional dash of flare. You'll notice me looking at a range of his stuff over the next little while (which is available at Jeepers Creepers), but I wanted to take a few minutes out and ask some questions from the man behind the sole.

On Your Toes: Give us a thumbnail sketch of who you are and what you do.
Eponymous Trenchmouth: My name is Eponymous Trenchmouth and I've been in SL since November 2005. At that time there was very little in the way of shoes for men and I introduced my first shoes - the crepe-soled "Jeepers Creepers" - in February 2006. Since then I've introduced many men's and women's shoes, although recently I've begun specializing in men's shoes, where I see much more room for new styles and ideas.

OYT: What kind of things are you working on at the moment?
ET: At the time of writing, I'm working on men's slippers!

OYT: It's a commonly-held belief that men have fewer decent options in Second Life where fashion and accessories are concerned. What's your take on that?
ET: Thanks to people like Ben Vanguard at SLMen and Ryan Darragh at Men's Second Style, attention has turned to the world of men's fashion. This has inspired designers, like myself, to focus our energies on creating the best products for Second Life's diverse community. I see SL as a place where people can experiment with their "look" without spending tons of RL money. For this reason, I like to push the design envelope a little, to introduce new styles and ideas. Hopefully this will rub off into RL, and we can get away from the ubiquitous and boring jeans and sneakers.

OYT: How does your own creative process work?
ET: My designs begin in RL on a yellow pad, where I doodle away my ideas. In SL I begin with the shape: I try to make my shoes as lifelike as possible, though given the ugly bulges on our avatar's feet, this does require some concessions to the shape. When I'm satisfied with the shape, I begin working on the textures in Photoshop. I've developed a technique that allows me great control over the placement and size of details like stitches and seams, and using Photoshop's Layers, I can create different colorways quite easily. Nevertheless, this is a time consuming process and on some shoes, I have uploaded over 100 textures before I'm satisfied that the shoe is as good as I can make it.

OYT: Which shoes from your own work are your personal favorites?
ET: If I could buy my black suede Oslo elastic-sided boots in RL, I'd be a very happy man.

OYT: What kind of advice would you give to men who want to make good decisions for footwear in SL?
ET: 1. Always try the Demo version before you buy.
2. Unless you're going barefoot, reduce the size of your feet to 20 or less. (I hate to see feet poking through the side of a fine shoe).
3. Make sure you wear the shoebase with the shoes.
4. If you want to wear boots under your pants, don't bother wearing the leg portions.

What's Stacking Up at Shiny Things...

Actually, it's a really good thing that Fallingwater Cellardoor doesn't make only a limited number of shoes available to all us shoe addicts, because things would fly out the door and never "stack up" over at Shiny Things if that were the case.

As it is, we all can rest assured that there will be enough lovelies to go around! Case in point would be the newest pump from Shiny Things, the Classic Stacks.

The texture on these pumps is gorgeous and they are a perfect choice when you are looking for something simple, eloquent, but want to add a splash of shiny and color. Available in 9 different colors (red shown in large photo and I somehow missed the navy in my mash). These pumps will only set you back $L300 and would be a perfect shoe to compliment much of your existing wardrobe!

Visit Shiny Things In world and Online

*Other Items:
Top from *Icing*, Pants from G.L.A.M.,Tights from TaP, and socks from Shiny Things