Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nardcotix for the New Year!

A couple of quick hits from Nardcotix today, hard to believe that this is my final post for 2009! Nardya Rousellot has just released a fantastic basic pump in 20 great shades and there is a special pre-release of the Nuria MaryJanes to accompany a great look from DCNY Clothing Co. too!

The Nuria MaryJanes (in Black & White) were sent to me for a peek weeks ago, and I had forgotten all about them until I was shooting some ads for DCNY, they were a perfect match with the new outfit so I contacted Nardya to release the preview pair at the DCNY Store today, to correspond with the release of the Madelene Outfit. Yay!

Also, responding to a special request from a customer, Nardya has released the Rebekah Pumps, a simple and perfect heel, in 20 gorgeous colors. You get both a colored heel and a black heeled version of the shoes in each pack, 2 pairs for the price of one, fantastic! You can find these goodies at the Nardcotix Main Store located here.

Have a fantastic New Year's Eve, and don't forget to visit DCNY to get the Nuria Shoes, additional colors will be made available soon, but for now the only place to get them is at the DCNY Main Store on Xalapa, here.

The Stuff:

Look 1 - Skin: LeLutka, Hair/Hat: Maitreya, Outfit: DCNY Clothing Co., Ring: Donna Flora.

Look 2 - Skin: LeLutka, Hair Pieces: booN (custom modified), Dress/Tights: Oyakin for Designers United, Earrings & Ring: Donna Flora.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Some LeLutka and Designers United

Today LeLutka designer, Minnu Palen, sent over the updated footwear collections first seen on the LeLutka ULTRA Runway. The Saffron Pumps and the Shavon Ankle Boots have both been seen on this blog before, but now I have the full range of colors to play with, and there are just so many, particularly in the Saffrons, that I could never really show them all... you will need to go see these for yourself.

The Saffron Pumps are those super tall stilettos with the built in platform for an extra high punch. They come in an amazing number of colors you will have a very hard time choosing between; Neutrals, Soft Colors, Two-toned and Electric brights. I even mixed and matched my brights to suit the amazing Dada Aurelia leggings from the set available for a limited time from Designers United.

Designers United was really the fashion source for much of what you see in this post, the colors and quality seemed to pair so well with this footwear. The corset of the incredible Veschi creation, Veschi-ville by Alla Ruff, pairs perfectly with the two-toned Saffrons in Terracotta and Brown. Moving on to the Shavon boots, I simply could not resist this fabulousness from Runo Runo, '5 Minutes to Curtain', and the Pearl leather boots seemed a great match.

Finally, my long romance with corsets emerged and I grabbed up this beautiful 'Dancer by Day' Dress from Twosome. Instead of the long bustled skirt it came with, I chose the ruffled pantalettes that are meant to be worn under the Vaudeville Dress by Oyakin, to go with the amazing Olive shade of the ankle boots.

Visit LeLutka for Footwear (release on 12/29) and Designers United for Fashions.

The Stuff;
All Footwear - LeLutka
All Skins - LeLutka Estelle (Sunkissed & Light)

All Hair & Hair Pieces - booN

All Poses - EverGlow

Look 1 - !DADA! 'Aurelia' for Designers United, Accessories by U&R Dogs.
Look 2 - Runo Runo '5 Minutes to Curtain' for Designers United, Ring by U&R Dogs.
Look 3 - Veschi 'Veschi-ville' for Designers United, Hosiery by Battered Boudoir.
Look 4 - Twosome 'Dancer by Day' & Oyakin 'Vaudeville Dress' both for Designers United, Earrings by Paper Couture, Garter Socks by Pig (tinted darker.)

(click on images to expand.)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

StyleCard: NX Absinthe Heels

More beautiful footwear from Nardya Rousselot this week. The Absinthe Heels are just another perfect Holiday delight courtesy of the Nardcotix label. A softly pointed high-heeled pump wrapped in shimmering fabric gets dressed up with an elegant bow on the heel. Available in 13 yum-tastic colors, including baby blue, gold and lilac, these shoes will be a perfect accompaniment for your formal attire and party wear. Expect these to hit shelves later today.

Visit Nardcotix to get a pair, I dare you to resist that delicious fatpack!

The stuff; Shoes - Nardcotix - Absinthe Heels in Scarlet, Skin - Curio - June Sundust Frex - Swan 2 (dark), Hair - Gritty Kitty - Ghetto Black, Dress - Donna Flora - Diletta Gown, Earrings - Donna Flora.

Monday, December 21, 2009

An Ultra Post

Ok, So... I was extremely excited to be part of the LeLutka ULTRA runway show yesterday, not only was it a top notch presentation of the more avant garde side of SL fashion, it was also a chance to walk the runway in another great MAD Agency production. The design team behind LeLutka created some incredible pieces, some are not as suited for everyday life or SLife as others, but the quality of the individual components is magnificent, and I challenged myself to mix and match items from the collection, and naturally, the new footwear, to create some more accessible looks, still high fashion, but not out of reach for the average fashionista.

This is just an early look at the new footwear that will be released soon in multiple colors and combinations, the 2 styles show here are the Saffron Pumps, a sky high ├╝ber stiletto with a combined platform sole, and the Shavon Boots, a short boot with layers of shape, straps and metal buckles. These items are well suited to the runway, but are equally happy paired with dresses, gowns and casuals with a more mainstream appeal.

All the clothing, skins and accessories shown are from the new collection by LeLutka, with the exception of the dark brown hairstyles with can be found at booN, the Blue Eyes from MADesigns, and the pair of opera gloves, credit to COCO. Now, obviously, the term 'Real Life' is used loosely, we all know that SL is not RL, and in case you hadn't noticed I am not wearing my typical shape, but one specifically for the LeLutka ULTRA production. Items from the collection and the new footwear should be available soon at LeLutka.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

StyleCard: Aleida Bobo Wool Boots

The Aleida Bobo Wool Boots are a very unique combination of legwarmer and boot, with a pair of buckles to lash the boot upper to the leg. The textures are interesting, and there are an assortment of earthy shades. Aleida Rhode is a creator of clothing, skins and footwear, all of which can be found at her main store on Glendalough, which is well work a visit if you are looking for something a little extraordinary.

Visit Aleida for a closer look.

The stuff;

Boots: Aleida, Bobo Wool Boots, Plum.

Skin: Belleza, Jesse Sunkiss, 1 HB.

Hair: booN, ZGO223, Chocolate.

Clothing: Baiastice, Insomnia Shirt & Sweet Cotton Pants (Grey).

Accessories: Sigma Jewels, Orian Earrings, Silver.

(click on image to expand.)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Wonderful Gift, A Generous Creator.

Cajsa Lilliehook kindly contacted me today to let me know about a very special gift from 'In Her Shoes', footwear by Rachel Boram. Rachel has priced all of her footwear for 0 L$, yes, all of it is free, a nice assortment of heels, flats, sneakers and boots (and some men's styles too.) Here are some snaps of just a few styles.

Please do visit 'In Her Shoes' to get some holiday cheer, and while you are there leave a little something in Rachel's Tip Jar to show her just how much we shoe lovers appreciate her generosity.


Style Notes;

Look 1 - Shoes/In Her Shoes - Christmas Plaid Sneakers, Hair/::69::, Skin/Curio, Sweater/En Svale, Jeans and Tank Top/Maitreya.

Look 2 - Shoes/In Her Shoes - Vignette Betty Dots - Black&White, Hair/Maitreya, Skin/Curio, Minidress/Luck Inc., Leggings/Maitreya, Fur Bolero/Nadas, Bangles/Fresh Baked Goods.

Look 3 - Shoes/In Her Shoes - Bows Bows - Pink Plaid, Hair/::69::, Skin/Curio, Lingerie/LeLutka, Pearl Jewelry/Carolines.

Look 4 - Boots/In Her Shoes - Warm Winter Boots - Black, Hair/JE*REPUBLIC. Skin/Curio, Sweater/Madsy, Tank Top/DCNY, Leggings/DP YumYum, Ring/Donna Flora.

(Click on Images to expand.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

StyleCard: More Prestige

So Phoenix reviewed the fantastic new BAX Prestige Boots in Suede not long ago, but I love Bax Coen's suede boots so much that I decided to do a quickie post on them today as I was running around taking some photos in them. So here they are, and if you hadn't heard they come in a rainbow of shades, well there are 5 sets; Black, Green, Purple, Blue and Brown - and each set allows for four unique shades of suede, metal options, trim features, etc. So these really do offer a lot of value for your dollar. The fit on these is very easy to adjust, and they look perfect!

Visit BAX to see the full range of shades.

The stuff;

Boots: BAX Boots, Prestige Boots Suede, Black (set to Dark Grey).

Skin: Curio, Sundust June, Frex - Swan 2 (Dark).

Hair: BooN, VYN287, Mat.

Outfit: Blacklace, Guinevere: Silver Sequins Evening Gown (includes Lingerie.)

Accessories: SAIKIN, Rabbit Fur Mittens and Scarf (Grey). Aluinn Earrings.

Pose in 1st Image: *xoxo ania*, against the wall.

(click on images to enlarge.)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Group Gifts & Goofy Getups

Just a quick post to let you in on the amazingness that is the new Group Gift from Nardcotix! If you have been drooling over the gorgeous shoes that Nardya Rousselot has been churning out lately, don't miss your chance to get a pair of the Kurvy Ruby Slippers by signing up at the Nardcotix Subscrib-o-matic!

And as if that wasn't enough, Nardya will also be placing a perfect holiday sweater, the Frosti Sweater, under the tree in her Main Store, both Male and Female versions, so be sure to visit Nardcotix soon to get your sweater too!

Oh yeah! and just because it's been a while since I did any shameless self promotion, you can find the 'I'm a Fruitcake' Set at my shop Kitsch*en*Couture for only 50L... and the Christmas Crotch Swan for only 1L. Taxi to Kitsch on Retrology, here.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

StyleCard: MEB Suede & Studs Boots

It's that time of year again, Festival of Lights... yada, yada, yada. I spent the first night of Hannukah... or Chanukkah (actually there are 17 acceptable spellings of the word - I looked it up), seeking out the last of the Down the Chimney Hunt goodies. And then it was home to unwrap a very special gift from my girl Abraxxa Anatine of Earthstones. Last year she gave me the most gorgeous Menorah, but this year she went all out and gave me her new Dreidel Game, complete with golden coin 'gelt' for the really heavy holiday gambling. Anyhow, enough about the latkas and donuts, I guess we should get to the boots now.

MEB, the fashion house created by MariaElena Barbosa, has always included footwear with it's complete outfits, and while the shoes were nice they were never really the main focus. More recently though, MEB has introduced a much more detailed and unique assortment of shoes, ones that accompany the clothing collection nicely, but also stand alone in an updated shoe department, full of boots, sandals and heels to suit many tastes. The Suede & Studs Boots come in a quartet of great shades, capped off with a rolled knit topper. Cute and comfy, and perfect for attacking a gridwide hunt... though I can't say I will be doing another any time soon.

Visit MEB to take a look at the footwear collection!

The stuff;

Boots: MEB, Suede & Studs Boots, Ice.

Skin: Curio, Sundust June, Frex Doe 1 (Dark).

Hair: ::69::, Verte 04, Stud Scarf, Darkbrown.

Outfit: Narwhal, Tuck Me In Outfit (includes socks).

Accessories: DeLa, Tiana Earrings, Pink/Gold.

(click on images to expand.)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Shai Lizard Boots

Shai Delacroix has long been considered a major talent, and everything she endeavors to undertake seems to turn to gold.

So it's about time to she turned her attention to the foot.

The Lizard boot is the first of its kind, and hopefully not the last. Blending classic styling with her own unique twists, this boot is a great staple to fit into your wardrobe seamlessly.

There are six colours available, at L$400 each. Unfortunately, there is no fatpack, and more distressingly, there is no demo. Hopefully, that will come soon, because it's a very rare thing that I buy a shoe without a demo. Because it's Shai, though, I did.

Today, and today only, the red lizard boots are only L$50 for Fifty Linden Friday. You've got about four hours left to pick these up for that price, so make sure you head down to Casa del Shai!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shoes for a Fairy Princess

The newest collaboration between Love Soul and R2 has produced a gorgeous pair of sandals, fit for a wedding or a fancy occasion, or hell, even shopping.

The details are exquisite, from the rose to the nail decorative art. Which, luckily, is removable. Because I'm not a girl who can wear decorative things on my toenails. I absolutely love every detail of this shoe, and the HUD included is really great. It is very clear and easy to use, with three switchable tabs, and the entire thing can be minimized.

The one disappointing this about this shoe is the foot, specifically the shading and shadows. They're a little overdone for me, and I think they make the foot look a tad dirty (viewed in my standard Caliah preset), and a bit strained. I also found it tough to tint it to my skintone (in fact, I changed skintones to make an easier time of it) but that may just be my being spoiled by other creators who include lists with numbers to just plug in to get a perfect match. So you may have an easier time of it if you're used to tinting skintones.

These sandals are L$840 each, or you can choose to get the fatpack of nine colours for L$4970.

Go to Love Soul.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

StyleCard: Nardcotix Ashoka T-Straps

I have had to guard my Ashokas for a few days now. I was lucky enough to get an early peek at these gorgeous things over the weekend, and people were practically yanking them off my feet to get at them. Nardya has pretty much gift wrapped our feet for the holidays with these insanely yummy plaid pumps. Just look at the festive colors and that beautiful ruffle detail, I don't often use the F word, but I will for these... Fatpack. I know I could never decide between all the Nardcotix Ashoka T-Straps colors, I had to have them all!

Visit Nardotix super quick to get these!

The Stuff;

Shoes: Nardcotix, Ashoka T-Strap Shoes, Red.

Skin: Curio, Sundust (Dark) June, Swan 2 Frex.

Hair: TRUTH, Ashlynn, Caramel.

Outfit: Phoenix Rising, Motive, Red.

Accessories: Paper Couture, Pearled Simplicity Earrings. & Earthstones, Petite Tennis Bracelet (Abraxxa's Bridal), Gold.

(click on images to expand.)

StyleCard: Redgrave Moscow Boots

Just in case you were having a difficult time trying to decide which pair of boots to buy today... here is just one more amazing possibility. Viola Leigh, who makes the Redgrave footwear, returns after a long time away, to bring us a little taste of Moscow, well, Moscow Boots.

We all fell in love with those Biker Boots she made, and have been hungry for more ever since. It was a great to slip into these detailed leather boots with nice high heels and straps, and just enough fur to add style without looking like a ski bunny.

The boots are available in 5 colors, with a very special red and white Santa pair for all of you festive footwear lovers. Regular shades sell for a very reasonable 350 L$/pair, and there are a couple of multi-pack options, while the Santa Red Moscow Boots are available for only 222 L$!

Be sure and visit Redgrave to get some of these great boots!

The stuff;

Boots: Redgrave, Moscow Boots, Black&Brown.

Skin: Redgrave, Leona Tan, Smoky.

Hair:, Deena, Delighted Blond.

Outfit: Bijou, Shelter Outfit, Black (includes stockings). & COCO, Fur Cape, BrownMix.

Accessories: Redgrave, Driving Gloves, Long Finger (Black).

(click on images to expand).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BeeBee's a SLinky Goddess

Siddean Munro of SLink gets better and better with every release. Her latest, the BeeBee ankle boots are, in a word, spectacular.

Today, Siddean released a special festive limited edition version of red & green, with a white fur trim and some little jingle bells. I'm not normally a holiday type of girl, but one look at these made me change my mind. Now, I already had the fatpack of these luscious leather cuties, because I hightailed it right over as soon as I got my notice of their existence, but I needed the festive ones too!

I love all of the interesting features of these, like the strap going under the heels and the zipper tab. The suede and the leather textures are amazingly done, and Siddean tells me besides (legitimately) sourcing the actual textures, the entire rest is all hand-done.

Each colour is L$650 each, and if you're like me and prefer to buy fatpacks where possible (it's a sickness, an awesome sickness), it's only $2900, which is slightly more than 50% off! The Xmas edition is only $150.

SLink Mainstore.
SLink Blog.


Hair - Truth Grazia in Treacle \ Skin - Laqroki Ania 01 in Nougat \ Dress - LeLutka Charliz is Dancing The Polka Mini in Night \ Leggings - Truth Xanadu in Black \ Poses - Reel Expression Shoe Fair 07, Glitterati Sci-Fi Hallway.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Say It Isn't So!

The 2009 SL® Footwear Expo ends tonight and it has been an overwhelming success, and a tribute to all the amazing Animators, Footwear Designers, and Expo Committee members who have braved the chilly winter weather for the past two weeks to make it all happen. Never fear, if you haven't made the trip over to the shoe fair sims, there is still some time left to get your hands on all the beautiful exclusives and support Toys for Tots!

I hope you have enjoyed my coverage of the Expo, both on 'On Your Toes' and on the Footwear Expo Blog. In case you missed anything, I invite you to visit my flickr collection of all 30 Footwear Expo Collector Cards... see the complete slide show here.

I leave you with a little tease of something to come... these absolutely perfect and plaid t-strap pumps, the Ashoka T-Strap Shoes by Nardcotix, due out the middle of this coming week. So even though it's sad to say farewell to another amazing Expo, we are comforted by the knowledge of great things to come!

Happy Shopping! Taxi to Expo.

The Stuff;

Shoes: Nardcotix, Ashoka T-Strap Shoes, Red Plaid.

Skin: Curio, Sundust (Dark) June, Swan 2 Frex.

Hair: TRUTH, Ashlynn, Caramel.

Outfit: Phoenix Rising, Motive, Red.

Accessories: Paper Couture, Pearled Simplicity Earrings. & Earthstones, Petite Tennis Bracelet (Abraxxa's Bridal), Gold.

Music: Say It Isn't So by Hall & Oates.

(click on image to expand.)

Prestigious Boots!

Hey all!

I'm so happy that I took the plunge and asked Anessa if she'd ever want me to write for On Your Toes, because as a long time fan of both shoes and SL, it's perfect :-) Anessa has been doing some amazing blogposts for the SL Footwear Expo, which is ending tonight at 8pm SLT (if I'm home from dinner out :P). In any case, hi!

Ever since I returned to SL a few months ago, I've been in love with my Bax prestige boots. The second I saw them for the first time, my heart skipped a beat, and it didn't start up regularly again until I had not only bought the fatpack, but also put on every colour and tried all the options.

And then the other day I heard a rumour, saw a picture, got wind of some news: they're coming out in suede! Of course, I was very excited, even though many many amazing shoes have come out in the past few weeks (gawd, I love shoe fair!).

I IM'd Bax as soon as she asked for a group invite to rez something new at the fair, breathlessly asking if it was true, if she was putting out the suede boots at the fair, and all I got was an enigmatic "maybe". So I went instead to stalk her at the mainstore. I saw her and one of her very nice CSR's there, fitting boots for customers. I stood around, taking in the ambience, and then Bax very kindly offered me some review copies, *and* let me send my shoe fair partner-in-crime some boots too!

Enough chatter. More boots!

As you can see, the boots are in some fairly luscious colours. At first, I wondered where my favourites were from the leathers pack, but then I came to realize that it only makes sense to have some completely new colours! I love all the rich tones, and the suede texture is pretty perfect as well.

So for the numbers: each colour package - black, brown, green, purple and blue - is L$875. If your favourite colour is fatpack, then that will cost only L$3499. But that's a screaming good deal when you think about it. There are four tones in each colour pack, and the extras alone are hugely amazing. If you put these on at the store, then you can be fitted by one of their experts, or do it yourself because it's super easy. Once that's done, you can put on any other pair you happened to have bought, and it remembers your fitting! A blue menu box will come up and ask you if you want to use the same fitting parameters, and then fit them automatically for you. It's absolutely amazing. Bax was telling me that she was updating the leather boots to have this feature as well, so if you have yet to see or buy these boots, there's no better time.

TP to Mainstore

Bax's blog.

StyleCard: COCO Backless Ankle Boots

So, I wanted these hot little Christian Louboutin boots for Christmas, and COCO sent them a few weeks early! The Backless Ankle Boots from Cocoro Lemon are just as yummy as their real life inspiration, and definitely worth having in Zebra, Leopard, or Black. There still seems to be some dramatics in the Second Life blogging community, attacking certain designers for replicating real life styles or photo sourcing garments, while others who are doing the same thing are overlooked or applauded for their innovation.

I am here to tell you that most, if not all, of the top footwear designers have taken heavy inspiration from the best, and it doesn't take long to find them all over google images, if you try looking. Do I have a problem with this practise? Absolutely not. Do I like being able to wear a Louboutin or Gucci look-a-like shoe in SL, one I could never afford or comfortably wear in RL? Yes I do.

I have covered the issue before, and maybe it is time to do another little show and tell with the pictures I have been collecting, until then let us try and remember... very few of the content creators of second life are actually just creating replicas of items they themselves design or hold copyright to in first life. Most designers in second life came here with a desire to make things that people would enjoy owning, and more often than not they had to learn a new skill set to do it... making sculpties, texturing, and prim construction. Even when a design resembles a real world creation, we can still appreciate what it takes to bring it to fruition in a virtual world.

This Christmas, even if your RL purse strings can't accommodate everything on your wish list, make your footwear fantasies come true, even if it is only in SL.

Visit COCO today!

The stuff;

Boots: COCO, Backless Ankle Boots, Zebra.

Skin: Curio, Sundust (Dark) June, Frex - Swan 2.

Hair: Lamb, Ghost, Kit Kat.

Outfit: COCO, Featherskirt. & Artilleri, Ah, Bella!, Zebra. & M * A * ii * K * I, High Waisted Belt, Black Patent.

Accessories: UZURI, Mkuki Earrings & Zamani Silver Bangle.
(click on images to expand.)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Footwear Expo Fashion Show!

Footwear Expo is presenting a fashion show this afternoon, and you are invited! Today, at 1:00 PM slt, make your way over to the Expo Main Stage to catch a look at the hottest styles of the shoe fair, you might see something new, or something you missed while shopping the fair! The Expo is almost drawing to a close, so don't miss this chance to attend a fun footwear fashion show and buy your raffle tickets to win some incredible prizes too!

Join us Today at 1:00 PM slt, at Expo!

Friday, December 4, 2009

StyleCard: J's ThighHigh Boots, Part 2

Oh, how irresistible are these! Though J's had previously released some equally delicious Thigh High Boots, the new style is a bit more elegant and available in a rainbow of 13 colors! With a stiletto heel and 3 height options on these leg hugging latex wonders, there is something to love for both fashionista and fetishist alike. The boots take full advantage of the Second Life system shoe as a base, and then JB Gazov gives us sculpted foot attachment to complete the look.

Visit J's to see more!

The stuff;

Boots: J's, ThighHigh Boots, Bordeaux.

Skin: Curio, Sundust (Dark) Winter, Coal 2.

Hair: Analog Dog, Lua, Dark Brown (tinted).

Outfit: Exia, Doll Style Jacket Dress, Cherry.

Accessories: Tap (5th & Oxford), Short Gloves, Merlot.

(click on image to expand.)

StyleCard: caLLie's Cute Boots

Red, or White, or Candy Stripes? Callie Cline offers you a choice in these fun holiday fur topped westerns. Shiny and embellished with crystals, these fluff topped cuties are the perfect thing to wear as you prance from shop to shop completing your Holiday Gift buying!

Visit Miss Callie's world to get your Furry Boots!

The stuff;

Boots: caLLie cLine, Furry Boots, Red, White & Candy Cane.

Skin: Curio, Sundust (Dark) June, Frex Doe 1.

Hair: Junwave, Rina (Side), Brown.

Outfit: DCNY, Laura Holiday Sweater, Red. (Upcoming Group Gift) & DCNY, Basic Jeans, Blue.

Accessories: caLLie cLine, Happy Head Candy Canes.

(click on image to expand.)

StyleCard: Stiletto Moody Bare Ginger

Like a little ice princess on my Stiletto Moody platforms, I decided to take my Bare Gingers out for some winter fun. More scandalously high heels from Stiletto, these ones have some nice leather cage work on the ankles and a bit of leather string accent across the foot and under the sole. For fans of Stiletto Moody these sexy shoes are something to ask Santa for this season.

Visit Stiletto Moody here.

The stuff;

Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Bare Ginger, White (all color set).

Skin: Curio, Moonbeam (Light) Winter, Snow Angel 2.

Hair: ::69::, Jadore 50, Silver Mist.

Outfit: Luck Inc., Sweater Dress (White) & Wide Belt. & Armidi Ltd., Metallic Tights, White (Tinted Grey).

Accessories: Second Mirage, Khione Earrings (only on XStreet).

(click on image to expand.)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

StyleCard: ANEXX 2-Way Belt Laceup Boots

They have a really long name, those ANEXX 2-Way Belt Laceup Boots, but they also have a lot of good things going on for fans of casual, almost rustic, sculpted boots. Machang Pichot has some great new releases at footwear expo, and these hard to resist lace-ups come in both men's and women's sizes. Available in 6 colors, the boots feature well worn leather and soles, and shiny gold buckles, grommets and hooks. Each pair comes with 2 variations, a basic boot and one with plaid accents. You can buy these in individual pairs or in fatpacks of 3. Look for these at Footwear Expo, and at the ANEXX Main Store.

The stuff;

Boots: ANEXX, 2-Way Belt Laceup Boots, Brown.

Skin: Curio, June Sundust Frex, Dark - Doe 1.

Hair: DejaVu, Yuria, Black (re-tinted).

Outfit: Sn(a)tch, Cashmere Sweater, Brown. & Muism, Tartan Buckle Skirt, Faquharson. & So Many Styles, Shiny Tights, Rusty.

Accessories: The Hat Shop, Tweed Cap, Brown (re-tinted). & Muism, Slim Fur Scarf, Maple. & LUCE, American Pierce, Stardust (Copper). & Fresh Baked Goods, Sculptured Sugar Bangle, Copper.

(click on image to expand.)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

StyleCard: Surf Couture Elsa Boots

As if there weren't enough reasons to love winter, Emma Gilmour of Surf Couture has given us another. The Elsa Boots are a play on a boot and knit leg warmer combo, but these casual boots are equipped with color change menus for the knit parts that allow for 25 fantastic shade choices, from neutrals to brights. Once you decide between the 8 boot shades, trust me this is a hard choice, you will end up with a very versatile winter warm-up. The price point on these is phenomenal, you really can't go wrong, and Emma has made giftable versions of the boots too... so share some warmth with your friends!

Visit Surf Couture at Footwear Expo, or at the Main Store!

The stuff;

Boots: Surf Couture, Elsa Boots, White.

Skin: Curio, June - Sundust Frex, (Dark) Doe 1.

Hair:Maitreya, Green II, Caramel.

Outfit: AOHARU, Nordic Knit Coat, Gray. & Armidi, Grace Jeans, Bleached. & Argrace, 'With You', Light Grey Turtleneck Sweater.

Accessories: Belt from Maitreya Boyfriend Jeans and Gloves by 5th & Oxford.

(click image to expand.)

Monday, November 30, 2009

StyleCard: Snow Bunny Baby!

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this item come up on the fashion feed, needless to say I hopped (pun intended) over to Bare Rose to get it lickety split. The Bare Rose Super Yukiusa Sisters set is a complete head to toe look, no wait, make that two head to toe looks, all cute and cozy and bunny girl fantastic! You get a pink and a white version of the outfit and it includes the boots! Yep two pairs of these adorable and cuddly boots, for only, wait for it, 180 L$! And for that price even if you don't have any intention of getting into a snow bunny outfit, the boots are worth the trip to Bare Rose.. so grab these up!

Are you still sitting there? Get over to Bare Rose, now!

The stuff;

Outfit (Including Boots): Bare Rose, Super Yukiusa Sisters.

Skin: Curio, Moonbeam, Winter, Snow Angel 2 (Dark).

Hair:, Deena, Melancholy White.

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StyleCard: YS&YS BigSur Boots

More boots worthy of attention at Footwear Expo, YS & YS bring us the BigSur Boots. These tall suede lovelies have really nice texturing and a great cuffed top. Available in 8 colors, you can also get a very special blue version in support of Toys for Tots at Expo. Visit YS & YS at Expo to get these boots, or the main store for a great selection of footwear.

The stuff;

Boots: YS & YS, BigSur Boots, Goblin.

Skin: Curio, June Sundust FREX, Doe 1.

Hair: TRUTH, Grace, Toffee.

Outfit: So Many Styles, Button Shirt, Green. & Elephant Outfitters (Armidi), Andi Denim Vest, Sand and Journey Tweed Slacks Coal.

Accessories: Donna Flora, Viola Set. & Redgrave, Driving Gloves, Mustard. & LeLutka, 100% Plastic Bag, Goldenrod (Group Gift).

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Footwear Expo Update!

If you haven't hit the Footwear Expo yet, what are you waiting for? Not only is the Expo home to several amazing new releases, and a great way to discover some new designers, but it is also a great way to support a good cause, Toys for Tots!

One exciting way to contribute is to buy 2009 Footwear Expo Raffle Tickets! Locate the giant green ornaments scattered around the expo grounds and for your 1000 L$ contribution you will be entered into a draw for some amazing prizes! 2 Grand Prizes will be awarded, including prizes furnished by:

The Loft
Reel Expression
*HD* Haven Designs
G Field
Sable Rose
Olive Juice poses
Callie Cline
Tiny Bird
Striking Poses
Shoe Fly
Heart & Soul
aDORKable poses
Miau Haus

Winners will be drawn at the end of the Expo, Contact Rosie Shark for more information!

StyleCard: Periquita Kulturtant Flats

Erpla Prieto has a great new pair of flats at Footwear Expo, the Kulturtant Flats are an almost chubby little flat with the added interest of a band around the toes and a strap loosely around the ankle in a contrast color. The Kulturtant Flats are color change, allowing you to mix and match the base of the shoe and the trim, and they are resize scripted. Visit Periquita at Expo or the Main Store to pick up these cuties.

The stuff;

Shoes: Periquita, Kulturtant Flats.

Skin: Belleza, Jesse, Sunkiss 8 HB.

Hair: TRUTH, Wilma, Chocolate.

Outfit: Muism, VSL Damaged Jeans, Washed. &, Ballet Sweater, Hot Pink. & COCO, FringeVest, Dark Brown.

Accessories: Maitreya, Coin Necklace.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

StyleCard: Kookie Pomski Boots

More cute boot love! If for some reason the Pomski Boots from Kookie have escaped your notice, I will enlighten you as to their many charms. I have to say one of my favorite times in SL is winter and all the great knit wear, scarves and coats we get to shop for, these Pomski Boots are definitely worth grabbing to go with all of the cozy stuff. They are a modern take on a classic snowboot, great texturing and leather laces are capped off with a bit of fur and a pair of sweet pom poms. Pure winter fun!

Visit Kookie at Footwear Expo or the Main Store Location to find these.

The stuff;

Boots: Kookie, Pomski Boots, Light Kelp (White Fur).

Skin: Curio, June Sundust FREX, Dark Swan 1.

Hair/Hat: ::69::, Escape 2, Faded Brown.

Outfit: Muism, Yeti Jacket, White. & DP Yum Yum, Leggings, Brown. & Mischief, Spring Chill Sweater, Camel. & Maitreya, RB Tank, Fuchsia Red.

Necklace: Second Mirage, Khione Necklace.

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