Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jane Says....

She does it again!! Who you may ask? Why, Fallingwater Cellardoor of course! The Shiny Things creator and shoe artist released the Jane Wedges this week and I am drooling over my pairs. Available in 6 gorgeous natural shades and in 2 sizes in each pack! Visit Shiny Things Online and In World

**Update to the a putz when I took the original photo for this post, I put on shoes that were a little to big for these toes. I was so enamored with the shoes themselves that I didn't even notice that my toes where hidden behind the straps. So corrected I the size and uploaded the new pics. Sorry about that!**

Other stuff: Skin by Redgrave, and hair by Truth. Dress no longer available.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playing Footsies

A couple of quick hits that are worth checking out, new releases from AOHARU Walk, J's Shoes and Kookie. Up first is the just born style from Kookie Lemon, Vogue Strappy Shoes. A fresh heel-less foot in shoe platform with metallic leather straps. Easy skin color change with a colour tinted ball that you rez and customize, and a HUD for nail color and the ankle fix options. These are available in multiple colors.

Next up is the attractive Flat Gladiator Sandal from AOHARU Walk. Like the rest of the Luxury Line more cute feet, but these are a flat which is less common. I like all the little details and the join at the leg looks great after minor fit adjustment. A sassy kinda flat sandal for sure. These are worth grabbing in your favorite shade.

Finally is today's release from J's, the Flip-Flap and Barefoot. Of all the foot in shoe styles I have tried I found these the trickiest to tint, but once i got them matched the result was rather nice. I love these flat foot styles and a flip flop is great shoe to have with the foot. These also come with the option of nail colors and can be worn as a bare foot too... which would be nice for photos but will likely need some retouch at the ankle. These come with a pair of cute flowered anklets to help disguise the join point.

Visit Kookie, AOHARU and J's Shoes.

The stuff; with Kookie - Redgrave Skin, LAQ Hair, Elate! Dress, LeLutka Accessories. with AOHARU - Redgrave Skin, Junwave Hair, TULI Top, COCO Short Denim with Belt, M.R.M. Bracelets. with J's - Redgrave Skin, ETD Ltd. Edition Hair (No Longer Available), League Frayed Skirt, Accessories by M.R.M. and UnTone.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Shiny Truth!!!!

I've come to this conclusion: "Graci slacks, therefore she is"  Yes, yet again I'm cheating and combining my posts for this week. But I have to say, what great shoes I have for you today. 

From Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things are the Hyasynths named for the Silentsparrow creator, Hyasynth. A very platformed shoe, the fine details of the straps with the cute stars make this a fab shoe. Available in red and black versions, there is also a dress from Silentsparrow to go with the shoes. Visit Shiny Things Online and In World

Truth Hawks has been a busy bee, not only was there a shoe release recently, but I think more hair, clothes and accessories such as belts and bags. Here I have on the Wests high tops. Available in a lot of color combinations and in both female and male sizes. A fun shoe for lounging or playing. Visit Truth Online and In World

Other Stuff: Shiny Things - Hair by Truth, Skin by Redgrave, Dress by Fuel. Truth - Hair by ETD, Skin by Redgrave, Shirt by Launa Fauna, Sock and Shorts by Detour.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TooToo Good

Erple Prieto will be releasing another great style today, the TooToo Shoe. It's a heavy round toed pump with a fun criss cross strap and some very unique fabrications and combinations. A real retro flavor with it's chunky sole and generous fit, and options like polka dots only add to the charm. Periquita's previous releases featured a seriously pointed toe, so these are a nice change of pace, and a throw back to some of Erpla's earliest releases. There are numerous color combinations and polka dot and plain versions available. If things go according to plan these will hit the shelves by tonight, so be sure and look for them very soon.

Visit Periquita at Retrology or Fuzzy.

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, ETD Aveda Hair, Ingenue Skirt, Top of GiMa Dress, Um Mode Necklace, Kurotsubaki Ring, Detour Hair Bow.

The New Jimmy

Jimmy Chau is back with another sexy shoe, and for fans of his high shine baked patent footwear, the new Shibaru is a real treat. This sexy pump has a metal stiletto spike and an accent chain the falls from the back of the heel. It's a unique looking shoe that comes in a few great colors.

Look for Jimmy Chau shoes on Journey.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, Laqroki Hair, Laqroki Dress, Creamshop Earrings, Fabulous Clutch.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun, Fab & Free

When I log on I am often blasted with note cards and IMs, and when I logged this afternoon I was hit with one from a store named Pixelfashion that caught my attention with the words 'Free Shoes'. I was previously aware of Pixelfashion and creator Amandine Arai after spotting a great dress on someone at an event, and I was pleased to discover the shop was filled with some extremely sexy Lingerie too. The footwear also caught my eye, some really cute stuff and some scandalously high boots too. But after TPing over to get my hands on the free-ness I was also very attracted to another pair of sky high wedge sandals called Luna. So here is a look at the Luna and the Sally shoes from Pixelfashion, and if you head over to the shop before April 24th these white Sally Sandals are OMG free! Both styles are available in 18 amazing colors, and there are matching belts for every shade available (nice idea). I highly recommend you check out this store if you have never had a chance.

Visit Pixelfashion's newly rebuilt main store here.

Also wearing; with Luna - Redgrave Skin, Junwave Hair, Armidi (Elephant Outfitters) Polo Dress, Blood Lust Designs Backpack, Buncha Heart Bangles by Boing Fromage, Love Soul Prim Nails. with Sally - Redgrave Skin, Junwave Hair, So Many Styles Bodysuit, COCO Belt & Tube Top, Earrings and Bracelets by Creamshop, Love Soul Prim Nails.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

UPDATE: Hello Miss Zhao?

OK Color me confused, a concerned reader pointed this out to me this morning and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed and even more bewildered, but perhaps the creators involved can shed some light on the situation for all of us. It seems the just released ZHAO AprilStars are almost identical, if not identical, to shoes released in January by Cattiva e Cattivo creator Lissa Maertens. They are alike in appearance and also in the name 'AprilStars' and even the color names seem to be the same. So I ask, were these a 'business in a box' full perms kit situation or has Lissa started working with ZHAO? I await your feedback. (*** please see the comments section of this post for clarification)

The Original Review:

Zhao shoes is back! For whatever reason it has been a while since Melanie Zhao has released something new, but as expected she has returned with the release of these cute sculpted AprilStars oxford heels. Some nice texturing here, and great color selection, each pair comes with 2 lace options, these are resizable by HUD. There is also a color changeable pair with bling, Zhao has always offered great customizable features and she managed to find a way to offer that here too.

Visit ZHAO Shoes at the main store to take a look at the newness.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, ETD Hair, Argrace Shirt, COCO knotted sweater, Cachet Pants, Artilleri & Fresh Baked Goods Bracelets.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kickass Boots

I swear, Tesla Miles is a genius, there is no better way to describe someone who has conquered more styles than Madonna. Seriously though, every time she releases a shoe it is a surprise to me, always pushing her skills to another level of shape, style and texturing. Today's happy release of the Harvey Biker Boots certainly made me smile, especially when she remarked that they might not be my style... hunny, everything you make is my style. The boots, which are available for Men too btw, are the best grunged up short biker boots I have seen in a long time. Scuffed and salt stained, the boots have great details like the prim zipper pulls. These again seem to be on the latest trend, a one piece boot that attaches to the lower leg, with an invisible prim foot attachment that effectively amputates your foot.

Truly great boots from Tesla, grab some here.

Other stuff; Redgrave Skin, TRUTH Hat/Hair, Abyss Top and Shorts, COCO Jacket, Redgrave Gloves, Dutch Touch Socks/Fishnets, AITUI Tattoo.

Earthy Slides

EarthStones was previously reviewed on this blog for some great foot jewelry and some sweet flat sandals, but it has been a while since Abraxxa Anatine sent something my way. These Troya Slides combine her amazing talent for jewelry yet again, into a simple and attractive shoe. Some great texturing makes these kinda special, and I was also impressed with the shape of the foot in the shoe as it was pretty kind on those wacky toes we all have, they look about as nice as I have ever seen for non-prim toes.

Though they do come in a variety of stone/leather combinations, I am wearing the coffee, others are pictured above. You can find these and other well crafted items at the EarthStones Main Store located here.

The other stuff; Redgrave Skin, TRUTH Hair, TART Dress, (luc) Necklace, Sole and Um Mode Bracelets.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Twice the Toes - Digit Darkes and Truth

I think Anessa was right! It's been a shoe explosion the past few days! So I'm fast tracking a bit and double posting some of the new stuff that's come across my attention. First (above) is the Desire Heel from Digit Darkes. On Your Toes had featured Digit's other "Toe Shoe" the Lotus Heels earlier in the week. Like the Lotus these are gorgeous shoes. Super high heal with leather and metal hardware, that is also color changing from brown & black leather and gold, silver, & bronze metal.  I really like the look of these prim toes, and the overall shape is yummy. I did have a bit more trouble matching my skin tone, and found that it was easier for me to match these shoes with my Belleza skin than my Redgrave. Like Anessa said in her first review, there is a notecard provided that gives suggestions with tones, and there also is a sock pack included that helps as well. The shading around the sides is darker than the rest of the foot, which could change depending on your lighting and viewer. This shoe also utilizes invisaprims on the legs to hide those ghastly natural SL feet, so you won't be able to use your cuffs with these shoes that use the same attach point. 

Visit Digit Darkes Online and Inworld!

On a side note, while reading plurks the other day, Alaska M. had a really great idea. She asked whether shoe creators who make shoes with sculpted feet were making copies of them without the feet as well. I love that idea, just because even though I personally love the cute little piggies, I know there are others out there who aren't in favor of them, I'd hate to see those people not get a chance to wear some of these great looking shoes! Just an idea. :)

So my other treasure is the Sophia Boots from Truth (along with some really cute Truth hair too). The detail on the buckle of these ankle boots are fabulous, these are just the type of boots that boot lovers need for the upcoming warmer months! I think they'd look great with capris, shorts, skirts, and whatever suits your fancy! Available in several colors, these are worth a look!

Visit Truth Inworld and Online!

Other stuff: Picture 1: Redgrave/Belleza skin, Lamb hair,  Canimal top, No Label pants, Digit Darkes-Desire Heel. Picture 2: TRUTH Sophia Boots,  [MG fashion] Rita denim dress, Truth Hair,  Redgrave skin.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Courtisane Entices

Since the opening of the joint shoe enterprise by designers LeeZu Baxter (LeeZu) and Enktan Gully (Enkythings), I have greatly anticipated their follow-up shoe releases. The Courtisane Dévoué Sandals are a delicious combination of retro and modern, with rosettes and ribbon and textures unlike any I have seen before.

I truly love the look of these shoes, they inspired me to get a bit retro, a fun feminine look. As always these are available in a great range of colors, I would definitely have a hard time deciding on which ones to get.

Make your choice at Courtisane.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, Ingenue Hair, Gbberish Dress, LeeZu Necklace, UZURI Bracelet and Earrings, Prim Nails by Candy Nail.

Periquita Returns

It has been a long time since I have had the pleasure of chatting with Erpla Prieto, the creator of those quirky irresistible shoes under the store name Periquita. She contacted me last night to share some happy news, and that she was going to be rejoining SL a bit more with multiple new products planned. The first release hit the shelves last night, the Chicky Chic Pumps.

A cute little pump with that signature Perquita styling, and as always, released in a tantalizing series of shades. I love the uber pointy and hand molded appearance of these shoes, with a nice leather texture that is reminiscent of ostrich. I am looking forward to what comes next, welcome back Erpla!

Visit Periquita for some happy shoe-ness.

Also wearing; Redgrave Skin, Laqroki Hair, W&B Tube Dress, Fleur Belt, Artilleri Hair Lilly, Necklace and Earrings by Chloe, U&R Dogs Bracelet.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blog-O-Rama Saturday

Is it just me or did everyone release new shoes this weekend? I have once again decided to condense my reviews into one big posting, all outfit details will be at the end. So let's take a look at the latest from Biddle Boots, AOHARU Walk & enkythings.

The Ankle Boots from Biddle Boots, have a great satiny texture and are adorned with stylish gold chains and trims. I love the fresh pink color shown here, and the overall sleek shape. What seems to be the latest method of attaching footwear appears here once again, with an invisi-prim foot attachment and the actual boot attached to the lower leg.

Another cute release from Biddle Boots, shop here.

Next we have this surprising treat from AOHARU Walk Luxury Line, who has released a new foot in shoe Gladiator Sandal, called Enamel Gladiator shown here in white. I am really quite impressed with the detail and the style of this shoe, the skin adjustment was very simple using a hud with multiple color options, and then further fine tuning should you need it. One of my favorite feet in shoe styles that I have reviewed thus far.

Visit AOHARU Walk to view all colors.

Last but not least is a new style from Enktan Gully, enkythings, well actually its a variation on the previously released Sulaco Heels, These are not only a two tone version, but also come adorned with a sculpted flower in matching shades. A nicely textured shoe with a retro appeal.

Multiple Colors are available, so visit the main store to take a look.

The Stuff; with Biddle Boots; Redgrave Skin, Mikan Hair, Tangy Tank Top, Artilleri Pants, MichaMi Belt from Fearne Top (tinted). MiamMiam Charm Necklace, UR Dogs Bangle & Nautica Bunny Bag from Pampered Princess. with AOHARU Gladiator Sandals; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Necklace and Bracelt by Violet Voltaire. with Enkythings; Redgrave Skin, Zero Style hair, Decolletage Outfit (belt included), Bangle from Ume Mode.

A Little Bit Kookie

And here they are, something kinda special from Kookie Lemon, and yeah more toes. Lovers of the Kookie brand will be very familiar with the more animated look to the shoes, they have a very unique quality to them that I have yet to see duplicated. Unique textures and shape, and now some very unique Chic Heels, complete with painted piggies and leg wrapping leather. They have a unique color match system for customizing skin tone, and a hud for selecting nail color - this method worked very well. And so, from the fabulous chunky wood sole and softly textured leather with Bow or without, to the metal accents and criss cross of straps, the Chic Heels are a fun shoe to be sure.

Visit Kookie to get your fix.

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, :;69:: Hair, DP Serendipity Sweater and Lingerie, Maitreya Skirt, Sole Necklace, Tres Blah Purse.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

[Hoorenbeek] Hops it Up!

A great freebie for all the shoe lovers heading out on those many grid-wide hunts, be sure and hop over to Hoorenbeek first to collect these great FREE Nylon Trainers. The shoes are unisex with both a male and female version included, gotta love that! Now, with new sneakers as nice as these on your avatar feet, finding all those eggs should be easy as pie. Have fun out there!

Get your FREE Nylon Trainers at Hoorenbeek.

Also wearing; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Acid & Mala Creations Hoodie/Panties, NC Creations Tube Socks.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Organic & Roses

Yes, I'm double dipping with this post! Not only do I want to make you aware of the latest release from She's So Unusual Shoe's, but I want you to take a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd look at the newest dresses from Noena Hedges. 

First lets talk about the SSUS Peeptoe Organic Wedges. Rowan Carroll's shoes come in many colors, and are the perfect spring addition to your inventory. A natural material heel, with a shiny upper texture, these can work from day to night. 

If you haven't heard, Nonna Hedges has just released 30 different dresses for this spring/summer. Yes, 30! Featured here is the Dangerous Roses in purple/red. I liked this dress not only for the rich color, but something about the slim underskirt paired with a foofy outer skirt really appealed to me.

Take a look when you get a chance:
She's So Unusual can be found at:  Thistledown (202, 121, 25) and Nonna Hedges collection can be found at: Picasso (101, 23, 23).

Monday, April 6, 2009

More Feet, Pretty Shoes.

Digit Darkes is the latest to release a foot-in-shoe creation with her Spring 2009 release of the Lotus Heels. In true Digit Darkes style the attractive platform sandals have great detail and gorgeous accent gems. Both the Base and Leather upper parts have multiple colour/fabrication options, toenails and gem stones are customizable too, making for a very versatile shoe, which is always a nice value for your Lindens. Where I do offer some criticism here is with the foot itself.

For this shoe Digit created an invisi-prim foot attachment that basically makes your avatar feet vanish, and then attached the shoe to the lower leg, an interesting method that I found to work well in hiding the foot and ankle join. The shoe drop down menu offers multiple selections for skin tone, and even included a note card recommending what tone might suit some top selling skins, as was the case with my tan skin from Redgrave. The color itself did match my skin pretty well, but it seems to me that in an attempt to up the realism on the shoe a large amount of shadow was added to the foot, making for an odd break when looked at from certain angles, as I mentioned earlier the design of the shoe itself is really spectacular and perhaps it was a windlight setting issue that gave me the deep shadowed effect. These are very pretty shoes.

You can get a hold of these sparkling stilettos at Digit Darkes Main Store.

The Stuff; Redgrave Leona Skin (Tan - Cyan), ETD Gwen Hair (Espresso), Top Part of Retro Tube Dress (Black) from So Many Styles, Artilleri Pencil Skirt (Teal), M * A * ii * K * I High Waisted Belt (Patent Black), LeLutka Clutch Purse, UnTone Drops Earrings, UZURI Bracelet.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hot Croc!

Yay! I am back... feels like I was under a mountain of commitments this past week, and I have been desperately been trying to find time to post about these great new pumps from House of Nyla, I have reviewed Nyla Cheeky's footwear in the past, heavily jewelled prim sculptures that match her costume creations perfectly. This time around Nyla has ventured into the land of sculpties, freely admitting that she did not design the sculpts here, but the custom texturing and decoration take these way out of generic shoe territory. The Crocodile Pumps, or mock croc as it where, come in loads of delicious colors of richly detailed reptile skin. There are black beads all around the foot opening and on the top of the heel, adding a bit of the traditional Nyla pizazz to these. Great shoes offered at a very reasonable price point, well worth a look.

Jog over to The House of Nyla for yours!

The stuff; Redgrave Leona Skin - Smokey, DejaVu Lady Crocodile Hair - Black, So Many Styles Animal Dress - Red, Armidi Grace Jeans - Bleached, Celestial Studios Patent Cherry Bag, Ume Mode Crown Pendant Necklace, Red Bangles by Cashmere.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Bargain finds...

So my friend Zach comes through for me again and sends me these cuties that he found when walking the know, XStreet. The coolest part is that the HOC sneaker wedges found above are 30L's and the Cheeky Shoes were 25L! Now while both shoes have a great price, there are some differences, which makes it tricky to lump in one post. 

Lets start with the Sneaker Wedges by Guu Nishi of HOC. First off, they are a tenni-wedge, and as the notecard that comes with them states, they are made completely by Guu Nishi, who believes that, "free or low price items should not be of low quality, our items have taken many hours (or days!) to create." 

Now as far as the Cheeky shoes go, these are prim toed stilettos, they also are color changing, not only the skin or the toe polish, but the shoe themselves. They have a unique system for matching colors that I haven't quite seen before. Unlike the Sneaker Wedges, these shoes are created by purchased sculpties and textures.  

Kellyo Mayo, the creator of the Cheekys states in the enclosed notecard, "I freely admit I did not create the sculptie or textures for these shoes I bought them.  I modified a few textures and added the scripts for the color changing balls.  These are a decent pair of starter shoes with feet in them.  There are far far better shoes with sculptie feet in them..." 

So there you go, available on XStreet for a bargin price if you are in the market. I personally am now in love with the Sneaker Wedges and think that for the price the Cheekys are quite nice. 

Other stuff: Hair by ETD, Skin by Redgrave, Tops by caLLie cLine, pants by caLLie cLine in pic 2 and ETD in pic 1.