Sunday, December 6, 2009

StyleCard: COCO Backless Ankle Boots

So, I wanted these hot little Christian Louboutin boots for Christmas, and COCO sent them a few weeks early! The Backless Ankle Boots from Cocoro Lemon are just as yummy as their real life inspiration, and definitely worth having in Zebra, Leopard, or Black. There still seems to be some dramatics in the Second Life blogging community, attacking certain designers for replicating real life styles or photo sourcing garments, while others who are doing the same thing are overlooked or applauded for their innovation.

I am here to tell you that most, if not all, of the top footwear designers have taken heavy inspiration from the best, and it doesn't take long to find them all over google images, if you try looking. Do I have a problem with this practise? Absolutely not. Do I like being able to wear a Louboutin or Gucci look-a-like shoe in SL, one I could never afford or comfortably wear in RL? Yes I do.

I have covered the issue before, and maybe it is time to do another little show and tell with the pictures I have been collecting, until then let us try and remember... very few of the content creators of second life are actually just creating replicas of items they themselves design or hold copyright to in first life. Most designers in second life came here with a desire to make things that people would enjoy owning, and more often than not they had to learn a new skill set to do it... making sculpties, texturing, and prim construction. Even when a design resembles a real world creation, we can still appreciate what it takes to bring it to fruition in a virtual world.

This Christmas, even if your RL purse strings can't accommodate everything on your wish list, make your footwear fantasies come true, even if it is only in SL.

Visit COCO today!

The stuff;

Boots: COCO, Backless Ankle Boots, Zebra.

Skin: Curio, Sundust (Dark) June, Frex - Swan 2.

Hair: Lamb, Ghost, Kit Kat.

Outfit: COCO, Featherskirt. & Artilleri, Ah, Bella!, Zebra. & M * A * ii * K * I, High Waisted Belt, Black Patent.

Accessories: UZURI, Mkuki Earrings & Zamani Silver Bangle.
(click on images to expand.)

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