Saturday, December 25, 2010

You Can Leave Your Socks On

Having no place to go in SL just got a whole lot better. Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya has delivered another much needed piece of footwear to her many fans, and with the holiday season in full swing, these Scrunched Prim Socks are the perfect remedy to relax in after all those stiletto wearing events and parties.

Gone are the days when going shoeless meant webbed toes or paddle feet in non-prim stockings, we now have some beautiful socks to wear, suitable for men and women, and with the added option of tippy toed and flat options.

So stay in tonight and pull on a pair, deciding on your favorite color will be the only worry on your mind tonight. Have a warm and cozy day!

The Stuff;

Footwear: Maitreya, Scrunched Prim Socks, All Colors (Cherry worn).

Skin: LeLutka, MILA, Hush Make-Up 6.
Tattoo: Stellar, Freckle Face.
Hair: Maitreya, Uma, Coffee.

Mon Tissu, Floral Lingerie, Blue. NEW!

Bare Rose, Red Scarf from Damaged White Denim set.
Donna Flora, Vera Bracelet.
Donna Flora, Lucia Ring.

Poses by Exposeur & Everglow.

At Peace With The World

There are few mornings where we can wake up and take a few moments to appreciate the wonderful world we live in, take a deep breath of chilled air and sip a hot mug of something, before our day gets crazy with the normal business of the season.

It was the recent release of the gorgeous Shearling Boots from Maitreya that inspired this little outing, and even in these cold temperatures, the comfy lounge wear items just out from Mon Tissu and the scarf and mitts from League were all I needed to step outside and appreciate the quiet beauty of this morning.

Wherever you are, and whoever you are with, take time to appreciate the good things and the great people you love. I'm heading back inside to warm up... shopping info and LMs are below. Happy Holidays!

The Stuff;

Boots: Maitreya, Shearling Boots, All Colors (Brown worn).

Skin: LeLutka, MILA, Hush Make-Up 3.
Tattoo: Stellar, Freckle Face.
Hair: Maitreya, Natalie, Chocolate.

Mon Tissu, Balcon Lounge Pants, Mint. NEW!
Mon Tissu, Heathered Pullover, Brown. NEW!
Mon Tissu, Lollia Tank Top, White. NEW!

League, Vintage Scarf, Moss.
League, Sheepskin Mitten, Brown (with Pom Poms).

Poses by Exposeur.
Photos taken on the Dimrill Dale Sim.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Wishes from On Your Toes

Wishing you all the best in 2011... stay tuned for more great shoes, they keep making 'em and I'll keep blogging 'em. ~ Ness


Coat & Jewelry by Donna Flora.

Skin & Dress by LeLutka.

Hair by Tukinowaguma.

Pose by Exposeur.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black & Gold

BAX, the Queen of the sexy laced boot, is on the verge of releasing an unexpected Winter treat. In 2008 we all fell in love with her sexy stiletto high skates in traditional white - this year we all get to go a bit more luxe - now with options; Silver, Gold & Black. These should be out very soon, and you won't want to miss a chance to let your inner Gold Medalist out. Here is a taste of the Black & Gold and a little music to skate to. Have a happy day!

Locate BAX Main Store here.

The stuff:

Shoes/Boots: BAX Ice Skates (Black)

Skin: LeLutka - Mila (Walnut) - Makeup 2 (HB)
Face Tattoo: Stellar - Freckle Face tattoo

Hair: Mirai - Owen - Darkcherry

Mon Tissu - Prudence Cardigan - Black
Mon Tissu - Pretty Pleats Skirt - Black
Maitreya - Allure Tights - Black
Armidi - Sweater Scarf (F) - Faded Chic

LUCE - American Pierce - Foliage

Shoes/Boots: BAX Ice Skates (Gold)

Skin: LeLutka - Mila (Raizin) - Makeup 7 (HB)
Face Tattoo: Stellar - Freckle Face tattoo

Hair: Tukinowaguma - Lavina - Brown (with tint).

bijou - (Op) Boycott - Black

kOwP - Earrings - Friday Nights (Black)
Poses: Exposeur, Everglow & others.
Black & Gold by Sam Sparrow.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm Still Here.

Fell in all sorts of love with these Gos GTFO Boots as soon as I saw them, yeah sure, I have a zillion pairs of lace up boots already, but these are a perfect example of why you can never have too many pairs. The quality of design and texturing has improved so rapidly, that similar boots from just one year ago seem like antiques (and I love my antiques too). I decided to do a quick little post about these GTFOs so that you can see what I mean.

You can find these at Gos. Teleport Here.

The Stuff;

[Gos], GTFO Boots, Blood.

LeLutka, Mila, Walnut - Makeup 2.

Tattoo Extras:
Stellar, Freckle Face Tattoo.

lamb!, Limited Edition for One 11, Clover (Kit Kat).

COCO, Bomber Jacket, Black. & Fishy Strawberry, Spaghetti Strap Top, Red. & LeLutka, Junia Jeans, Dusk.

Redgrave, Driving Gloves Black. & UZURI, Bibi Cuff. & Diamonde, Danger Earrings.

Poses by

Thursday, September 30, 2010

StyleCard: Hot & New LeLutka Illeid!

This just in... sexy new short boots from LeLutka, and you are going to love them! The brand new Illeid Boots are a high heeled suede boot, with wrapping details and a great knit topper cuff, that is color changeable to coordinate with your look du jour. The boots come in several great neutral shades, and some two toned versions that make for some fun color combos. These are just a few of the available combinations.

Visit the NEW LeLutka to check these out, they should be on shelves very soon!

The Look;
Boots: LeLutka, Illeid Boots, Two-Toned (Coffee/Black/Brown).

Skin: Redgrave, Trinity Pale, Bronzed DB.
Hair: 69, Diva, Chestnut Brown.
Outfit: COCO, Mods Coat, Black. & Kitties Lair, SummerOL Dress with Belt, Brown. & Maitreya, Allure Tights, Black.
Accessories: Paper Couture, Fabric Tassle Earrings (Cheetah's Pride Set) and Polished Stones Ring (Orange). & Magi Take, Mini Bag, Brown.

Poses by Everglow.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Style Card: Paper Couture

The new Paper Couture collection for Fall 2010 is pretty impressive, and naturally there are some great new shoes available with the new release. I am focusing on 2 of my favorite styles/colors from the new designs, and I hope you will agree that there is just something special about these shoes.

The Typhoon Boots are the stuff Fall Boot dreams are made of, slouchy and stylish, with a great leather and suede combination, these wedge heeled beauties will be hard to resist. For me the deep plum and purple were destined to come home with me!

The Suede Platform Pumps are available in both brightly colored solids and a smaller set of 'Wrapped' versions that incorporate a pattern of primitive dots and zig zags on a more muted palate, as shown here. These are a perfect compliment to the many African inspired designs in the new PC Fall Collection.

Shop for these styles, and additional ones not shown, at Paper Couture.

The Stuff;

Look 1

Boots: Paper Couture, Typhoon Boots, Purple.

Skin: Redgrave, Trinity Pale, Rockstar (Dark Brows).

Hair: -7R- (UncleWeb), Olive Hair, Orient Brown.

Outfit: Paper Couture, Learning Suit (Jacket Only). & K&CO, Highwaisted Plain Skirt, Banana. & R.icielli, Luciana Bodysuit, Violet (GIFT).

Accessories: Paper Couture, Belt from Infinite Rainbow (NEW). & Paper Couture, Bird Ring.

Poses by Olive Juice & Everglow.

Look 2

Shoes: Paper Couture, Suede Platform Pumps (Wrapped), Jima.

Skin: Redgrave, Trinity Pale, Bronze (Dark Brows).

Hair: KIN, Harriet, Brown.

Outfit: Bijou, Absinthe (White Set) worn w/o Jacket.

Accessories: Paper Couture, Belt from Spotted Suit (NEW). & Paper Couture, Large Bead Necklace.

Poses by Everglow.

Friday, September 17, 2010

StyleCard: Maitreya Gold Hana

Back to the blogging... again. A few great recent releases have been piling up in my 'to blog' folder, and I am determined to get through as many as I can, so apologies to all of you whom I have neglected. Starting off with a bang, or a ruffle, or three, are these very beautiful Hana Heels from Maitreya Gold. An elegant thin heeled sandal, with a sexy and stylish flourish of ruffles, and a great assortments of Leather, Patent & Animal Print textured shoes with gorgeous solid and ombre ruffles.

Visit Maitreya Gold to see full color selection and purchase these.


Look 1:
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Hana (Animal Skins) Leopard

Skin: Unique Megastore, Meggan_10
Hair: booN, QPT129, Chocolate.
Dress: Paper Couture, Waves of Silk (NEW).
Accessories: Paper Couture, Fabric Tassle Earrings (Cheetah's Pride Set) & Polished Stones Ring (Orange).

Look 2:
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Hana (Patents) Cyan

Skin: Unique Megastore, Meggan_05
Hair: W&Y, Agata Model 05
Outfit: bijou, Madonna, Aquablue (2 ways).
Accessories: Donna Flora, Bonita Necklace and Earrings, & Rose Ring.

Look 3:
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Hana (Leathers) Seashell

Skin: Unique Megastore, Meggan_02
Hair:, Allison, Cranky Brown.
Dress: Donna Flora, Sassy.
Accessories: Donna Flora, Chandelier Pearl Earrings & Vain Pearls Necklace & Square Ring, Ruby.

Poses by Everglow, MiaMai & Exposeur.

(click on images to expand)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Shoe Fair 2010: A-BOMB

Some fun styles and a bunch of bright juicy color are what you will find over at A-BOMB at Shoe Fair. The Gidge are clog-like heels with a sweet shiny texture and buckle, while the Khitten Shoes, which come in a few different variations, and a collection of brightly colored pumps. These and more styles are what you will find if you pay A-BOMB a visit.

Visit A-BOMB at Shoe Fair, HERE.

The Stuff;

Episode 18:

Shoes: A-BOMB, Gidge Patent (All Color Set).

Skin: LeLutka, Estelle - Sunkissed, Make-Up 4D (HB).

Hair: Maitreya, Sasha, Kala Jeera.

Outfit: Armidi, Sheer Ribbed Tank, Beige. & Elephant Outfitters, Joan Jean Shorts, Medium Bleach.

Accessories: Earthstones, Leather & Laced Belt, Sienna. & Caroline's, Natural Silver Bead Wooden Bangle. & Ume Mode, Feather Necklace.

Episode 19:

Shoes: A-BOMB, Khitten Shoes, Leather - Thin Heel (All Colors.)

Skin: LeLutka, IFE - Sunkissed, Make-Up 2D (HB).

Hair: Maitreya, Siri, Chocolate.

Outfit: Armidi, Hoja Top, Ukraub Arri. & Elephant Outfitters, Journey Tweed Slacks, Yellow Tulip.

Accessories: Emery, Belt Double (Low), Yellow. & Creamshop, Silent Bamboo Earrings, Yellow.

Poses by Everglow.

Shoe Fair 2010: Cherry

Feminine details, like the sweet petal decoration on the front of these Lovely Petals Pumps from Cherry (House of London), make these a pair that is hard to resist. Cherry by London Dailey is one of the newer booths, well, new to me, at Shoe Fair 2010. If you are looking for something new and special I recommend you pay Cherry a visit.

Visit Cherry at Shoe Fair, HERE.

The Stuff;

Shoes: Cherry (House of London), The Lovely Petals Pumps, Apple Green.

Skin: LeLutka, IFE - Sunkissed, Make-Up 1D (HB).

Hair: Maitreya, Moon, Kala Jeera.

Dress: Donna Flora, Pepa, Lemon.

Accessories: Paper Couture, Grape Vine Earrings. & Fresh Baked Goods, Turkish Delight Bangle Set, Mauve.

Poses by Everglow.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shoe Fair 2010: Miel

Love the texture on the new Mole Shoes from Miel. This heeled sandal wraps around the top of the foot, and has open toe detail for some extra style. The shoe comes in several rich jewel and earthy shades, all trimmed with shiny black piping on a black sole.

Visit Miel at Shoe Fair, HERE.

The Stuff;

Shoes: Miel, Mole Shoes.

Skin: Redgrave, Zuri - Tan, Pink (HB).

Hair: !lamb, The Glow Deux, INk. (Group Gift)

Outfit: Maitreya, Bra Top, Black. & Linc, Mini High Waisted Skirt, Alligator Eggplant. & Fishy Strawberry, Sequins Vest, Black.

Accessories: Indy & Co., The Ireben Carry All. & Redgrave, Driving Gloves (Long Finger), Black.

Poses used are by Everglow.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shoe Fair 2010: N-core

Nothing gets my heart racing quite like a hot animal print heel, and at Shoe Fair 2010, Nuria Augapfel has a special edition CHERIE shoe in sexy zebra print, that did just that. N-core has a reputation for creating some hot styles, be sure and check out her booth at the Fair for these and more!

Visit N-core at Shoe Fair, HERE.

The Stuff;

Shoes: N-core CHERIE - Special Edition - Extreme Heel Zebra

Skin: Redgrave, Zuri - Tan, Deepred (HB).

Hair: Analog Dog, Tillie, Cinnamon.

Outfit: Kyoot, Beaneath My Bones Top (Stumblebum Exclusive). & Fab Pony, Sequin Booty Short, Silver.

Accessories: Donna Flora, Gabriella (Pearl) Necklace. & UZURI, Gumu Bangle, Black. & Armidi (Gisaci) Glitz Bangle Combo, Silver.

Poses by Everglow.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shoe Fair 2010: Kookie

More creative Shoe Fair finds from Kookie, whose shoes are unique and offer a wide variety of styles and shapes. I love the details on the Enya Power Boots, with their futuristic shape and buckle closures.

The Armarda Boots from Kookie have an earthy rustic thing going on, with or without the wool topper option the delicate laces and eyelets are a great touch. I loved the rich chocolate shade, if you can't eat it might as well wear it. Kookie Lemon makes some yummy stuff!

The Bonnie lace-up ankle boots have a surprising open toe design, and a lot of personality. The shape is easy to love, and the funky updated style is easy to wear with casual pants or dresses. Be sure and visit Kookie at the Shoe Fair 2010 to see some great styles.

Visit Kookie at Shoe Fair, HERE.

The Stuff;

Episode 12:

Shoes: Kookie, Enya Power Boots, Black Wash.

Skin: Redgrave, Paper Skin - Trinity, GlitterSmoky (HB).

Hair: [69], Aggy, Noir.

Outfit: LeLutka, Neaux Bodysuit, Black. & LeLutka, Merari Skirt, Black.

Accessories: Redgrave, Driving Gloves, Long Fingered - Black. (Gun is Xstreet Freebie.)

Episode 13:

Shoes: Kookie, Armarda Boots, Dark Chocolate (Boot Warmer Version).

Skin: Regrave, Paper Skin - Trinity, GreenFairy (HB).

Hair: LeLutka, DejaVu Too, IronHotCake.

Outfit: LeLutka, Adelaide Jacket, Spring. & LeLutka, Chalize Pants, Brown.

Accessories: B@R (BareRose), Gloves from Sun Goddess Outfit.

Episode 14:

Shoes: Kookie, Bonnie, Night.

Skin: Redgrave, Paper Skin - Trinity, Spider (HB).

Hair: LeLutka, Ninotchka, IronHotCake.

Outfit: LeLutka, Kezia Shirt, Metal. & LeLutka, Mamre Pants, Metal.

Accessories: Maitreya, ArmWarmers, Grey.

All poses by Exposeur.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shoe Fair 2010: SLink

Siddean Munro made sure to offer Shoe Fair visitors some great new releases, and she has already made a big dent in the shoe game with her amazing quality and user friendly HUD system. The SLink Mieke Riding Boots are a nice way to remind us all that fall is soon approaching, these beautifully textured flat boots can add sass or classic casual style to your look of choice.

The Aveela Stilettos are another amazing offering from SLink, it is hard to resist a sexy high heel with so much style. These come in some great colors you wont want to miss checking out the full assortment in person. The final style of the trio is the modern looking Sade Heel, who can deny the architecture of a great shoe, with it's interesting heel cut out and metallic shine. I love the stacked platform sole and dual buckles. These work as well for fetish or high fashion, love them!

Visit SLink at Shoe Fair 2010, HERE.

The Stuff;

Episode 9:

Shoes: SLink, Mieke Riding Boot, Red.

Skin: LeLutka, Estelle, Light - Makeup 9D (HB).

Hair: booN, NEN102, Chocolate. & booN, Hairpiece TANA01, Chocolate.

Outfit: League, Studded Scoop Back Dress w/ Gloves, Red.

Accessories: Gunmetal & Onyx Chain Drop Earrings by Valena Gluskenko. & Berettas (Xstreet Freebie).

Episode 10:

Shoes: SLink, Aveela Stiletto, Mushroom.

Skin: LeLutka, Estelle, Light - Makeup 7D (HB).

Hair: booN, HSO338, Chocolate.

Outfit: Armidi Gisaci, Equus Cocktail Dress, Khaki.

Accessories: UZURI, Mwezi Earrings and Ghalong Bracelet. & Septem Essentia, 'SWAY' Fringe Bag, Silver.

Episode 11:

Shoes: SLink, Sade Heels, Gunmetal.

Skin: LeLutka, Estelle, Light - Makeup 5D (HB).

Hair: Armidi, SuperPony, Nutmeg (tinted darker).

Outfit: DE Designs, Kieran Top- Black. & Mimikri, Joy Sequin Skirt - Silver. & Armidi, Intimizzio Kensington Notte Bra - Black.

Accessories: Donna Flora, Sunny Earrings.

Poses by Everglow.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Shoe Fair 2010: R2

R2 has a real flair for color and texture, and the surprise of the Koaniani Shoes, for me, was the delicate stripes and rich wood base, in contrast to the often brightly colored metallic shoes I am used to seeing from rei2 Aya. A second eye catching offering from R2 is the Kaimana Shoes with it's striped belts and unique pinched in heel. The pretty satiny shades of this shoe are a great way to dress up an outfit for a special night out.

Visit R2 at Shoe Fair 2010, HERE.

The Stuff;

Episode 7:

Shoes: R2, Koaniani - `elua Beige stripe.

Skin: League, Kate, Medium - Classic (HB).

Hair: Maitreya, Nimue, Chocolate.

Dress: Mimikri, Mia, Sand.

Accessories: Zaara, Sarayi Wood Hoops, Gold. & Earthtones, Stacked Leopard Bangles. & /artilleri/, Wooden Bracelet.

Episode 8:

Shoes: R2, Kaimana, Pink.

Skin: League, Kate, Medium - Fuschia (HB).

Hair: booN, BOTA76 Hairpiece, Chocolate (Modified Fit).

Dress: Mimikri, Vic, Candy.

Accessories: Donna Flora, Laura Set. & ORTA, Stella Clutch, Petal/Gold.

Poses 'Natya' by Diesel Works, Available at Shoe Fair 2010.

Shoe Fair 2010: GOS

GOS designer Gospel Voom has some great new wears at the Shoe fair, included among them are some great new wild prints for his amazing DOCS. If you already own the familiar 8 holed classics from GOS, these great new textures will be a thrill. Another GOS favorite, the Dare Booties, get an all over blues update, the set includes 3 shades of blue and lots of customizable choices. GOS really takes the time to think out the user friendly aspects for shoe lovers, and seems to find great ways to make every pair something special.

Visit GOS at Shoe Fair 2010, HERE.

The Stuff;

Episode 5:

Shoes: GOS, [Docs-V2] 8 hole w/ Leopard Print Polish (add-on NEW at Shoe Fair 2010)

Skin: League, Kate, Medium - Chocolate (HB).

Hair: !Lamb, Breeze, Kit Kat.

Outfit: Armidi Limited - Damn Right I'm Right Tee (Gold). & Armidi Limited - A001 Black Classic Jeans (Capri). & COCO, Fringe Vest, Dark Brown.

Accessories: Earthtones, Leopard Print Bangles & Retro Earrings.

Episode 6:

Shoes: GOS, Dare Bootie, Blues (NEW at Shoe Fair 2010)

Skin: League, Kate, Medium - Morning Dew (HB).

Hair: Analog Dog, Lua, Brunette.

Outfit: Sweetest Goodbye, Miso Lady Jacket, Blue. & AOHARU, Lace Ruffle Skirt, Black.

Accessories: Donna Flora, Amalia Necklace.

Poses by (Luth) Reel Expressions for Shoe Fair 2010.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shoe Fair 2010: [PM] Pixel Mode

More great new releases found at Shoe Fair, Tya Fallingbridge never lets us down with her incredible creations. Her latest adventure includes the awe inspiring prim foot, and her version of the love 'em or hate 'em feet is really fantastic, realistic skin texture is an understatement. The HUD is easy as heck to use, and she provides a detailed list of skin tones that make getting a match very simple. There are 2 versions of her latest, the Jori, one with a black sole and one in all over color of your choice. You also get many metal color choices for the trimmings, well beyond gold and silver... metallic color is a treat and a smart touch from Pixel Mode.

Visit Pixel Mode at Shoe Fair 2010 HERE.

The Stuff;

Episode 3:

Shoes: PM, Jori, Sun.

Skin: League, Kate, Medium - Glam (HB).

Hair: TRUTH, Tatiana (Streaked), Coffee.

Outfit: DCNY, Jasmine Dress, Black.

Accessories: Donna Flora, Amalia Earrings. & Essentia, Lantern Hair Sticks. & Take-Out Box/Purse (Free on Xstreet) or IM me.

Episode 4:

Shoes: PM, Jori 2, Baby Pink.

Skin: League, Kate, Medium - Fuchsia (HB).

Hair: LeLutka, Amanda, Bournville.

Outfit: Phoenix Rising, Oda Ruffle Top, Pink. & Apple May Designs, Lilly Spring (Skirt only).

Accessories: ORTA, Stella Clutch. Sky. & Indy & Co., Minerva Belt, Turquoise. & U & R Dogs, Mazurka, Gold Bangle & Earrings.

Poses by Estetica for Shoe Fair 2010.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shoe Fair 2010 : G Field

G Field has some great new styles available at Shoe Fair 2010, as always with Cerberus Noel's fun designs the shoes are very reasonably priced, the colors are fantastic, and they are designed to work in viewer 2, if that is your preference.

Visit Shoe Fair HERE, and get shopping.

The stuff;

Episode 1:

Shoes: G Field, Knot Wedge Sandal, Silver.

Skin: LeLutka, LOLA Sunkissed, Makeup 4D (HB).

Hair:, Tatum, Thoughtful Brown.

Outfit: Armidi, {Gisaci} Buone Vacanze, Silver/Nero.

Accessories: Armidi, Glitz Bangle combo. & Paper Couture, Boulevard Bag.

Episode 2:

Shoes: G Field, 'Kate' Bow Strap Shoes, Sky.

Skin: LeLutka, IFE Suntan, Makeup 2D (HB).

Hair:, Amelia, Timid Brown.

Outfit: Armidi, Buone Vacanze Shorts , Marrone. & DCNY, Madelene Blouse, Blue (from outfit).

Accessories: INDYRA Originals, Minerva Belt, Gold. & Donna Flora, Lumiere Necklace. & Paper Couture, Petit Fours Bag, Bleuet.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guess Who's Back?

Yes indeed, after a much needed break from bloggity-land, I have returned to share a few more summer goodies, before we hit full-on shoe fair mode. I came across the latest from J's, these Toe Wrap Front Sandals, and felt like sharing this very casual look, complete with fashion from SMS and new hair from LeLutka. I am also having a small romance with my League Kate skins this summer. Enjoy!

Shoes: J's, Toe Wrap Front Sandals, Soft Grey.

Skin: League, Kate, Medium - Forest (HB).

Hair: LeLutka, Becks Hair, Bournville.

Dress: SMS, Crochet Babydoll Dress, Beige.

Necklace: SMS, Woodball Necklace, Beige.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Riding The Rails With ANEXX

Inspired by the breezy casual styles of the latest footwear release from ANNEX, footwear created by Machang Pichot of AOHARU, I decided to head out to the Plains and test out 3 great new pairs. Starting with a Western Boot that has ample fringe, and eye catching metal stud details around the leg opening, the Fringe Western Boots are sure to please with their slightly worn look and gently shaped foot.

Next came a very feminine little ballet flat, covered in an all over floral embroidered fabric, a sweet bow and leather trimming make it perfect for wearing with casual summery dresses or jeans. The shoes come with versions for the updated SL viewer, including a sweet sock-in version (not shown here). I choose the very special Payton Dress from DCNY Clothing Co. (short version) and paired it with a cropped leather jacket from AOHARU for this part of my journey.

Finally, as I climbed back on board the footwear express... the Bow Ballet Flats were just the thing to travel home in comfortable style, with a cute sculpted bow on the back. More great clothing from AOHARU was a natural choice, the latest releases of lacey skirts and belted cotton button downs are hard to resist. The all white theme may not be the best for the dusty plains, but they will surely find a home in your inventory easily enough.

Visit ANEXX to see all the available colors and styles.

The Stuff;

Look 1

Footwear: ANEXX, Fringed Western Boots, Camel.

Skin: LeLutka, Le.LOOK! La Femme Skin, Estelle (Dark Brows & HB)

Hair: o*m, Heartwire, Dark Brown.

Outfit: Cubic Effect, Sheer Knit Dress, White. & League, Booty Shorts, Light Blue. & Nico Creations, White Tube Sox (Red.)

Accessories: Ibizarre, Bandana Scarf (Red.) - Hunt Prize, & Linc., Wide Leather Belt. & UZURI, Ukini Bracelet & Turquoise Ring.

Look 2

Footwear: ANEXX, Flower Ballet Flats, Beige.

Skin: LeLutka, Le.LOOK! La Femme Skin, Estelle (Dark Brows & HB)

Hair:, Brande.2, Timid Brown.

Outfit: DCNY, Payton Dress (Short Version), Light Brown. & AOHARU, No Collar Leather Jacket, Beige.

Accessories: MIEL, ELO Earrings & Bracelet.

Look 3

Footwear: ANEXX, Bow Ballet Flats, Brown.

Skin: LeLutka, Le.LOOK! La Femme Skin, Estelle (Dark Brows & HB)

Hair: Lamb, Sugarless, Kit Kat.

Outfit: AOHARU, Dungaree Shirt, White. & AOHARU, Lace Ruffle Skirt, White.

Accessories: UZURI, Chifu Ring & Nahla Bracelet (Turquoise).

(click on images to expand.)

Poses by Everglow.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Viva Les Espadrilles!

I saw the tease for the newly released Espadrilles from Gos a few days ago, and as soon as they were released I had to grab them. I love the many available colors and the playful mix and match capability, not to mention the very affordable fat-pack set. Ribbon wrapped ankles are a personal favorite style, they are sweet and sexy at the same time.

I was able to match my espadrilles to the rest of my summery sweet look, the new skirt from Maitreya with it's wrapped belt seemed a great match, a simple tank from Surf Couture with ruffled detail and more cute skin and hair from Mynerva and D!va respectively, complete the look.

Be sure and visit Gos to grab some Espadrilles, the vendor display is as cute as the shoes!

The stuff;

Shoes: Gos, Espadrilles, All Color Set.

Skin: Mynerva, Misti Noir Ravenna, Fudge (Cleavage).

Hair: D!va, Maria, Black Amber.

Outfit: Maitreya, Viento Skirt, All Colrs (Satin). & Surf Couture, Hermana Tank, Feather Blue.

Accessories: Donna Flora, DANIEL Set & Rose Ring.

(click images to expand.)