Sunday, December 6, 2009

Prestigious Boots!

Hey all!

I'm so happy that I took the plunge and asked Anessa if she'd ever want me to write for On Your Toes, because as a long time fan of both shoes and SL, it's perfect :-) Anessa has been doing some amazing blogposts for the SL Footwear Expo, which is ending tonight at 8pm SLT (if I'm home from dinner out :P). In any case, hi!

Ever since I returned to SL a few months ago, I've been in love with my Bax prestige boots. The second I saw them for the first time, my heart skipped a beat, and it didn't start up regularly again until I had not only bought the fatpack, but also put on every colour and tried all the options.

And then the other day I heard a rumour, saw a picture, got wind of some news: they're coming out in suede! Of course, I was very excited, even though many many amazing shoes have come out in the past few weeks (gawd, I love shoe fair!).

I IM'd Bax as soon as she asked for a group invite to rez something new at the fair, breathlessly asking if it was true, if she was putting out the suede boots at the fair, and all I got was an enigmatic "maybe". So I went instead to stalk her at the mainstore. I saw her and one of her very nice CSR's there, fitting boots for customers. I stood around, taking in the ambience, and then Bax very kindly offered me some review copies, *and* let me send my shoe fair partner-in-crime some boots too!

Enough chatter. More boots!

As you can see, the boots are in some fairly luscious colours. At first, I wondered where my favourites were from the leathers pack, but then I came to realize that it only makes sense to have some completely new colours! I love all the rich tones, and the suede texture is pretty perfect as well.

So for the numbers: each colour package - black, brown, green, purple and blue - is L$875. If your favourite colour is fatpack, then that will cost only L$3499. But that's a screaming good deal when you think about it. There are four tones in each colour pack, and the extras alone are hugely amazing. If you put these on at the store, then you can be fitted by one of their experts, or do it yourself because it's super easy. Once that's done, you can put on any other pair you happened to have bought, and it remembers your fitting! A blue menu box will come up and ask you if you want to use the same fitting parameters, and then fit them automatically for you. It's absolutely amazing. Bax was telling me that she was updating the leather boots to have this feature as well, so if you have yet to see or buy these boots, there's no better time.

TP to Mainstore

Bax's blog.

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Anessa Stine said...

Welcome to 'On Your Toes', Phoenix! Great first post, the boots are fantastic!