Tuesday, September 30, 2008

StyleCard: DETOUR & Zooby's

I have been walking around in the new Daywalker Sneakers from DETOUR for a couple days and trying to put together the perfect outfit to wear with them. Well, last night the most wonderful accessory landed in my lap courtesy of Bryston Vanvleck of 3B Designs and the incredibly talented Carrie Tatsu of Zooby's. My sweet little puppy, BeeBee, arrived in the most amazing Pet Carrier, 'The Z Bag'.

No fashionista can afford to miss out on this one, it comes with a complete array of scripted changeable components; 10 unique bag fabrics (3 shown here), metals, accessories such as key tags, buttons and a toy bone for doggy are all optional and modifiable. And since you can mix and match all the parts the possibilities are limitless. The bag does everything and the puppy is delicious with it's cute little face peeking up at you, typical of the Zooby's quality we are used too... but truly something special. I lurv it sooo much, and I had never even considered pet ownership in SL.

Back to the shoes, the DETOUR Daywalker Sneakers are a great casual sneaker in white and suede combos, a nice assortment of muted of the moment colours like cranberry and taupe and an 'all color' pair with the bonus shade. I matched them up with some great jeans from /artilleri/, the sweater and scarf set from Snatch which is so versatile. Accessories (aside from little BeeBee) include; a belt from Orchid Dreams, Mahjong Bracelet from Fresh Baked Goods, and some Black Bangles from Caroline's. Hair is the jumbo ponytail deal called Aina from Mirai Style.

Be sure and visit Zooby's for a little friend of your own, and DETOUR to get some sneaks to take it for a walk in the park!

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, Mirai Hair, Sn@tch Sweater Set with Scarf, /artilleri/ Jeans, Accessories by Orchid Dreams, Fresh Baked Goods and Carolines.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

StyleCard: DETOUR & The City

A couple great releases from DETOUR, but rather than hit you with a one-two punch I thought it might be best to present them separately because they are vastly different shoes. First up, because I am a girl who loves her heels... the Diamond T-Strap Pumps. And I promise that these are real diamonds, I had them checked! Seriously though, I just love a nice T-Strap shoe and there are not that many out there. As always DETOUR offers us a colour selection and a touch scripted 'all color' pair that gives a bonus color. A great deal if you are a fan of the shoe.

To sparkle alongside the diamonds I scooped up Mimikri's latest release Star/Sequin Top & Dress in gold and then went with a great hanging strap clutch from Baiastice, a favorite Birthday gift from my friend Fann, that features a tiny black shoe on the closure - a shoe love must have! Hair is Jolie Femme, I just love the soft texture, reminds me of SJ Parker in Sex & the City. A bit of glamour, anyone want a cosmopolitan?

Visit DETOUR and take a look.

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, Jolie Femme Hair, Mimikri Dress, Baiastice Purse & DETOUR Shoes.

The Tease, The Tesla.

Only been forever since I got an exclusive from a favorite shoe designer to share with the 'On Your Toes' readers. Tesla came through for me in a big way by hand delivering me a preview copy of the the new Hylda Boots. As with most teasers, I will let the pictures do the talking, but I could not go without saying that I love these ankle boots. They can go high style or completely casual, the metal details are really great, and I am sure Tesla plans on delivering a few more color options in these, so there will be even more to get excited about by the middle of this week... the expected release date. Another bit of amazing trivia on these is that these are the first pair of shoes from Tesla that are based on a pair she actually owns, but the textures are all hand done, without photosourcing, and the light is baked in using a 3-D application.

Watch the blog for updates on the release, or shop at Tesla today.

Wearing; Redgrave Skin, MMS Hair, ICoN Accessories, Cachet Pants & Tesla Hylda Boots.

Friday, September 26, 2008


You are all invited to attend a special Shouted Couture - Italian Style Fall Fashion Expo presented by InStyle Fashion Agency today at 1:00 PM SLT.

Arrive early for seating, sim will fill up fast!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

StyleCard: NONKO & More

Shape. Details. Uniqueness. Things that make a shoe stand out. With a shoe wardrobe of more than 500 pairs, yeah, more than... it takes something special to catch my eye and make me plunk down some Lalas. The hot trend for all things 'Alice in Wonderland' seems to have finally hit the feet, and in a fantastically wearable way. You don't have to do a head to toe look, complete with 'Mad Hatter' and Lolita style dress to work a bit of the old Lewis Carroll charm into your wardrobe. These NONKO Ballerina heels are delightfully ribboned and feature vintage illustrations of Alice as created by different artists. My favorite was the sweet faced Alice of the 'unmoral' pair. (click on image to enlarge)

To complete the look I went for some classic elegance with modern touches. The blouse from Cachet has wonderful sculpted sleeves and great seaming, tucked into a high waisted pencil skirt from INGENUE. Black pearl wrapped bracelet from Encore, black beaded choker from Kraftika, a sweet small purse from MM Luxe (Viva La Glam) and my Kingsgate engagement ring add to the style. Hair... yes, ::69:: again -just can't get enough!

Look for the sweet shoes at NONKO.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Cachet Blouse, INGENUE Skirt, MM Luxe Bag, Accessories by Encore, Kraftika and Kingsgate.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Congratulations Lya!

I was thrilled to hear from Polly Pavlova of The Body Politik, that a winner has been announced for their 'Fill These Shoes' Contest. Congratulations go to Lyanis Sin of Lya, who has been featured previously on this blog, here. Her shoes have come so far in such a short amount of time and the quality is simply fantastic, the 'On Your Toes' gang wish her all the best at her new location on the Evantide Far East Sim.

Above, Lyanis wearing her Snake Boots and myself wearing the Nichelle Pumps in Black. Check out the new Lya location for these and other great finds!

StyleCard: Mishima Dawn Revisited

One of my all time favorite shoes from Maitreya, the Mishima Dawn sculpted shoe, is on sale for a limited time. Selected styles from the Mishima Dawn Collection are reduced by an amazing 50%, these particular textures and colors of the Leather/Suede and Leather/Snakeskin versions (11 styles in all) will be retired at the end of the sale. Don't miss your chance to pick up these beautiful things.

Worn with the Mishima Dawn is the super stylish Bolero Sweater from the Soraya Bolero Jumpsuit Set by Ibizarre. The top and 'puff pants' from the M*A*ii*K*I Striped Strapless, some opaque black tights from the HUB Chloe Outfit and Gloves from Cachet. Earrings are Kraftika, and the great bag is the Armidi Gisaci Focsani Bag. The hair is from ::69::, and I am pretty much in love with all the hair from there, just the right amount of movement and shine.

Be sure and catch the sale at Maitreya.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Ibizarre Bolero, M*A*ii*K*I Outfit, HUB Tights, Maitreya Shoes, Earrings by Kraftica, Gloves by Cachet, Bag by Armidi Gisaci.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

RK:1 Model Auction Postponed

New Date & Time to be announced. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

StyleCard: Rebel Hope

It's a name that I have known since my earliest days in Second Life, Rebel Hope and her fantastic ballgowns, costumes, tuxedos and bridal gowns. So beautifully rendered and well made that they earned a reputation as being the height of elegance on that special day for a bride-to-be. Rebel, like many talented designers, has branched out to offer her clients lovely accessories and footwear to go along with her creations. It was when I saw she had released some new adorned pumps that I decided to take a closer look at the footwear and Rebel surprised me with a most incredible gown to wear with the very special shoes, and with my own special day coming in the not too distant future it certainly got me thinking of just how important a gown and shoes can be when making a bride feel like a real princess.

The shoes, named Samantha Bridal Sculpted Pumps, are almost too pretty to hide under a delicious gown like the Tabitha Cathedral Bridal Gown from Rebel Hope Designs, but Rebel was sure to offer the Samanthas in additional colors to allow them to be worn with all sorts of fancier fare or costumes. The elegantly embellished pumps boast a sleek classic shape, a satiny finish, and a delightful wisp of feathers and metallic curlicues on the toe (the black with red feathers is especially stunning and would be great for a darker bride or costume, you can see them here).

Though I have zero experience in the area of bridal gowns, I was blown away by the completeness of the Tabitha set. It contains pretty much everything a girl could want for her special day; an exquisite gown with full cathedral train and layers of mesh, sweet sculpted sleevelets, long elegant gloves, stockings, 2 veil options, lace panties, beautiful pearl accessories, and matching basic shoes. Just get the something old and the something blue, and hopefully that very special gentleman and you are all set to take the plunge.

One final accessory is all I needed to make this look very special, my engagement ring, a lovely 4.00 Carat Serenity Princess Cut ring from Kingsgate courtesy of one exceedingly special man.

Look for the Samantha Pumps and so much more at Rebel Hope Designs.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair (Lucky Chair with bow and butterflies removed), Rebel Hope Designs Gown Set & Footwear, Ring by Kingsgate Diamonds.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

StyleCard: Gbberish & More

How is it possible that I had never heard about Gbberish until I saw this fabulous blog post by Uma Ceawlin? But I had to get over there and check out the boots, and wow, so many great things - both shoes and clothing. I did pick up a pair of the La Jalousie Suede Boots in a great butterscotch shade, and then it was all about finding a great outfit to wear with. The Softer more relaxed fit of the boot seemed to suggest a comfy look, so I went with that.

The boots are a really unique style, I dig the buttery leather look and button cuffed top. The texturing is really well done and highlights the sculpted shape perfectly. They come in some great shades and there is an optional pearl ankle chain version that is a sweet look if you like to accessorize your footwear. (click image to enlarge)

The rest of the outfit started with the sweet strapless dyan babydoll dress from T..a..R..t and some Woolen Tights from Persona. The ballet shrug part of the Lorie outfit from LAST CALL, sadly no longer available... but equally cute shrugs are available from places like LaLa FooFoo. Accessories from M.R.M. were a perfect fit, and the hair from Seu is my new favorite cute updo (with colour change hairband and pompoms).

Find the great boots at Gbberish, and an entire collection of irresistible shoes too!

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, Seu Hair, T.A.R.T. Dress, LAST CALL Shrug, Accessories by M.R.M. and Ring from Kingsgate.

Monday, September 15, 2008

StyleCard: League

Nena Janus is in a League of her own, seriously. I think I would be hard pressed to find another content creator that is able to create sexy fashions that are realistically textured, and though occasionally on skimpy side, they never seem to cross the border into trampy-land. The clothes manage to remain workable pieces for us mix and mash addicts. Releases are not abundant, but when Nena does have a release a teleport to her main location at Steam Forge is a great indicator of the popularity of her clothing, well worth the wait.

Yesterday marked the very first footwear release for League a sexy pair of tall boots called Asuka. The Boots were created to coordinate with the Asuka Steam Outfit, a steam punk inspired collection of truly great mix and match pieces including 2 corsets, 2 pant styles, a skirt, 2 pairs of gloves and a bolero jacket with optional prim collars and jacket tails... and then some layer options too. (click on image to enlarge)

The boots themselves are a nice leather texture with brass button trim up the side to add some nice detail and match the fasteners on the outfit perfectly. The Boots are slim fitting, but appear to be modifiable so they could be stretched to fit if needed. It's a really fun look that only required the addition of some fun 'steam punk' inspired curls by Acedia, if you have never checked out the unusual and fantastic hair at Acedia I highly recommend a visit.

Get this look at League.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, Acedia Hair, Clothing & Footwear by League.

Friday, September 12, 2008

StyleCard: BOLERO Collection

I just love this time of year, and the amazing Fall fashions being sprung on us left and right. The BOLERO Collection by Amanda Bolero is about to launch us firmly into Autumn with it's new collection of coats, dresses and party wear. Today at Noon, InStyle Fashion Agency presents a look at this great collection and I am thrilled to be modelling the new garments in the show.

This look is all about Bolero, the Matelasse' Set includes the richly textured worked leather coat with belt, crinkled silver leggings and matching boots... oh, the boots! Amazingly shaped cuffed ankle boots with wooden platform soles. A few great accessories from Kraftika, Gloves from Fleur, and the Tuli hair by House of Heart was all I needed to round out this great Fall style.

Items will go on sale at BOLERO Collection soon after the show.

Please join us at the InStyle Runway for the show, the rest of the collection is just as exciting!

The Stuff; Giusia Skin, House of Heart Hair, BOLERO Collection Coat, Belt, Pants & Boots, Accessories by Kraftika.

StyleCard: Kookie Girl

There's a new kid in town, Kookie Lemon is her name and she makes shoes. If you follow the fashion feeds you have no doubt seen more than a few glimpses of her adorable footwear, but I would be remiss if I didn't introduce this talented gal to my 'On Your Toes' readers. She is going to be one to watch.

I had to climb into a pair of her Katy Boots in this delicious Persian Pink, and then throw on some cute knits to make a fun look to go with them. Sweetest Goodbye made this great Danbi Hooded Knit, and Dernier Cri the great leggings (part of the Ranae Outfit) - and my favorite Hair Fair find the Maitreya Jade style with knit cap. Bangles by Argyle in matching hues were an easy choice.

A few more great styles on the menu at Kookie, from left to right; Donna Slingback Platforms, Phoebe Court Shoes & Natasha, an embellished closed foot pump - hot!

Be sure and pay Miss Kookie a visit and take a closer look.

The stuff; Giusia Skin, Maitreya Hat/Hair, Sweetest Goodbye Top, Dernier Cri Leggings, Bangles by Argyle.

Monday, September 8, 2008

StyleCard: Cashmere

I am so happy to see a new release from Cashmere and Gianni Broda's first shoes too! It is a completely effortless thing to put together a great look when shopping at Cashmere, so many interesting Tops and Bottoms, fun hand drawn clothing with color and vibrancy... not to mention great accessories and now shoes.

The shoes are simple high shine pumps with wood soles, but rather well done and a great match for the colors in the clothing line. I love the new series of clutch purses from Cashmere too, can never seem to have enough purses, RL or SL. The look was pulled together with a great belt from Maiiki and some racing-style gloves from Cachet. Hair is from Armidi, and earrings from always favorite Kraftika.

Check out all the goods at Cashmere.

The Stuff; PXL Skin, Armidi Hair, Cashmere Top & Pants, Cashmere Clutch & Shoes, Maiiki Belt, Cachet Gloves, Kraftika Earrings.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

StyleCard_EarthStones & Analise

Some things are just too pretty not to share, even when they fall outside of my normal style, and sometimes I discover that there are ways to incorporate the unexpected into my wardrobe and broaden my horizons, just a bit. Okay enough of the fancy babble, let's get to the footwear, err, foot jewelry I should say... the Beautiful Slave Footlets by EarthStones. Abraxxa Anatine dropped these on me ages ago, and I just wasn't quite sure what to make of them... but I was impressed with the tiny detail and dainty chains that held the footlets together. (click above image to enlarge)

One could easily assume that these are best suited for the GOR crowd, or the fantasy RP folks over at 1001 Nights (if you haven't been, go)... but these do go beyond, and as an alternative to going barefoot with our oh so sexy looking avatar feet at that next beach party why not throw on a pair of these. They come in a wide range of semi-Precious stones, shown here are Labradorite.

I went over to Analise in search of some modest silks to wear with them, and wouldn't you know it my letter came up on the Lucky Chair, well actually the wildcard '?' came up, we all know the letter 'A' is cursed by Lucky Chairs. These are the September chair item, and I just love the colors and the pairs of matching Bangles. I had to wear these amazing earrings, also by EarthStones, Bali Hoop Earrings in Baltic Amber, amazing color. Overall it is a fun and exotic look.

Visit EarthStones for a closer look at the Footlets.

The Stuff; PXL Skin, Laqroki Hair, Analise Silks, EarthStones Footlets & Earrings.

StyleCard: Apple May

It wasn't all that long ago that the designs of Apple May popped up on my radar. Fun, Sexy, sometimes skimpy outfits that were well rendered and great for mix and match clubwear and daywear. More recently I discovered that the brand has quite a nice line of footwear and accessories associated with it, and occasionally released in conjunction with outfits to offer complete 'looks' to her clients under the Starz name. (click above image to enlarge)

This StyleCard features the Manhattan Outfit by Apple May and the Manhattan Boots and Cadet Hat just released from the aforementioned Starz line, also made by the multi-talented Apple. Since it has to be about the footwear more than anything else, can I just say... cute boots, I love the slouchy leather look upper and all the buckles - and my special favorite touch is the small dangling diamond charm on the lower part of the boot, these are a fun relaxed black boot.

The Manhattan outfit is beyond sweet, a very scant off the shoulder blouse with ruffle trimmed sleeves and a cute pair of flared denim capris. I added a jacket layer Hipster Belt by League, the adorable freebie tote from Sweetest Goodbye and a chunky beaded necklace from Ume Mode. The Cadet Hat is a fun add on, and was easy to resize... but a bit hard to select just the right hair to work with it, I settled on this cuteness from ETD and added in some great earrings from Kraftika. I love this look so much I have saved it to a folder so I can wear it again soon.

Visit Apple May & Starz here.

The Stuff; Giusia Skin, ETD Hair. Apple May Designs Outfit, Starz Boots & Hat, League Belt, Accessories by Kraftika, Ume Mode and bag by Sweetest Goodbye (freebie).

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

StyleCard: Aoharu & Smarti Party

As promised more sweet treats from Aoharu Walk and a spectacular dress that I just could not wait a single second before getting it on and dancing around like a Smarti Party girl. These sweet red Bow Platforms from the newly released Aoharu footwear line pack a candy coated punch when paired with this completely irresistible dress from relative newcomer Chiocca Latte of CHI. The dress actually comes with a wearable temp rezzer that drops a sweet trail of candy beans wherever you go... not particles, actual prim candies all over my photo studio, too amazing! (Just make sure you are in an area that allows you to rez)

As for the finishing touches, a big mane of Detour hair and a sweet satin red bow from the same. To add just a bit more sugar I am wearing a cake necklace from Violet Voltaire, and the buncha heart bangles from Boing Fromage which are color change scripted for the perfect match.

This is a totally fun look, for these totally sweet shoes... get some at Aoharu Walk and pay Chiocca a visit over at CHI for this sweet treat.

The Stuff; Minnu Skin, Detour Hair & Bow, CHI Dress, Aoharu Shoes, Violet Voltaire Necklace & !BF! Bracelets.

StyleCard: Aoharu

Well it was about time we saw some shoes from Machang Pichot at Aoharu, she does just about everything else after all... Skins, Hair, Clothes, Accessories... and yes now Shoes. She isn't messing around either, she has launched her footwear line called Aoharu Walk with a wopping eight styles, each with the same luscious and bright color palate we have seen in her clothing line.

I am such a sucker for bows (ask anyone), so my choice... and yes I limited it to just one for now, was the Back Ribbon Short Boot in a hot pink shade. Its a unique style with a sweetly shiny finish and those great sculpted bows around the ankle. I just had to match it up with a favorite dress from Aoharu, the pink sequined trim making the bootie shade pop. Love these!

My hair from Exile (found at Hair Fair) with it's Orchid accessory added some elegance to the up-do, and the bracelet from Fresh Baked Goods doesn't seem to ever want to leave my wrist. I went for a darker skin with this sexy Linda in Fashion Tan from PXL, just love the pink lips. Yummy.

Take a walk over to Aoharu Walk and check out the treats for your feet soon! More great looks from Aoharu to come... so keep reading!

The stuff; PXL Skin, Exile Hair, Aoharu Dress & Footwear, Fresh Baked Goods Bangle.

StyleCard: Solé & Party Girl Mash-Up

When invited to a fun midday Birthday Party for friend and colleague Giela Delpaso, I wanted to wear something fun and cute - and hopefully unlike anyone else at the fete. My easy solution is to mix and match from my inventory in a combination of favorite things that compliment one another. With these sexy new Stella slides from Asri Falcone's Solé line it was easy to put together a look and bring out the warm golden tones of the shoes, here in Maple.

The Stella are only Asri's 3rd sculpty shoe release, and her unique styles and shapes are pretty memorable. There is something undeniably yummy about the way the front of the shoe curves up to meet the toes and the ripples of fabric bunched across the front of the foot. I am also a big fan of the way these are textured to highlight those features and the array of great colors and color mixes available.

For my outfit I grabbed the bottom half of a favorite Alchemy dress, the fun dotted fringe at the bottom looks like party confetti to me and layers of tulle are always fun. The top an Armidi Gisaci square cut blouse, with metallic gold to add some more shine. Finally a few bracelets from UnTone and my much loved butterfly lucky chair hair from ::69::. (note: I made all but the white butterfly transparent, and then hand tinted it a golden shade to match my outfit)

Above Photo courtesy of the amazingly talented Elease Graves of Cherish Studios. The party was great fun, and the look all started with my new shoes - Check out all the colors and get some for yourself at Solé.

Happy Birthday Giela!

The Stuff; Lizette Skin by Dawn Shop, ::69:: Hair, Top by Armidi Gisaci, Skirt by Alchemy, Bracelets by UnTone.

Monday, September 1, 2008

StyleCard: Bax Boots & Bijou

Sometimes the right shoe and the right outfit seem to materialize at just the right second, and in this case it was worth staying up late to get them blogged. Bax Coen one of my all time favorite boot creators dropped her latest on me tonight, just as I saw the newness at Bijou come up on the feed. Off I dashed to get this amazing and versatile Phantom Dance outfit, and I couldn't be more pleased with the finished look.

Bax's Black Patent Ankle Boots have the most wonderful shape and texturing. They are an easy cross over for cutting edge fashion looks as well as those more intimate styles that involve latex, rubber and a whole lot of sexy. As with her previously released white version, you get a full range of colour customizing options in a convenient HUD format, and size and AO options too. One of my favorite features of the boot is the colorable optional lace topper, worked well with this look when worn two ways.

The Phantom Dance set comes with all the requisite layers and then some, it was my pick of the new releases because between the jacket, pants and ruffled blouse there are so many mix and match possibilities here. I added a few great bangles from DeLa and the amazing Hunting Cap Hair from Argrace (currently at Hair Fair).

Visit Bax Boots main store to get a pair of these hot things!

The Stuff; Giusia Skin, Argrace Hat/Hair, Bijou Outfit, Bangles from DeLa.