Monday, March 31, 2008

Relay For Life, for Feet.

Some very special offerings from our great SL™ shoe makers that deserve some attention are those created to support Relay For Life®. The two I am featuring today are from Fallingwater Cellardoor's Shiny Things and Lyra Muse of the newly opened Jaywalk - though her talents are remembered well from her days as LC Vamp.

These sweet Francoise Flats in a special swirled version are available at Shiny Things.

They come in 6 colors, and are undeniably attractive... even to a high heel lover like myself.

Lyra offers us 4 perfectly pink offerings from Jaywalk - I am wearing the Megaera Boots - Grand Opening of the new store is today and well worth a look!

In addition to these RFL items she has released a whole slew of great sandals and wedges (more on those very soon!).

Be sure and visit Shiny Things and Jaywalk to get these for a great cause! And if anyone happens to know of any other footwear items for RFL please let me know, I would be happy to post the info here. :)

I am also wearing; PXL Skin, Aden Hair, Clothes by G.L.A.M., /artilleri/, LaLa FooFoo, Celestial Studios, Accessories by Miam Miam.
Poses by KoumB.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Revolutionary in Rubber

I thought I had seen it all... OK, I never thought that, but these great new Rubba boots from Storm Schmooz caught me completely off guard. Bright in golden yellow and emblazoned with a flamingo pink pop art image of Che Guevara these high heeled, high shine boots are completely fab, right down to the pink grommet and tie accents.

So nice to see designers using the shoe or boot as a canvas for imagery and art. My guess is that this is just the first of some upcoming great new items from Storm Schmooz, so regular visits to the main store at Viva La Glam are highly recommended.

Also wearing; TaP (Fleur) Skin, Marlys Anessa's Valor Hair (Yay!), 'heart' Cupcake Dress, G.L.A.M. Tights, TOSL Bracelet, /artilleri/ Earrings and some great new shades by Vintage McMillan of VINTAGE WEAR.

Rare Beauties

Maitreya's latest, called the Mishima Dawn, is named after a rare exotic orchid... how fitting. This pump with ankle boot aspirations is the most amazingly complete shoe yet released by Onyx and Beau, and the fit is awe inspiring. The colours are muted and earthy, the textures run the gambit from soft to speckled suedes, and rough to high shine patent leathers, and crocs... all of which are rendered with undeniable precision. Shown below is the Patent Tan, my personal fave.

There are 25 variations in all, some -much like the Slinky Stiletto- come with optional steel heel accents. The group below are just a small sample of these wonderful 'ankle boots'; Top Row L-R: Patent/Suede Liquorice with steel accent, Patent Bistre, Shiny/Suede Black, Bottom Row L-R: Ruff Leather Blue, Ruff Leather Green, and Patent Auburn.

Get these beautiful shoes at Maitreya.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Hair, 'heart' Cupcakes Dress, G.L.A.M. Tights, Miam Miam Purse, Acessories by Caroline's and Paper Couture.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Highly Un-Heeled

I love shopping at Mimikri, great stuff - great colors... but until today I had basically ignored the Sven Olbers footwear department in the Mimikri Hot Couture main store. Today that changed when I saw these interesting 'heel-less' heels on the feed. I scooted my butt on over to check them out and decided on grabbing the Green-Flower version to share here... well unfortunately it seems the vendor contained the Aqua-Flower ones... one of those things that can happen**. No worries, I left an offline for Sven and proceeded over to 'heart' Cupcakes to see the dress newness I had yet to see. Found a great dress - that I just LOVE with the colours of the Aqua shoes - so really, things ended up well.

The Shoes are of the traditional prim variety, and are certainly attractive and 'on trend' with real world fashion. I love the bright colorful versions especially. As with many one piece ankle strap shoes you will see a bunch of ankle glitching as your ao plays or you pose, but that doesn't really bother me much when wearing. I did see a few tiny issues with the invisible prims making my toes look a bit short in places, not enough to deter me from wearing these though. Any minor issues are completely overshadowed by the great style of these 'heel-less' heels.

There are 5 variations available, find these at the Sven Olbers main store, located within Mimikri Hot Couture. **UPDATE - The Vendor Issue has been addressed, thank-you Sven!
Also wearing; Minnu Skin. -=H2L=- Hair, 'heart' Cupcakes Dress, UnTone Earrings, Calla Pearl Wrap Bracelet, Earthtones Maya Bracelet (L).

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well is certainly seems like sandal season is upon us, so many great releases in the past few weeks... they are certainly keeping me on my toes... hehe, get it? *slaps knee* Without the beautiful Graciana here to help cover the latest shoe news from across the grid, it seems I am forced to have to review all these lovelies myself, and really - no complaints from me. Just look at these amazing new Celine Sandals from DeLa... couldn't you die! Kuranosuke Kamachi has done it again - love, love, love 'em.

The sculpted heel and base on these sexy sandals is a most attractive shape, really well done. Incredible colorful textile wrap on the toe, and the wow factor of a tied ankle and hanging sculpt and flex bow, sensational. The eye catching metal and semi-precious stone accents are simply gorgeous.My only problem was deciding which one to wear today... I eventually settled on this spectacular Zebra.

The Celine is available in; Zebra (shown above), CutieLove and CutieLove Black (red print), Wordsworth (green), Breeze (blue), and Camellia (yellow/purple) and Camellia Black soled variation. These can be had at DeLa, fly on over soon.

Also wearing; (1) Minnu Skin, Aden Hair, LAST CALL Dress and Earrings. (2) Minnu Skin, Maitreya Hair, Savvy? Bustier, Veschi Shorts and accessories by Caroline's.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Where I'd like to shove my boot...

I think I officially bought one pair of shoes too many...and killed my laptop! Seriously, it up and until it gets fixed I have to suffer on a very, very, old machine. I also don't have PSP..and I think I might go crazy...I had to use paint????? Anyways, if you are wondering what shoe box I am hiding in, I just wanted you all to know! I still am around as much as I can be...and am Anessa's biggest fan, so I know you will be very well taken care of!
Take care and any vigils for my poor dear laptop will be appreciated :)

Spring Sprung, Finally.

Yay! I am so happy that the work of changing Retrology over to Spring has been completed. I was getting so tired of the snow and drab, but all that is gone now and it's blooms of color all around. Part of my Spring ritual involved a bit of cleaning for my bulging 'to review' folder, and that's when I remembered these sweet floral sandals that I have been hanging on to for months. Today seemed like the perfect day to share them.

These Flower Strap Mules by Luly are just too sweet. They look as if they have been made from twisting vines and pretty flowers, and I love the way the provided foot shape works with them - a nice balanced fit no squashed toes or wonky arch. The set of 3 pairs comes with matching flower necklaces, and though I am showing you the green versions - they also come in Black and Sepia with various flower colors.

Visit the Luly Shop for these and other adorable & innovative sandals - I would have blogged them all but I am busy taking a nap in a flower bed!

Oh! and in case you hadn't heard - I would love to invite you all to visit Retrology to participate in the ongoing Spring/Easter Egg hunt... over 50 eggs with free, 0L and 1L goodies from vendors like /artilleri/, Ingenue, Violet Voltaire, Periquita Shoes and Sin Shoes... free shoes? OMG! The hunt continues until midnight SLT tomorrow. Happy hunting!

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Detour Hair, :sey Outfit & Camisole.

One to Watch: JE*REPUBLIC

My RL sister Jhuzen Ketsugo tipped me off to a great little shop last week, and we immediately collaborated our dress buying talents to do a post for her blog, SL Fashion Addict on the neat stuffs at JE*REPUBLIC. Creator Jungeun Vella makes more than adorable dresses, she dabbles in making some super cute hair and accessories... and oh yes - boots!

As luck would have it I ran into Jungeun at a recent fashion show and while complimenting her on her great things she offered me the opportunity to share a look at these great Leg Warmer Boots with the readers of 'On Your Toes'. I am so pleased to make her only the second One to Watch in this blog's history. The boots are great and funky and I love the shape of the gold buckles.

Check out all the great items at JE*REPUBLIC, be sure and check back often - I am certain there will be more great stuff to come!

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, BP Hair, Armidi Sunglasses, Accessories by Second Mirage and [Amaretto], dress by In The Light.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rock Vixen

Tesla Miles of TESLA has released some great new texture variations on her already popular Vixen pumps. Just seeing them in yummy faux snakeskin put me in a rock star mood. As always Tesla's pumps have a great shape and nice fit, and now with added kick in 2 'snake' and 2 'fur' textures.

The new Vixen's include a Leopard, a Pink Leopard, Snake 1(Tan & Brown) and Snake 2 (Slate). Get yours at TESLA World, mainstore.

Also wearing; Detour Skin, LAST CALL Dress, Armidi Hair, Abyss Choker, and Draconic Kiss Bracelets.

Sexy New Sandals

Over in the land of Camilla Yosuke, home to some of the sexiest lingerie on the grid, there has been an often overlooked element- that being the shoe department. INSOLENCE is a well known name these days, the lingerie gets attention, the skins too are pretty great... but I am the shoe girl first and foremost, so I am thrilled to share with you the latest release from this gifted creator, which I was lucky enough to receive today.

The April Sandal is a classy sexy sandal with sculpted elements that add sparkle and pizazz. These shoes are amazingly well textured and there is a lot of nice detail going on too. I love them paired with this slinky mini dress look from Ivalde, but they work just as well with your favorite summer skirts, dresses and lingerie... my guess is they look just fine on you naked too.

They come in; Gold, Black, Silver, Pink and Cream. Which I happen to think are wonderful shades that can be worn again and again. Visit INSOLENCE to pick up the April Sandal.

Also wearing; Detour Skin, ETD Hair, Ivalde Dress, Accessories by Shiny Things.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sixty-Nine: New, New, Free!

New releases at one of my personal faves ::69::! Some great military inspired camouflage boots called simply Military Boots. They come in 4 unique camo shades, complete with brown leather strapping and a small back-up supply of ammo. The colors available are called; Forest, Desert, Rock and Snow. Also available are matching belts, with 2 attachment options and a leg strap... and some adorable tiny bears, only 100 L for 4 bears... and they are transferable!
But if you go looking for the shop today, make sure the one you hit is the brand spanking new MainShop! It is a truly fantastic build, I was in awe of the amazing attention to detail with a very whimsical feel... complete with giant strawberries and a stack of pancakes you have to see to believe!

As a special treat for one and all who visit the new main shop, the adorable Kumii Yoshikawa has placed in and around the new shop 6 over sized gemstone rings... in each one (you buy for 0L) is a completely new and unreleased pair of shoes, yes people... 6 free pairs of sweet ::69:: pumps! Here they are, and not too hard to find if you can stop shopping long enough to look.

Make your way over to ::69:: asap, the search is on for a limited time only!

Also wearing; Skin by Detour, Hair by ETD, Abyss, and MiraiStyle. Clothes by DUTCH TOUCH and Canimal. Accessories by Diamonde & Caroline's.

Not Your Typical Beachwear!

Shockingly enough Anessa managed to get into some lingerie again! Yes, yes, I know... it's getting very tedious to see me in not a heck of a lot - but i have some great news... this isn't your average excuse for me to be unclothed. I am happy to announce that it is a strictly professional. I am so thrilled to be modelling in this afternoons Insolence Fashion Show presented by Dreamgirls, and taking place at 12 noon slt at the white sand beach at Hoch. In case everyone has forgotten Camilla Yosuke also has some really exceptional shoes and boots on offer alongside her sexy lingerie collection, and as the shoe girl... I must invite you all to come and see them on the runway!

Click here to catch a ride to the show! (Take a little stroll along the beach to the far side of the building)

Besides stunning Insolence footwear and lingerie, I am also wearing; Detour Skin, Detour and ETD Hair, accessories by Calla, Encore, Second Mirage and Yummy.

Crush on Velvet

Maitreya does it again, the ChiChi... the shoe that gets my heart thumping every time I wear it (and that is often)... in velvets - yummy rich, warm, velvets. Same amazing shape and unmatched workmanship, colour changing trim with some different shades, amazing textures - I love them more now, yes I do. Available in 8 shades.

Maitreya also released a huge assortment of Prim Socks, sculpted slouch sock accessories with open toes that will work great with the ChiChi, the Verve... the Slinky - must I go on? There are 19 shades, head over to Maitreya to see them all.
Also wearing; Detour Skin & Hair, Armidi Sweater, Artilleri tank, G.L.A.M. Jeans, Calla bracelet.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SLink's Clair Wedge Boot

We have featured some of Siddean Munro's goodies before, actually twice if you are counting...and as always, the third is always a pleasure! Being known as the "boot girl" to many of my friends, it shouldn't surprise them to see me drooling over boots. Yes, I know it is almost spring...and I LOVE it! But this does not mean that I won't be seen in fabulous boots all year long. Plus take a look at the colors of the newest Claire Wedge boot, and I don't know about you, but I can just see myself frolicking at this weekend's Easter Egg hunt in these beauties. Check out SLink InWorld!
Other Items:
Hair by Armidi, Bangs by Aden, Shirt and Shorts from Armidi, Necklace from Earthtones, Chachet tights, Cachet, INDI belt, and skin by Wax Poetic.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Congrats Liz Gealach!

I am so pleased to announce that after more than 100 votes we can declare Miss Liz Gealach the winner of our Green Shoes Contest! Liz's great 'Green Sneakers' photo wins her an amazing prize; 2000 L, 8 Pairs of Ltd. Edition St. Pat's Sherry Shoes from Tesla, an assortment of shoes from Tesla, and 2 pairs of Stiletto Moody Shoes, in the new amazing Greens! Yay!

Our well deserving runners-up IsabellaGrace Baroque and Zoe Demar, who also presented us with some great photos will receive; 500 L, 1 pair of Ltd. Edition St. Pat's Sherry Shoes from Tesla, and 1 pair of Green Stiletto Moody Shoes. Congrats ladies!
And yes... one more little surprise. Graci & I have selected this great photo submitted by Chic Aeon as an 'honorable mention' prize winner. Sexy Chic demonstrated the most pairs of green shoes in a single submitted photo - and she also managed to be wearing the least amount of clothes. I am a big fan of naked with great shoes! ;-)

She'll be getting an adorable pair of Tesla's Estella, in green - naturally!

Winners can expect to hear from me in-world very soon. And guys don't worry we haven't forgotten you... big news for the boys coming very soon, keep watching the blog for more info!

Thank you so much to our very generous sponsors, TESLA and Stiletto Moody.

SLife Imitates Art

I have been collecting these photos for a little while now, my collection grew out of a wish list of shoes I would like to see in SL (more on that in a future post) - but evolved into a tribute to the amazing shoes that have been produced. I apologize in advance for the photo heavy post - and for the departure from our normal review format, but I felt it was timely to demonstrate just how beautifully done these shoes are. Obviously some are more closely related to the RL images than others, and again similarity might be purely coincidental - but it's fun to compare don't you think?

It has amazed me just how many of SL's top content creators have dipped into the RL fashion pools to bring my feet things straight off the runways of Paris and London, and I love it. Please understand, I am in no way implying that there is anything wrong with collecting inspiration for SL creation - we see it in SL architecture, vehicles, weapons and dance animations too (thriller dance anyone?). We live in a world where before the first award is handed out at the Oscars, discount fashion houses begin madly producing near duplicates of the red carpet gowns. We are also familiar with the fact that sometimes legitimate RL brands produce items so similar to other higher end brands that it can be hard to tell the difference - the result here can be very costly and cause loss of sales to designers.

In SL we are treated to endless possibilities, will having a pair of shoes that look like Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin in SL cause a RL designer to lose profits? nope. Are the skills required to produce such amazing products in SL things that top RL designers have the time or patience to learn? doubtful. Instead we rely on people with technical skill and creative vision, and the ability to mold the common prim or pixel into something so much greater than we can even imagine to create footwear for second life ...or skins ...or gowns.

I thank you all for making me look and feel like a princess.

SL creators (and my heroes) from top to bottom; Digit Darkes, JCS - Jeepers Creepers, Maitreya, Stiletto Moody, Armidi, Kitties Lair, ETD, Zhao Shoes, ::69::, Minnu Model Skins & ICING.

...With Envy.

Certainly seemed like the 'Luck of the Irish' when I received word from Stiletto Moody of a special St. Patrick's Day release for all her Sirens on Stilettos, and just in time to go with all the amazing green garb we've been seeing on the feeds. Two special green editions of some very popular shoes have just been put on the shelves; the gold Studded Pump with Ankle Strap in a beautiful bright Kelly green, and the Elegant Slingback in a deliciously deep emerald Green Twinkle.

Available at the Stiletto Moody flagship store.

*On a special note, Stiletto heard about our little Green Shoe Contest and has upped the stakes for our 3 finalists. The Grand Prize Winner will take home both of these great shoes, runners up will each receive one pair!

So get those last minute votes in now! Winners will be announced soon.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, RaC Hair, LAST CALL Clothes & Accessories (discontinued), Bracelet by Caroline's.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Green Shoes finalists...Vote Now!

Wow, we received some amazing entries for the green shoe contest! The decision on the finalists was a tough one...but here they are! Remember voting will be right up till 12pm SLT on Monday...St. Patrick's Day!
IsabellaGrace Baroque
Hair: ETD Dress: Pixel Dolls Freebie
Shoes: Verve Pumps in Green from Maitreya Skin: RaC

Liz Gealach
KK Green (more details coming soon)

Zoe Demar
Shoes: Maitreya Enchant Pumps - Plaid Hair: ETD Cora Elika's Red
Clothes: *Shai* Zambia Safari Swimsuit
Skin: Tuli S5 Pale-Rebel 2 Eyes: Tuli Green Eyes