Saturday, December 12, 2009

StyleCard: MEB Suede & Studs Boots

It's that time of year again, Festival of Lights... yada, yada, yada. I spent the first night of Hannukah... or Chanukkah (actually there are 17 acceptable spellings of the word - I looked it up), seeking out the last of the Down the Chimney Hunt goodies. And then it was home to unwrap a very special gift from my girl Abraxxa Anatine of Earthstones. Last year she gave me the most gorgeous Menorah, but this year she went all out and gave me her new Dreidel Game, complete with golden coin 'gelt' for the really heavy holiday gambling. Anyhow, enough about the latkas and donuts, I guess we should get to the boots now.

MEB, the fashion house created by MariaElena Barbosa, has always included footwear with it's complete outfits, and while the shoes were nice they were never really the main focus. More recently though, MEB has introduced a much more detailed and unique assortment of shoes, ones that accompany the clothing collection nicely, but also stand alone in an updated shoe department, full of boots, sandals and heels to suit many tastes. The Suede & Studs Boots come in a quartet of great shades, capped off with a rolled knit topper. Cute and comfy, and perfect for attacking a gridwide hunt... though I can't say I will be doing another any time soon.

Visit MEB to take a look at the footwear collection!

The stuff;

Boots: MEB, Suede & Studs Boots, Ice.

Skin: Curio, Sundust June, Frex Doe 1 (Dark).

Hair: ::69::, Verte 04, Stud Scarf, Darkbrown.

Outfit: Narwhal, Tuck Me In Outfit (includes socks).

Accessories: DeLa, Tiana Earrings, Pink/Gold.

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Laura18 Streeter said...

Brava MariaElena!
Good job to everyone at MEB and On Your Toes :)