Sunday, August 31, 2008

StyleCard: Indyra Originals

A friend out on a shopping trip decided to send me a TP and drag me along yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised to land at Indyra Originals and was promptly greeted by these great looking Chasseur Boots from the Coquette Noir line of footwear. Always impressed to see designers creating both clothes and footwear, Indyra certainly excels at this. I started drooling over this adorable jeans & top set called Davenport, conveniently it matches up with the boot colour perfectly. (note: I added an underwear layer and custom tinted it to hide that little bit of tummy)

The boots themselves are a great suede folded top boot, with fun details like buttons and leather cording tied around the ankle. I loved the rich red shade and skinny-mini wooden stiletto heel. The outfit is a whole bunch of awesome, sexy slim fitting jeans that come in a variation to wear with the aforementioned boots and a flirty ruffled sleeveless blouse and wrist cuff. I added this great new hair from Novocaine (that I grabbed at Hair Fair) and a bracelet from UnTone to complete the look. (click image to see large.)

Visit Indyra Originals to see the other colors and get some for yourself.

The Stuff; Giusia Skin, Novocaine Hair, Clothing & Footwear by Indyra Originals, Bracelet by UnTone.

StyleCard: Lya & Naïve

I will never get bored in SL as long as there is color and newness and endless ways to express my quirky all over the place style. Lyanis Sin of Lya is one of the colorful people in my SL, she is bright and funny and one-of-a-kind, and she keeps on impressing me with her rapidly improving skills at making great shoes. A quick look back at her very first sculpted shoes here, will demonstrate just what I mean. Lyanis' latest Lya release, the Nichelle Pumps are a killer looking shoe, I love everything about them, color, style and shape. A nice in-between from the hyper-real and the more 'cartoonish' sculpted footwear.

I also really like what I see from relatively new clothing brand Naïve, whose creator Leah McCullough, among her many other talents, has a really strong sense of color and some great fun looks in her store which can be found here. I paired it all with this amazing hat/hair combo from ::69:: and a constant favorite Fresh Baked Goods bangle.

Get these great pumps in several yummy shades at Lya. (and check out the lucky chairs too!)

A bit of a new look for my posts , just something I am trying - your feedback welcome. (Click on image to see full size version)

The Stuff; PXL Skin, ::69:: Hair, Clothing by Naïve, Shoes by Lya, Bracelets by Naïve(R) and Fresh Baked Goods(L), Earrings by [P/a] - PERTURB/ation.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm a Rfyre Knight!! Woot!

OK, so as you can see by the title of this blog I was recently inducted by Raven and the Rfyre team to be a Knight of Rfyre. As such, I have an exciting new position working with them on events and things, and this post is to let you all know of the hunt that is going on at the rfyre sim this weekend where there are many giftboxs scattered around the sim that you can find to create the Mastrius outfit for men and the Twisted Swiss outfit for women. There are also items from the other vendors in the Rfyre sim such as Zhao shoes available to be found too.
Also I wanted to show you the outfits that are to be released today from Rfyre's Elven series of costumes, and this one is affectionately known as Drost, and I am displaying it in Crimson, black, Earth and Hunter's green.
To take these pics, i knew I had to go out on location, and where better than Straylight? I almost felt like a extra from LOTR, just like a few years ago when I worked with a guy in RL who was the spitting image of Frodo everyday and he garnered that as a nickname when everyone saw the movies. Those were the days.....
To complete the lookI used the Quixote boots from Jeepers Creepers, as I realised I hadn't blogged these boots on here before and I have quite the affinity for them, as they are rugged looking boots perfect for tramping around the lush forests of Straylight or the harsh cityscapes of Midian.
SO I would like to thank Raven, Harper and the team for trusting me in this new position, and Eponymous from JCS for his encouraging feedback on my posts here on 'On your toes'. I can't wait to see what each of these designers have in store for the future, and you all should go hunt and shop at Rfyre this weekend as we know there isn't many things that are better than free clothes!!

House of Rfyre Mainstore (and location of hunt)

Jeepers Creepers shoes Mainstore

Friday, August 29, 2008

Skai High

These, the latest from Adam n Eve, called Skai Boots they really get my feet excited for Fall... oh yay, boot weather is coming! Damen Gorilla sent me an peek at these early on, and there was some instant attraction. I am a big fan of the way these are textured, not over the top shininess, but a nice subtle leather sheen to compliment these knee high babies. And you know I love that stylish buckle that give these an almost equestrian edge. The Skai boots come in 8 colors, wearing the black here, but trust me the shades are terrific and well worth a visit to the Adam n Eve shoe department for closer inspection.

Visit Adam n Eve in-world.

I am wearing; Giusia Skin, Cake Hair, Belted Butterfly Top by *CHI*, Pants from Alessa Outfit by Giusia, Bracelets by M.R.M. and Fresh Baked Goods.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Double DeLa, Part Two

When I participated in the Rezzables Black Swan Fashion Show last month one of the contributing designers was Kuranosuke Kamachi of DeLa. Since the beginning of 'On Your Toes' we have reviewed her attractive footwear, and watched her collection grow to include fashions and accessories. With her Black Swan and Black Swan Crimson releases she has quickly upped the level of drama in her garments to seriously breathtaking, toss in the feathered hats and the satiny ballet shoes and you have something really special on your hands.

In the mood to dance, or just look like the Prima Ballerina at your next party or special event? These amazing items from DeLa might just be the answer.

Wearing; Giusia Skin & Magika Hair, all else from DeLa.

Could this be Your Big Chance?

Polly Pavlova contacted me today to let me know about an amazing opportunity for up and coming footwear creators. The very well respected folks behind The Body Politik are offering a store on their compound up to an up and coming designer as a way to give something back, and it is an opportunity to have a store on a high traffic sim, with no fees and no prim limits. So if you or anyone you know is starting up in the shoe biz be sure they visit The Body Politik website and get all the information and rules to apply.

As a special bonus, the winner of the 'Fill These Shoes' search will have their footwear reviewed right here on 'On Your Toes', gaining even more exposure... and hey, you can't beat that. Good Luck, I can't wait to see the goods!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Double DeLa, Part One

Another busy phase in RL and SL has seriously sidelined my ability to get these reviews out as fast as I might like, as I sincerely apologize to anyone who has sent items... my hope is to get caught up by the weekend. In the meantime it's back to business as usual, and shoes that make me feel so fortunate to be able to share them with you. Kuranosuke Kamachi at DeLa has had a busy summer, so many amazing releases that this must now be a 2 part post, the first part being to share 2 sensational new pumps the Stella and the Silvera.

The Silvera are a sleek pointy toed classic pump, with a perfect high shine and sexy shape. They reminded me of the fall season just around the corner and all the exciting coats and warmer wear just ahead. They look so great peeking out from below a long sleek pair of trousers, and they come in a range of colors that will make any shoe fan gleeful.

The Stella are just too darling for words, with these giant dimensional satiny bows... yes bows and Anessa... peas and carrots, what can I say. Cute shape, nice peep toe design with a smexy stacked wooden heel that I adore the look of. The just scream to be paired with a sleek party dress.

I recommend both styles and I can't wait to share the other exciting DeLa goodies with you soon... head on over to DeLa for your shoe fix!

I am wearing; with Stella - Giusia Skin, ::69:: Hair, Ibizarre Outfit, Fleur Gloves, Hair Rose by ::: Usagui My Field :::. with Silvera - Giusia Skin, ::69:: Lucky Chair Hair (Butterflies Removed), Novocaine Dress, LBD Necklace.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Havana sandals from JCS

Eponymous Trenchmouth dropped me these new sandals from JCS the other day and due to being a little busy with things on the weekend I kinda forgot I had them in inventory until now. But I tried them on and these leather sandals certainly caught my attention, yet I just needed a place to shoot them!
So a quick tp to the Las Arenas Rosadas sim and I was good to go, and I knew that these sandals would be the perfect fit for the endless sunshine provided in SL, and it provided a good opportunity to let my mostly ensconced toes feel the cool breeze upon them. Heck, its Winter in Australia in RL at present, but why else would I come on SL other than to escape my climate?
As you can see in the pictures these sandals combine Eppy's superb craftsmenship and texturing once again, and the stiching looks so damn realistic you too will be wondering if you have teleported to a deserted island in RL as they are that damn good!
These sandals only have the one size in the folder, so at first you may be asking what happened to the other sizes? Well these sandals are scripted with sizes from XS to XXL large so all avs are catered to!! However I just went with the medium and a foot size of 35 and they fit perfectly, so I would recommend this for most avatars and considering they default to this size, you probably won't have to change them, however having the option to if need be isn't a bad thing.

So if you are looking for some sandals to wind down Summer in the Northern Hemisphere or the impending warm weather of us in the Southern one, tp to Jeepers Creepers new mainstore today!!

Jeepers Creepers Havana sandals featured in Dark brown, khaki and black available at:

Jeepers Creepers mainstore

Swim trunks are Kenue by Designing Nicky Ree

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hey Biddle Biddle...

In case you all were wondering where I've been, and I *know* you were wondering...well I'm on location for the 80's One Hit Wonder Come Back tour. So you can only fathom how thrilled I was when I saw these cuties by valentine Biddle of Biddle Boots. All kidding aside these really are adorable short boots, and the heel is killer cool! I chose the pink cause they fit my alibi best, but they are available in other colors as well and can be dressed up or down. Check out Biddle Boots InWorld.
Other Stuff: Hair by Armidi, Skin by oBscene, Tights by Shop SEU, Outfit by OPPS.


Today marks a very special event for me, InStyle Fashion Agency relaunches under new Ownership and Management with a fantastic runway show! Why are we talking about it here at 'On Your Toes? Well, it will be my very first show as Head Model for InStyle... and you are all invited to come!

Join us at the fabulous InStyle Sim, where the show starts at 12 pm SLT. Eight fantastic models will be showing off menswear from Styles of Edo, and fabulous creations by Jador, including an exclusive look at some of the new Fall line provided by Mimi's Choice. SL Top DJ Azufr3 Catteneo will provide the soundtrack, and the afterparty will carry on till 3 pm SLT!
Hope to see you there! Click here for the SLurl.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Python Perfection

As promised, some more releases from Stiletto Moody's SMG2 line, the sexy fun Pin-Up Pumps get a shiny new Python printed wrapper, a few spectacular variations and some exciting new colours.

The basic Pin-up Pump comes with the optional ankle chain - which can be toned in gold or silver, or removed completely. Other nice touches are a 'striped' version of shoe with authentic python colorings, and a variation that has a full black heel to contrast the amazing bright 'bad seed' red among others.

I love the grey striped version with the black heel, it would be a really versatile shoe to have... but the 'natural' brown shade that seems to have an opalescent sheen is simply amazing! I sure hope you saved up some money after the Stiletto Moody sale, you might just need to bring a few python's home!

Visit Stiletto Moody when the sim re-opens for the preview of the Patent Python Pinup Pump at approx. 3 am SLT today, vendors will be online this evening at approx. 6 pm SLT - watch for group notices!

Also wearing; Giusia Skins, Hair by Detour, ::69:: and Mirai, All clothes from Bijou, Accessories by Giusia, UM Mode and Fresh Baked Goods.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

T is for Timeless

Certain shoe styles will just never go out of style, the T-Strap pump is one of those styles in my book. I love that classic sexy style. and Enktan Gully has given us the latest update on this great look, the Ekota-T from Enkythings is a sure fire winner. Beautifully made from heel tip to toe, and an irresistible palate of shades, the Enkythings trademark.

I wore mine to take a stroll through one of my very favorite undiscovered shopping sims in all of second life, Laguna del Arenal one of the Costs Rica Sims, it's been newly remodelled and houses quite a crop of some of top retailers in SL in quaint little rustic shops. A must see, and a nice place to take a few photos!

Find the shoes at Enkythings now!

I am also wearing; Giusia Skin, Detour Hair, 'heart' Cupcakes Dress, Tickled Pink Necklace and Fresh Baked Goods Bracelet.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Stopping Traffic

Short, sweet, and straight to what's on my feet. J's Real Toe Cross Belt Pumps, yes more of those amazing shoes with prim toes. These are a perfectly shaped classic pump, with spectacular cross strap details revealing the open toes. The toes are skin tone tintable, nail polish options and toe ring options too. And I have to highly recommend this silvery white color, seriously hot... and so rare to find a 'white' shoe with this much style.

Go get them here at J's!

Also wearing; GIUSIA Skin, Damselfly Hair, Ce Cubic effect dress, Earrings by Creamshop.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My account has been suspended...

As you can see from the pic I can't get into my account as Jonny which is really, really irritating me. However I have heard of this happening to someone I know on SL before, so I contacted her via msn and found her account (and 2 others that she knows of) have had the exact same thing happen in the past 24 hours.

Could you be next?

So now I have to wait until 9am SLT (my midnight) and make another (3rd call I will have made) international call to LL to find out why this happened as there was no warning, just working on some RK stuff with Anessa last night then try to get on this morning to answer offlines before work and found I couldn't get in to my account. There was no griefing or anything prior to this either. Also the friend has a premium account and owns sims so it isn't as though it is just because I am a free account. And I was waiting for fund to clear in my paypal so I could buy some lindens (finally as RL has allowed me to) but I guess why would anyone bother when they can just take your account at anytime without warning?

Of the Earth

I swear that on occasion my inventory eats my shoes, and every now and then if I am very lucky they seem to turn up again. I had almost forgotten about these completely, and then just the other day... poof. Timing was perfect however, and I took these rather detailed EarthBound Sandals from EarthStones for a nice little stroll around Emvee Cuba. Abraxxa Anatine is best known for her earthy accessories, often adorned with semiprecious stones and other natural elements, so it is no surprise to me that these shoes have an almost jewelry-like feel to them. Excellent tiny prim work on an attractive flat sandal, and a nice assortment of leather and 'stone' options make these especially nice.

Visit EarthStones and check out all the goodies soon!

Also wearing; GIUSIA Skin, Zero Style Hair, Apple May Designs Outfit, Juju's Closet Polo, M.R.M. Accessories.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hey Hey the Boots are back in town...

Not to say you need to toss your strappy sandals into the "summer clothes" box already, but I can feel it, it's just around the corner! Yes, you guessed it! Boot Season! Well, it never was out of boot season for some of us, but none the less Fall is fast approaching and the shoe makers are hard at work bringing us all the fall fashions, and this includes boots. Here we have the Brats Boots by Lya Fallingbridge of Pixel Mode. These come in seven colors and the lucky group members received the smoke colored ones (shown above) as a free gift! Visit Pixel Mode Inworld and OnLine!

Other Stuff: Tank by Truth, Shorts by Armidi, Hair by ETD, Skin by oBscene

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hot New Release: Sven Olbers 'Curl' Clogs

It's been a while since I took a look at the latest offerings from Sven Olbers. Sven was kind enough to send me a pair of his latest, the Curl Clogs, and I liked them so much I went and bought a second pair. I am always excited by the unique shapes and combinations of textures that our SL content creators manage to come up with, and these are a great example of that. A fun heavy soled platform sandal with an undeniably unique heel shape, adorned with a delicious spray of orchids. They instantly made me throw on my Hibiscus Bikini from Charmed, and a few /artilleri/ hair orchids and head straight for the beach.

Find these cuties at Sven's location @ Mimikri on Vanilla Isle.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Shop Seu Hair, Charmed Hibiscus Bikini, Artilleri Hair Orchids, Calla Pearl Wrap Bracelet.

Hot New Release: TOSL Punk Princess

I saw these dresses on Quinlan Quimby's flickr and I went completely nutty over them... and then I saw the completely unique custom shoes that she made to match! I am a long time fan of TOSL and the really special style that Quinlan has adopted, a bit more sculptural than most of what I see, and garments that really use the sculpted prim to full advantage.

The Punk Princess dresses and shoes are sold separately, and come in 4 color variations... shown here are Moonstone and Peacock. The dresses feature voluminous sheer billows of fabric from bustline to skirt and a sweet croc textured belt with jewelled buckle. The shoes come complete with the same jewelled buckle as the dress, and they have a nice moderate platform base with a sparkling gold undersole that I just love.

For these items and even more amazing goodies, visit the TOSL main store soon.

Also wearing; With Peacock - Darklands Skin, With Moonstone - Giusia Skin, Hair by Armidi, Feather Earrings from Microphage.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Boots...glorious Boots

Check this out...not only are the Snake Boots by Lyanis Sin totally sleek and sexy, but they are on SALE! That's right for the next 3 days these are only $200L's and come in 2 textures. Check out Lya's Mainstore!!

Other Stuff: Pulse Skin, Kyoot Army Hair, GLAM Sweater, Oops Skirt, Lya Ad by Lyanis Sin.

A Closer Look at Giusia

Like pretty much every other blogger and fashionista on the grid, I made my way over to Giusia, the hot new store that opened on Friday. It has some stylish Men's and Women's clothing, accessories, skins and yes... shoes. I was truly excited about the store and it's contents, and eager to present more than just the shoes today, thanks for humoring me... but just look at these yummy skins and outfits... so impressed.

There are currently 2 styles of shoe available; the Ginevra and the Sculpted Stiletto. The Ginevra is a sexy little slingback with a lovely shape and some great texturing work. I was pleased with the overall look of the shoe and the dozens of colour options, some minor sculpted glitches in my viewer, but i would more than likely attribute that to rezzing issues as the shoes look great in the photos. The Sculpted Stiletto is a great basic pump, high shine and contrast heel, or monochromatic in some shades. Nicely done for first releases from Giusia. See below photos for shopping details. (click on image to enlarge).

I am wearing the Ginevra in Crocodile, the Alessa 02 Outfit, and the free gift skin called 'Natural'. Also wearing; Cake Hair & Earthtones Accessories.

Wearing the Blue/Black Sculpted Stiletto, the Sammy Dress (with stockings) & Giusia Light Skin 07. I am also wearing; Cake Hair, Encore Necklace (tinted), Giusia Free Gift Bangles.

I am wearing the Ginevra shoes in Fuchsia, 'Liz' Pants and Alina Azure Top. I am also wearing; Cake Hair, Caroline's Necklace, Argyle Bracelet Stack, Skin is Natural 16.

Visit the NEW Giusia soon.

**Disclaimer: It has been brought to my attention that some if not all of the footwear reviewed in this post may be attributed to a 'Business in a Box', and while that does not automatically mean that the sculpts or textures are ill gotten, it does mean that the footwear may not be unique to Giusia and therefore makes my recommendation of the items feel less appropriate. I am choosing not to remove the post at this time, as I have not had direct contact with Giusia on this matter. I will however say, as has always been my position, I do the best I can based on the knowledge I have - when I know better I do better. I think these are words I can live by, and firmly state - 'On Your Toes' and the opinions expressed on this blog, as well and the products endorsed, are done so solely at the discretion of the individual authors and we in no way support content theft or profit personally from the reviews we offer. Thank-you**

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jet Set: Sexy Shoes & Lingerie from Stiletto Moody

They have always gone together, like Sonny and Cher, Peanut butter and Jelly, Beenie and Cecil... but I digress. It's beautiful shoes and scalding hot lingerie that seem to find each other in the sexiest of pairings, and it is no accident that Stiletto Moody has released a line of stunningly sheer and daringly bare lingerie to accompany the hot hot sexiness of her footwear line. Seems like a natural combination to me.

Unless you have been hiding in a blog free zone lately you will have no doubt heard the wonderful news about the SMG2 launch and sale of previous styles that should still be going on for another day or so. It's been a crazy frenetic little beehive of activity over there on the Stiletto Moody Sim and shoppers have been waiting through delays and occasional technical issues to get their hands on the new line, and anything else that might be missing from their collections. Pure shoe bliss for many when they laid their eyes on these.

Stiletto Moody, Generation 2 - Tall Boots (Shown in Black Croc with Silver Accessories), the Tall Boots also come in Patent and a special Patent Croc version. THE Boot to have.

Stiletto Moody, Generation 2 - d'Orsay Shoes (Shown in the new Stiletto Moody Signature color, Bad Seed Red (Patent) with Silver Accessories). Undeniably pointy toed, with optional ankle attachment straps. My must have for fall.

Stiletto Moody, Generation 2 - PinUps Shoes (Shown here in Aqua Patent with Silver Accessories). These are perfectly cute, and come with optional chain. Amazing selection of colours... like candy I tell ya!

Naturally the new releases are spectacular, I wouldn't expect anything less from SM, but clearly we have a achieved a whole new type of realism here... I apologize for not giving you tons of delicious close-ups, but I wanted to tease with a glimpse of the new lingerie too. And the showroom is only a TP away, I encourage you all to go take a nice close look for yourselves, these things are really breathtaking.

The really important stuff is this portion of the official press release;

"Stiletto Moody Generation 2 (SMG2) is not just a new season, it's an evolution. Welcome to the next generation of Stiletto Moody design, with added features, & refined techniques. It’s about fashion – a hot new range of towering heels, in amazing new colors and textures our Pre-Fall ’08 line. It’s about accessories– add them or remove them to your shoes. It’s about features and color changers. A shoe maniac all the way I try to capture the very zeitgeist of the moment in this Pre-Fall 08 range."

I am wearing lingerie that is all part of the Lucky Lingerie collection, it is amazingly sexy and scant... every girl needs a bit of that to go with these new shoes! Visit soon!

I am aslo wearing; PXL Skin, Laqroki (RaC) Hair, Accessories by +Plus, Encore and JCNY. Suitcase by Argyle. Shot on location at the Costa Rica Sims International Airport.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Call me a Lya!

More shoes than any girl could ever need, and yet I still get a little thrill whenever I get sent something new to look at. Lyanis Sin has carefully been working on her sculpties, and I know these Sakura shoes have been in the works for a while now. I am happy to report that they are a great looking wedge shoe, and what really sets them apart for me... from others I have seen, are the amazing textures and the subtly realistic shaping of the wedge itself.

Also of note is this amazing Spoiled Dress, from the Enayla Collection at Iris Seale's Punch Drunk that I loved so much color wise I had to wear it with Lyanis' shoes... It certailnly made me feel all happy. Lyanis offers some really beautiful shades in these shoes too, and what really made my jaw drop was the shiny red version of the Sakura, only available in the Lucky Chair at the Lya Mainstore!

It's time to head over to Lya.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Kyoot Hair, Punch Drunk Dress, Ume Mode Accessories.

New Release: JE*Republic

These were just released in the past few days, nice to see Jungeun Vella making footwear again! Seems lately she has been creating some fabulous hair and dresses, and I am a frequent visitor to her mainstore at Korea Mirinae. These Noblesse Sandals come in a silver and a gold version, they are equally sweet and well made.

Be sure and stop in to JE*Republic soon for a closer look!

I am also wearing; PXL Skin, -=H2L=- Hair, Elate! Dress, Bangles by Baiastice, Paper Couture Earrings.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

State of Shock

Good Golly, Miss Molly! Canimal Zephyr has made shooooes... oh my happy little feets danced right on into these. I have to say that they are a truly remarkable first sculpted shoe for Canimal, a long time fave for fun punky clothes with amazing punches of color and hot style. The Shock Value Stilettos are a perfect extension of that Canimal style, all the color, all the fun (note the bow biting skull adorned toes), and an exciting square toed design for a nicely shaped stiletto. The shoes come equipped with a color change HUD for bow color options, a nice touch to extend the wear of the shoes. I can only say that these are a darn great shoe, and I look forward to seeing what Canimal's next surprise will be.

Get your Shock Value at Canimal.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, ETD Hair, Striped Tank by Action, White Tank from Artilleri, Belts & Earrings Artilleri, Lacet Gloves by Draconic Kiss, Maitreya Prim Socks.

Pixel least for now

So Tya Fallingbridge of Pixel Mode had a big contest recently for a new sim name...she's keeping it to herself, but the winner was announced and that lucky duck received free shoes for life! So while we all wait, Tya has a temp spot for the store on her sim and I was late in arriving to grab her newest release. These boots have been out for a couple weeks and I've seen them here and there. I personally am a boot these are right up my alley, 100 degree weather and all. Here I've paired the boots with the Ilia Hooded Top, which is the newest from Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot Army. The guns came later :) Visit Pixel Mode Inworld and OnLine!

Other stuff: Top with hair & skirt from Kyoot Army, Skin from Wax Poetic.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, K-E-LL-Y.....

If you have no idea what my title is about...well then, don't ask me, you will make me feel old. :)
Besides that, take a looksie at the lovely sandals released by Fallingwater Cellardoor, the artist behind Shiny Things. These come in 16 colors and are only 200L's each! Visit Shiny Things Inworld and Online.

Other Item: Skin by oBscene, Hair by Aden, Pants by LeeZu Baxter, Top by Punch Drunk (from a new dress), Necklace & Earrings by Last Call, Bangles by Armidi & Argyle.

Black Swan & More

One of the most thrilling fashion show experiences in recent memory was participating in the Black Swan show for the Rezzables Group, with Timeless Models. The show featured creations inspired by the Black Swan sim. And I was fortunate enough to wear this amazing ensemble by Rebel Hope Designs called The Wishbringer.

Rebel was kind enough to speak with me directly about how the look should be styled and that was when she introduced me to some amazing fetish boots by Lizziey Whittenton. I really marvel at the construction of these, and yes... not my usual style, but totally appropriate for this amazing costume by Rebel Hope. The Aubrey Boots by Whittentons are daringly high, laced to perfection with all the metal studs, rivets and accents stunningly textured. Have to appreciate this kind of workmanship.

If you have yet to catch the amazing show itself today is your last chance! Please do try and visit Black Swan to see The Wishbringer in all it's glory, along with the other fantastic creations of the designers who participated in this event! Today at 11 am SLT!

Visit Rebel Hope & Whittentons to get some amazing creations.

I am wearing; PXL Crys Skin, Armidi Hair, Rebel Hope Designs - The Wishbringer.