Monday, May 30, 2011

Better Late...

So there I was, getting ready for Shoe Fair 2011, and I somehow managed to back-burner a few posts that I had been working on. Here is one of them, long overdue, for the fantastic Ariadne Heels from SLink. Besides the obviously unique shape and texturing, these heels are beautifully made and perfect for inspiring an outfit.

I am also wearing the recently released PXL Gaia Skin, my new 'go to' favorite. I love the sweet lips, soft brows, and overall young looking face. I threw in a few more interesting clothing items and accessories to finish my look, and the hair from bOON, a loose high bun hairpiece completes this almost forgotten post.

SLurls and stuff are in the credits, be sure and look for the SLink Ariadne Heels by Siddean Monroe, I may be late, but these shoes are worth a closer look!

The Stuff;

Shoes - SLink, Ariadne Heels, Blue.

Skin - PXL Gaia, Sunkissed (SE DEB C2 FR).
Tattoo - PXL Gaia, Sunkissed hairbase.
Hair - bOON, YNO421, Chocolate.
Eyes - PXL Soul Eyes, Light Blue (s).

Outfit - Mon Tissu, Gathered Frills Blouse, Cream. Maitreya, Bubbleskirt (part of dress), Black w/ color change belt (tinted to match).
Accessories - Armidi, Towanda Bangles, White (tinted to match). MRM, Wood Bangle, Black. ORTA, Stella Clutch, Pool. Paper Couture, Diamond Curl Earrings.

If The Shoe Fits...

Interested bloggers should have some experience in fashion blogging for Second Life, and the ability to take clear attractive photos, and organize a brief list of the items worn and poses used in each post. Applicants can be male or female, willing to support their own posts with appropriate styling, and must be able to write a brief description highlighting the footwear being blogged.

Contact Anessa Stine in-world via notecard, or at

-include avatar name
-link to your current blog (if applicable)
-link to your flickr or photo samples

Thank you in advance for your interest!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Kick at The Can

Shoe Fair 2011 is almost gone, but before it fades gracefully into history there is still time for a little more shoe-ness. It would be sad indeed if you didn't make your way over to visit the booth of Robin Sojourner and Kick the Can. These newly released Saddle Shoes are pretty much the bees knees, and they are perfect dancing shoes to grab before the weekend.

Socks on or off, it doesn't matter, just grab a pair (or 5) of these retro delights. They come in a few great color variations, but it was traditional black and white for me, the classic rosy tan soles are a great touch. 'Sock Hop' on over to the Iridium Sim at the Shoe Fair before it closes, and check out the latest from Kick the Can!
Shoe Designer: Robin Sojourner Shoes: Kick The Can, R(S)W Saddle Shoes, Black.

Skin: PXL Gaia, Sunkissed NE MEB C2 FR
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia, SK Cherry Lips
Eyes: MADesigns Promise Eyes - Brown Pale 6
Hair: W&Y, Model Hair 16, 'Type' A.

Outfit: DCNY High Tide Pants, White. DCNY, Open Close Vest, Black. DCNY, Basic Tank, White. DCNY, The Tie, Black.
Accessories/Other: MIEL Troupe Watch, Bright.

Poses: Everglow.

p.s. As is often the case with frequent travel, a few great pairs of shoes were lost with some luggage... I will be sure to share them as soon as I can, with links to the original store locations. Thanks for reading!

Precious Metals

Of the hundreds of shoes in my inventory I would estimate 5% or less are flats. I like flats, in real life I wear them all the time, but in SL I have always been more attracted to styles that I couldn't walk around in for more than 20 minutes if they were real. When some special flats find their way into my hands, I am quick to fall in love with the casual playfulness or sweet details.
The Geological Flats from Ladies Who Lunch by Faint Paulse, have a bit of sparkle, a delicate ruffle and an overall metallic shine that makes them a great find at Shoe Fair 2011. Though the texture is that of leafed fine metals, it is also reminiscent of satin which gives them a more romantic and upscale feeling. With the customization HUD you can select a metal tone for the ruffles and seams, and even select gemstones to create a perfect look for you.

Shoe Fair 2011 is almost at its end, be sure and visit Ladies Who Lunch on the Iridium Sim for a look at some flats that might just be your new favorites.
Shoe Designer: Faint Paulse
Shoes: Ladies Who Lunch (LWL), Geological Flats, Aluminium.

Skin: PXL Gaia, Sunkissed, SE DEB C3FR.
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia, Hairbase Tattoo.
Eyes: MADesigns Promise Eyes - Blue Pale 8
Hair: 69, BELL 01, Dark Chestnut.

Outfit: L'Abel, Tinder White Cardigan & L'Abel, Farmer Girl, Peach. **Release 5/28/2011
Accessories/Other: U & R Dogs, Sweet Wrapping Bracelet.

Poses: Everglow

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's About the Enkythings

Shoe Fair 2011 isn't over yet! You still have plenty of time to visit the quad of sims and seek out some beautiful new footwear.

Another great release from Enktan Gully of Enkythings, one of my favorite shoe designers who successfully transitioned from beautiful shoes made from traditional prims to the now fabulous sculpted pumps, Talyna.

For this classic pump with a black sole Enkythings provides a rich palette of jewel tones and metal inspired shades. The black pair are pretty much a must have item - and you might just fall in love with a few more of these beautiful shades.

When you get to the Fair, you will find Enkythings located on the Ruthenium Sim. Do not miss your chance to find some beautiful shoes before the Fair ends!

Shoe Designer: Enktan Gully
Shoes: Enkythings, Talyna, Sienna.

Skin: PXL Gaia LightTan NE MEB C3 FR
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia LightTan, Copper Lips.
Eyes: MADesigns Promise Eyes - Brown Pale 6.
Hair: Clawtooth, Easy Breezy, Girl Next Door.

Outfit: L`Abel, Country chic, Summer brown pantsuit. **Release 5/28/2011
Accessories/Other: Miel, Troupe Watch, Natural. & Earthtones, Oakwood Bangle.

Poses: Exposeur

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Decoy Steps Out in Karae

The 2011 Shoe Fair wedge marathon continues with these very pretty Karae Wedges by Anette Voight of Decoy. This cork-soled wedge features a watercolor soft printed fabric in a pretty range of Summer friendly shades. The tied ankle detail has a unique back drape, which gives a pretty finishing touch to these simple wedges. The attractive HUD is straight forward and easy to use, with several preset skin tones and fresh nail shade options.
The Karae Wedges are a great style suitable for pairing with romantic Summer dresses or laid back jeans and a t-shirt. A visit to this year's Fair would not be complete without a look at the shoes offered by Decoy. You can find the Decoy booth on the Ruthenium Sim at the 2011 Shoe Fair.

Shoe Designer: Anette Voight Shoes: Decoy Karae Wedges, Sea.

Skin: PXL Gaia Natural LEB
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia Natural, Aqua Eyes.
Eyes: MADesigns Promis Eyes, Blue Pale 8.
Hair: Lamb, Mess, Twix.

Outfit: AOHARU, Striped Bowtie Blouse - Blue. & Artilleri, Carla Circle Skirt, White.
Accessories/Other: Linc, Wide Leathe Belt (Solid), White. & Tres Blah Striped Tote Bag. & TOSL, Tea Party Charm Bracelet.

Poses: Everglow.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

G Field: Casual Perfection

G Field is predictable, you can always count on something great from designer Cerberus Noel at Shoe Fair. If you are familiar with G Field you will know them for great style, fantastic color choices, and very easy to wear affordable footwear. The new release at this year's fair are called 'Vilda' Open Boots, a creative take on a great pump with embellished wrapped ankle. A feather accent pushes these in the direction of boho chic, but it can also be removed if you want a simpler look.

The shoes consist of two attachments, a chunky platform leather pump wrapped in a fabric sleeve, and an ankle portion trimmed in leather and finished with leather laces tied in a neat bow, the optional feather charm detail is designed to complement the shoes, and the feathers vary depending on the shade of shoes you select. To take a closer look at the color choices and a sampling of the great shoes available from G Field, visit the G Field booth at Shoe Fair 2011.
The Stuff:
Shoe Designer: Cerberus Noel
Shoes: G Field, Open Boots "Vilda" - Olive.

Skin: PXL Gaia Sunkissed, SE DEB C2 FR.
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia Sunkissed, Bronze Lips.
Eyes: MADesigns Promise Eyes, Brown Pale 6.
Hair: TRUTH, Sia - Espresso.

Outfit: PurpleMoon, Marga Tinuc - Olive & AOHARU Cuffed Jean Shorts - Washed.
Accessories/Other: Skin Flicks Sunglasses V2 & PurpleMoon, Feather Earrings & Caroline's Natural Blue/Green Wooden Bangle & Earthtones, Cedar Wood Bangle & Shiny Things, Favorite Leather Bag - Brown.

Poses: SLC (Sweet Lovely Cute).

Friday, May 20, 2011

All That Glitters at Mz. Shoes

Bling may be out of style in Second Life, but Mz. Shoes wants you to embrace that love of sparkle once again, with an all new type of glimmering effect in its collection at the 2011 Shoe Fair. From boots to stiletto sandals, the color change footwear from MaraClara Mayo incorporates uniquely textured shoes, with a subtle glitter animated surfaces.

I chose to feature the Mz. Sequin style shoe, a basic zip up stiletto sandal with easy to edit color parts, like the skin tone, toenails, shoe and heel. A shoe of this type can really tie your outfit together by allowing a custom match to your look. Want to see more? Check out Mz. Shoes at the Shoe Fair, it can be found on the Iridium Sim.

The details:
Shoe Designer: MaraClara Mayo Shoes: Mz. Shoes, Mz. Sequin (Color Change).

Skin: PXL Gaia, SK SE DEB C2 FR
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia, SK Hair(base).
Eyes: MADesigns, PROMISE Eyes - Brown Pale 6
Hair: Mirai Style, Ofif, Darkbrown.

Outfit: Mimikri, Felice, Drama.
Accessories/Other: Paper Couture, Oxidized Silver Hoops.

Poses: LAP (Long Awkward Pose).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Pixel Mode

Another treat to be found at the 2011 Shoe Fair are these Fae Wedges by Pixel Mode creator Tya Fallingbridge. If you are a lover of great sandals, these are worth the trip. High wedge-like goodness, a beautiful upper with soft ties adorned with beaded accents. Tya has also given us a few clever options, versions A through D of these shoes are variations of the wedge, two tones of wood, wrapped and unwrapped styles. The texture of this foot is hyper real, and to maintain realistic pigmentation the included HUD works a bit differently than some, I recommend using the notecard provided by the designer with instructions, and a list of tones based on popular skin lines, to streamline the process. The result of a perfect match is irresistible.You can find Pixel Mode on the Ruthenium Sim at Shoe Fair.

The Stuff;

Shoe Designer: Tya Fallingbridge
Shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode, Fae Wedges, Khaki (Versions A-D)

Skin: PXL Gaia, Tan BE DEB C3 FR
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia, Tan Hairbase Tattoo - Tan Lips Copper - Tan Eyes Siena.
Eyes: MADesigns Promise Eyes - Brown Pale 6
Hair: Tulinowaguma, Benita, Ebony (Menu Tinted).

Outfit: Surf Couture, Retro Reef Bikini, Beige.
Accessories/Other: MOOD, Pangani Set.

Poses: Exposeur, Everglow.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Never underestimate the allure of an interesting boot. This was my reaction when I first laid eyes upon the latest releases from Azoury at the 2011 Shoe Fair. The boots in question are Les Bottines iberis, they have rugged animal skin textures and the most interesting fringe of carved wood pieces... but the uniqueness doesn't end there. A most unexpected zigzag shaped heel holds up the entire works, high style with a surprisingly easy to wear appeal and a back zipper adds more detail. The Crocodile version grabbed my attention and took me on an unexpected journey of monochromatic mix and match fashion.

The Stuff:

Shoe Designer: Mayhem Seetan
Shoes: Azoury, Les Bottines Crocodile iberis

Skin: PXL Gaia, Sunkissed SE DEB C2 FR
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia, Sunkissed - Rose Lips.
Eyes: MADesigns Promise Eyes - Brown Pale 6
Hair: Maitreya, Lara - Bistre

Outfit: Top - So Many Styles, Knite Sleeveless Sweater, Biege. Pants - LG Femme, Boudoir Day Pants, Powder (Dressing Room Blue).
Accessories/Other: MEZZO, Double Bangle Rameacryl - Tan.

Poses: SP - Striking Poses

Monday, May 16, 2011

In the Land of LeLutka

I was able to cash in a little overtime for a day trip to our second destination, the Island Nation of LeLutka, best known for its excellent take on all aspects of fashion... be it Skin, Hair, Clothing, Accessories... and because this IS about Shoe Fair... the Shoes. Passport stamped it was off for a stroll in these brand new and completely gorgeous K.I.A. Wedges. One of a number of very eye catching wedges to be found at the Fair, LeLutka does not disappoint with the realism and style of their latest release. I adore the softly brushed suede look, with an attractive incorporated wedge, that gives the appearance of a wrapped shoe with a cone shaped wooden heel. A giant wooden grommet adorns the upper, a real nod to current trends for interesting natural accents in accessories. Small details like the back zipper, lelutka signature label tag sewn between layers of suede, and slightly worn soles are a treat to the eyes for those of us that like to cam in close and appreciate authenticity.

The shoes themselves come in an array of luxurious shades, from muted neutrals to lush tropical inspired hues. While settling on a single pair is a hard task for the best of us, you can be assured that whatever you choose you will love wearing the K.I.A. shoes, even a very neutral tone like 'Retail' a sweet sandy beige (not shown) will work with a multitude of color choices. My personal fave, the completely irresistible 'Olive' (pictured), surprisingly green with a healthy undertone of teal, they have an almost iridescent feel... like jewelled insect wings. I couldn't take them off. The newly designed user HUD is a thing of beauty too, very simple design, very intuitive... well done! You won't regret visiting the LeLutka booth at the 2011 Shoe Fair, the buzz is well earned... and the shoes are fashionably fantastic.

Shoe Designer: Minnu Palen & Thora Charron

Shoes: LeLutka, K.I.A., Olive.

Skin: PXL Gaia, Tan, Smoke Eyes MEB Freckles.
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia Tan, Pale Lips.
Eyes: MADesigns Promise Eyes - blue pale 8
Hair: LeLutka, Rain Hair - Bournville.

Outfit: LeLutka, Careah Dress - Serious.
Accessories/Other: Irregular Wood Bracelet by Sole Accessories & Artilleri Wooden Bracelet (Color Change).

Poses: Exposeur.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prepare for Takeoff...

...and then put on a new pair of shoes, and then take off that pair and put on another. You get the idea?

Attention Shoe Lovers, this is Anessa your in-flight hostess speaking, a few notes before takeoff today. Please ensure that all lag causing scripts and excess prims have been removed before takeoff, all bulky sculpted items should be stowed in your overhead compartments, over-sized prims must be checked baggage. At this time I can inform you that the inflight movie will be The Devil Wears Prada, and we will be serving alcohol once the pilot turns off the seatbelt sign. In the meantime please ensure that you are buckled into your assigned seats and be prepared for teleportation delays due to high avatar numbers on the Shoe Fair sims. I thank you for flying Shoetopia Airlines, enjoy your shopping!

I am so pleased to be a blogger once again for the 2011 Shoe Fair. Over the next few days I plan to wisk you away around the Fair in search of great new shoes, hidden treasures, and enough stamps to fill up those empty passports! For our first journey we will be visiting the Republic of Betty Doyle, otherwise known as INGENUE. Ingenue has two beautiful new styles released at this years Shoe Fair, one of which is Tallula. The Tallula Heels are a pretty and practical pump, effortless and easy to wear in a gorgeous variety of well chosen shades. If you are familiar with INGENUE's previous footwear releases and clothing you can be assured of beautiful quality and smart style.

I urge you to include INGENUE on your destination list at the Fair this year, it can be found on the Iridium Sim. The weather is beautiful, and the shoes are even better!

The Stuff:

Shoe Designer: Betty Doyle
Shoes: INGENUE, Tallula Heels, Merlot.

Skin: PXL Gaia, SmokeEyes Sunkissed DEB
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia, Cherry Lips.
Eyes: MADesigns Promise Eyes - brown pale 6
Hair: W & Y, Hair New 140 (Includes Hat)

Outfit: Milady's Fancy (MF), Moneypenny Wool Suit Cherry.
Accessories/Other: Battered Boudoir, Fair Hose, Tan. & TV Sculpted Gold Small Knot Scarf (Marketrplace).
For Details about Airport Props & Decor please contact me.