Thursday, October 30, 2008

StyleCard: REDGRAVE, Oh My!

REDGRAVE has always been a favorite of mine for the quality and the cohesiveness of their lines of clothing, skins and footwear. Recently I was contacted by Viola Leigh, the creator of the latest series of footwear under the REDGRAVE label, and have been lucky enough to see the new offerings close-up. The result, 4 great new styles and 4 StyleCards for me! (click on images to enlarge)

The first of these new shoes is actually referred to as a the Winter Boot (shown in orange), but it's one sexy combo of an open toed pump and a knit and buttoned upper portion. The cozy upper with its slouchy appearance and 3 oversized buttons actually comes with part attached to the shoe and the topper as a separate attachment. I paired these with a sexy Jersey Dress from League, which I wasn't nuts about when someone suggested I buy it, but completely love on my av. The Mirai Fuka Hat and Hair are just too cute and I tossed in my Lassie lunchbox from Illuminaire which I am not certain is still available... but you get the idea.

Next in line is the hot little sandal called the Glamour Heels (here in blue). This is the perfect little shoe for a hot club look, and comes in 2 packs featuring the gold and silver variations in the color you choose, gotta love that kind of thinking. I loved wearing mine with the *M*A*ii*K*I* leggings in yellow and this great tank from Kenzie&Co. The chunky necklace and bracelet from ICoN round out my dance floor ready look.

I cannot hide my love of leopard print, and these Wildcat Heels sure feed that desire. I choose the gold variation here, but I adore the pink and blue versions too. Sexy open toes, double wrapped ankles and the sleek metallic gold heel make these a favorite. Worn with, what I think is a first for me on the blog, a dress from PIN UP Dolls, which is my own creation (as my 'business' avatar Pin Upshaw). I am not really into blogging my own stuff but made an exception here because I loved the way the shoes worked with my 'Leopard Love' cocktail dress. My accessories are a great necklace and earrings set from Caroline's. Hair is Armidi.

Last on the list, and certainly not least, the Patent Leather Heels, which come in super shiny patents and croc embossed versions too. These are a great looking shoe, I am a fan of the white contrasting trim and ties, and the unique style of a straight laced look with a sexy open toe. Here the black croc version is paired with a mash-up of items including a Last Call top worn with the cute newness of a pencil skirt from Fetch Alternative. A simple beaded necklace from Ume Mode and the sexy Detour hair rounded out this last style of the series.

I fine crop of footwear from REDGRAVE, and all very reasonably priced. Please visit the store to see these, and the full color range, close-up.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rigger from JCS

Following on from the recent Axion release, Eponymous Trenchmouth of Jeepers Creepers has updated an older boot in his range with the renewed version of the Rigger boot.

This Boot is a more heavy duty workboot style, and it comes with the same resizing option as available in the Axion and other recent JCS releases.

My personal favorite was the Black Cherry version, as they were the version in which I could see the smooth texture in all its glory. They were also a nice match to these Shai pants I was wearing as well, so I didn't even need to change.

The range of colours is comprised of Black, Black Cherry, Brown, Desert Camo, Field Camo and also a work boot option, which has a light tread instead of black. I was almost tempted to go find a brickie's labourer outfit for these boots, but time was against me in that quest although if I ever stumble across one, I will wear one with these boots for sure. All in all another release that increases once again the versatile JCS range and a welcome addition to any mans shoe collection.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shiny Things - Tuli Pumps

The newest pumps from Shiny Things are excellent and adorable! I'm all bundled up and ready for the frost on the pumpkin. Yeah, I know my feet might get a tad cold...but I'm willing to sacrifice for fashion, and so should you! Visit Shiny Things On Line and In World.
Other Stuff: Hair by Kyoot Army, Skin by Redgrave, Outfit by Skin Flicks, and scarf by Artilleri.

Friday, October 24, 2008

StyleCard: BAX Boots

Ahhh! Nothing like a release from BAX Boots to get me to lace up and get back to blogging, needed a bit of a break after that all out marathon of shoes while Graci was away. But she is back, and I have had my little break... and here come the boots! Bax Coen really doesn't fail with her sleek sculpted lace-up ankle boots, her latest are the Brown Suede Ankle Boots. They offer an amazing 4 boot suedes to choose from and multiple cuddly toppers in wool, fur and animal prints. Metals are easily changed between Gold and Silver, and there is even a lace version of the topper and a customization menu that allows for more personal choices for the various parts.

These remind me of the completely impractical winter boots I always wanted in high school... walking in 3 feet of slush in a stiletto heel isn't really wise, but for SL and it's oh so mild winter ahead, I can't think of a more perfect choice to go with all those practical and sexy sweaters, dresses and denims. I threw on my favorite tights from Persona and the amazing belted dress from AOHARU (comes with a stand alone belt option making it a great accessory investment too!). A bit cute, a bunch sexy, a great value with so many options!

Visit BAX Boots soon!
The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, Mirai Hair, AOHURA Dress & Belt, Persona Tights.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ETD: Kristin Boots

Ohhh these Kristin Boots are the prim version of yummy deliciousness. Yes, a new shoe release at ETD brings us the Kristin Boots. Available in a good number of colors and just in time for fall. Visit ETD InWorld.

Other Items: Hair by Truth, Skin by Redgrave, Top by Skin flicks, Undershirt by Dutch Touch, Pants by Launa Fauna.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Axion shoes from Jeepers Creepers

The latest release from Jeepers Creepers, the Axxion boots are in essence, some of the more versatile shoes to emerge from Eponymous Trenchmouth to date. Upon getting these shoes, I tried the blue pair on with the outfit I had on, and I was so impressed with how they matched to what I had on already, I immediately cammed them just like the shoe fiend I am, relishing in the details.

As we come to expect with every pair of JCS shoes, the texturing is first rate and in some ways these boots remind me of a laceup pair of Oslos, although the buckle and strap almost gives me allusions to the Nikes that were popular in the 1990s, but in the instance, instead of being primed for the basketball courts, these boots are made for something more like trekking thru rugged terrain.
The detail on the leather parts of these shoes is totally amazing, featuring ultra realistic creases just like a pair of boots in RL would have. I totally scratch my head at how once again Eppy can come up with such realism in his shoes, and I urge you to take a look in world to see what I mean.
I played around with the different colours seeing what pants I had in inventory to match the various shades and of course I found these pants from Shai's Southern Comfort suit to be the perfect match for the Sand coloured boots. So even though these boots are more gritty and urban, the use of suit pants showed they can be more versatile than first impressions could lead to.

The Gray coloured pair, with its two tone grey and black leather, reminds me of the Air Jordan IX, I had to play basketball as a teenager. These are one of my favorites colours but they are also available in the Black, Blue, Sand, Olive and Brown. As always I recommend the fatpack just for versatility.

Edit: I have been informed by Eponymous that these shoes can also be used by women as well as men. Just click on them to get the resize script (which I overlooked to mention as the default size fit me perfectly) and set to the smallest setting to fit your av as needed.

Another item I would like to draw attention to is the new Prince Abioye ring from Alienbear Designs. This is the first ring for men from Alienbear, and I must say it is nicely detailed and features a huge diamond perfect to let people know you have style and class.

Items in this blog available from

Jeepers Creepers Shoes

Alienbear Jewelry Designs

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dirt Road - Ruffled Sandal

So I have this long time friend, he's the perfect friend because among a long list of his personal qualities he also loves to give presents to his pals....did I mention that one of his favorite things to give is shoes? I know, it's unbelievable! His girlfriend is one of the luckiest girls in SL. Anyways, Zach Larsen decided that it was about time to take his shoe interest to a new level, and that meant he started dabbling at creating shoes. I'm happy to say that he's done marvelous and the Ruffled Sandal I'm wearing above is just one of his first creations. So take a look on the new kid on the block. Visit Dirt Road at the Milk Wood Market at Cuckoo Down In World.
Other stuff: Hair by Truth, Sking by Redgrave, Top by Cachet, and pants by Skin Flicks.

RK:1 Streetwear Show 2 pm SLT Today!

An event very close to my heart will be taking place today, in honor of the 1st Anniversary of Runway Kidz, a group of models, both new and experienced, in Second Life that have joined together to form a support network for one another. The modeling industry in SL is not just competitive, but there are models coming in and going out of the industry at a fast paced rate. The group was created to have a place where we can work together to support one another with encouragement, be a part of a team of those who can understand what its like to walk runways, print/store ads, and other fashion events, and to distribute information concerning contests, competitions, agency casting calls, events, parties and any other situations that a model may be needed.

The Event Kicks off with a show that I have produced featuring some of the best of Streetwear and Urbanwear from all perspectives in Second Life. Today's Show features the amazing designs of : Bijou, Ju Ju’s Closet, WMD (Weird Monkey), /artilleri/ and Savvy Avvy. Here is a sneak peek at the Runway and Show Venue which I built with my own little shoe blogging hands.

The Stuff...I am wearing a little bit of Urban Grunge from JuJu's Closet that will be featured on the runway today, including the great Skulls CHUX previously mentioned in this review.

Kari: Bootlegging Footballs for the Boys

Yes, what a title! I just love Halloween, and I never can resist a costume, especially when really great designers; Menno Ophelia, Torrid Midnight, Starley Thereian, Zyrra Falcone and Haver Cole all come together to make awesomeness. Not only that, seriously take a look at the shoes designed by Menno Ophelia....cute, cute, and double cute. I know you can grab these outfits in several locations, but I grabbed these all at {Kari}. Happy Haunting! Visit In World and Online.

Other stuff: Outfits from the Fantasy Football, For the Boys, and Bootleg Annie sets. Skin by Redgrave, and hair (not including Bootleg Annie) from ETD.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

StyleCard: Jape Stern & DeLa

Very picture heavy post, but I am so thrilled with these offerings from Kuranosuke Komachi of DeLa (and sub-label Jape Stern) that I wanted to show off as many items as I could. DeLa has really evolved into an amazing place for not only shoes but a home to fashionable clothing, sexy separates and accessories. (Click images to enlarge.)

The Boots featured are the latest in the Jape Stern line, the offshoot of DeLa designed to feature men's footwear primarily, that now includes these awesome Shuzzle Bow Boots. Of particular note is the ample satiny ribbon bow at the top of the tall lace up boots that is a funky contrast to the cobbler footed boots. Nice suedey textures and a great range of fall colors make these a great boot to own. They work so well with the outfits created by Kuranosuke that they are able to look fashion forward, but a pair could easily work well for more gothic, neko or lolita-ish looks.

The three outfits shown and most of the accessories are by DeLa. The black set is called Mirielle, a stomach baring set great for layering and mix and match, stocking and the amazing neck piece are included. Worn with a simple three bangle set from Armidi Gisaci. The navy blue look is comprised of a sleeveless jacket with neck bow and short pants, that utilize sculpted components to add some shape These are from the Nicole series, and all the accessories worn are from DeLa's great accessory line.

The final set is fun and sexy and comes with the great belt, which I have already worn with other outfits. The Daisy fur lined vest, shown in rich dark red, and the matching suede skirt. One person told me I looked like Santa's little helper in this, and maybe I do, but It does come in many amazing colors and I am a huge fan of red... so watch out Santa, here is one hot little helper! All hair is from ETD.

Look for these great fashions and more at DeLa!

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, ETD Hair, DeLa Clothing and Accessories, additional Accessories from Armidi, Boots by Jape Stern @ DeLa.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SLink: PVC Boots

So I was going through all my old Halloween costumes and came across my Little Red Riding Ho that was one of my favs from last year. Yeah a little skimpy, but look at the sexalicious boots from SLink that I had to pair them with. Sleek, shiny, and the best part is no resizing on the calf, knee, and thigh. The foot shape does all the magic and forms the upper components. They are wonderful in their simplicity and effect. Visit SLink Inworld!

Other Stuff: Skin by Redgrave, Hair by Kyoot, Costume by Last Call.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Buy me?

Come join us on the Retrology Sim - RK Model Auction Slurl - at 9am SLT, Saturday October 11, 2008. Models will be auctioned for various services, such as photography work (by model), print/ad work (use of model), model mentoring, personal shopper, etc! Please come and support the Runway Kidz members! Proceeds will be used towards funding RK events, including RK:1 (October 17, 18 and 19th) as well as future projects and funding for in-world Headquarters. We are a non-profit model support network organization, for models by models.

Models up for Auction:

Tweetie Ferraris
Sapphire Coakes
Jarl Soderstorm
Mavi Beck
Boe Cortes
Cayce Newell
Salvo Weydelich
Sally Yachvili
Barbarella Fuosing
Dahni Ella
Kate Stockholm
Jonny Tobias
Gamp Lane
Anessa Stine

Come out and have some fun! :))

Friday, October 10, 2008

ESSENCE of Style Magazine

Today InStyle Fashion Agency proudly launched the all new ESSENCE of Style magazine. The magazine offers creative insights to the modeling industry, intelligent discussions with top designers and interesting articles on current inworld events, all in an visually pleasing and quick read format. I am so proud to grace the cover of the inaugural issue, and am pleased to be part of the team that produces the magazine under the guidance of Co-Editor's in Chef, Ohren Beck and Takeshi Kiama.

Inside you can expect to find lots of great stuff, including a column by 'On Your Toes' co-blogger Jonny Tobias and my interview with the talented Eshi Otawara. You can pick up a copy at the InStyle Headquarters (InStyle Sim) or at a number of kiosks in-world.

Happy Reading!

Shiny Things - Button Boots

Hey all you blogging fans, stand up and clap your hands! YAY I'm all moved in RL and couldn't be more happy! It was a long time away from my friends and all my pretty pretty prim shoes, but I'm going to be doing my best to catch up and reacquaint myself with all the shoes that have been made in my absence. More than a month in my inventory, I'd like to reintroduce you to the Button Boots from Shiny Things. I'm so happy that the fall season is here, you all know how much I adore the boots autumn brings. It goes without saying that Fallingwater Cellardoor produces quality shoes and boots. So consider your self reminded....go check out these boots if you've been under the same rock I've been under. Visit Shiny Thing On Line and In World.
Other Items:
Skin by Redgrave, Hair by Truth, Top by Cachet, Skirt by Kyoot.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Billowing Love, Maitreya.

When it's Love, the real thing, you just know it. Call me crazy, but I fell in love with some boots today, and only Onyx LeShelle and Beauvoir Rousselot can cure my lovesick heart.

Onyx was kind enough to send me some of that love so that I can share it with my On Your Toes faithful. Yes, this is another tease. But don't worry it won't be long before the Maitreya Billow Boots are available for purchase.

The Boots are just sensational, but what else can you expect from Maitreya. The leather is soft and and the details are perfect. Multiple colors will be available, 3 sizes and a resizable version too, these are the tan version (I wear a medium)... I was in such a hurry to get them on and shoot some pics for the blog that just wore them with what I had on.

More info to come after the release, scheduled for Saturday.

Amazing new Redgrave shoes

As I heard from a few friends that there were new female skins being released at Redgrave, and me needing to keep my finger on the pulse of new releases, I decided to go and take a look at them. But little did I know that I would be rather shocked and see that there were newly released shoes from Viola Leigh.

I saw these shoes and immediately knew I wanted them. So I took the plunge and grabbed a fatpack of the Cowboy Loafers, as from experience, my boots tend to be alot more versatile with my clothing of choice than sneakers usually are. Now where to start with my descriptions about these amazing boots? Honestly, I have to say these boots are truly amazingly detailed, and the sculpted prim work by Viola and the textures are just as amazing as every other item I have purchased from Redgrave.
However, it wasn't just these boots that were new to the market. there is also the Elegance shoes, which as depicted in the promo picture above, have been designed to match to the Redgrave Elegance suit (one of my all time favorite SL suits). What is more amazing though, is the vast range of colours available, so you could quite easily buy the fatpacks and have shoes to fit a variety of different moods and styles, from classic elegance, to a more formal business look, to a simple casual look at depicted below.

Lastly, there is also a new sneaker release to coincide with the cowboy boots and Elegance shoes. these sneakers from Viola. As in every shoe release so far from Redgrave, the detail is as high as can be, and these new sneakers are no exception.
Once again available in a variety of colours, you will not be stuck for choice, and the bright eye catching colours will allow you to stand out in a crowd with ease, as that is what you all want to do at times in sl. I would have to say, that these are among the best shoe releases I have seen so far this year, and I am amazed at the quality of them once again. Anyone who complains about a lack of mens shoes should do themselves a favor and pick up one of these styles today.

Also Viola was kind enough to show me a teaser of one of her upcoming womens styles, and I must say, I can see alot of women returning to Redgrave to pickup some of these new soon to be released styles. I would also like to thank Viola for sending me some of the pics I have used in this blog.

All items featured available from REDGRAVE

Items featured include:


Hat goes with ETD Haircut "Charley"

Skin Emil 3 Tan

Sweater Black + Scarf

Jeans Dirty No. 1 "Blue" + Keychain

Elegance DARK BROWN:

Skin Emil 3 Tan

Sweater Messy Pink

Satin Pants Dark Grey

Satin Pants White

Satin Pants Sand

SWEATER Dark Brown Leather-Back *REDGRAVE*

Shirt CLUBBING Sequin -Black- *REDGRAVE*

Jeans Black *REDGRAVE*

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

StyleCard: Pixel Mode

A Sunday full of events to attend and all of them back-to-back, this calls for a simple and elegant look that is prim friendly, stylish and has a bit of personality. I started with the great black dress from Cachet, you may not be a system skirt fan, but I totally am, all it takes is a skirt version of your shape and you get a sleek sexy look. I left off the oversized pockets and went with a great contrasting belt from M * A * ii * K * I , then added a matching necklace. Then it was about finding a shoe with a colourful punch to finish the look.

I have so many great shoes, but none of my fuchsia or pink shoes really did it, and then I found these, I did not even realize that Tya Fallingbridge of Pixel Mode had sent these over, but the colour and style matched so perfectly. The Kavika Sheen are a great satiny looking platform pump with an option of a tied strap or none at all. Beautifully shaped and well textured, the Kavika Sheen have nice height and an attractive retro feel.

Take a look at these and more great footwear over at Pixel Mode.

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Cachet Dress, M * A * ii * K * I Belt, Necklace by Ume Mode, Shoes by Pixel Mode.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Graci and I are Cover Girls!

So pleased to share the cover of the new edition of METRO Virtual Fashion Magazine in which Graci and I are interviewed about how we met and became friends, and eventually started blogging together for On Your Toes. You can read it here.

Cover Photo by Alaska Metropolitan.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Styles of edo Fashion Show Today!

Join us today at 4 PM SLT for InStyle Fashion Agency's presentation of Styles of edo Women's Collection, watch me walk the walk in my Stiletto Moody's and stay for the after party featuring DJ Azu Catteneo.

Click here for a ride.

Friday, October 3, 2008

StyleCard: TESLA

Yay! The Hyldas have arrived, and that sneaky Tesla Miles not only made good on her promise to give us some color in this great ankle boot, she's also give us 2 irresistable snake textures. TESLA offers nine variations in all, and really some of the most detailed ankle boots I've seen in a long time. Ankle boots are always a nice alternative for fall, they are great worn with skinny jeans, long tunics and even sweater dresses when you add some opaque tights. I decided to take Hylda out dancing so I added a silver beaded bustier (part of a Digit Darkes Socialite dress).

I love these chunky accessories from ICoN, and the funky short hair from MMS is a nice change from my usual length. My skinny black pants are courtesy of Cachet. Just a fun casual look with a bit of sparkle for a night of dancing in my new Hylda boots.

Look for Hylda at TESLA.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, MMS Hair, Digit Darkes Top (part of dress), Cachet Pants, Accessories by ICoN.

StyleCard: SOREAL

Time to welcome a new face to 'On Your Toes'. Volcom Praga, KMADD Stylist, will be appearing from time to time to help us cover what's new and fashionable in men's footwear for our little blog. No time like the present, and SOREAL's much awaited follow up to the City Steps was a perfect opportunity to get this guy to show off some amazing footwear. The new Superstars are a great classic 3 stripe sneaker, with hyper realistic details from perforations to worn leather effects, and front to back perfect styling. (click image to enlarge.)

Volcom's casual look consists of some Aitui pants, a fun 'Rock is Dead' Tee from Gutta, Kari's Crate Digger shoulder bag and oversized sunglasses from VintageWear (VG Republic). Some great tattoos and new hair from MUISM help add up to a great look.

Look for the Superstars at SOREAL.

The stuff; Belleza Skin, MUISM Hair, Gutta Tee, Aitui Pants, Kari Bag, VintageWear Sunglasses. Volcom appears courtesy of MAD Image, for style consultation please contact Volcom in-world or visit for more information and style advice.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

StyleCard: comme il faut & Styles of edo

A first offering from the talented Moire Georgette who confessed to me that the new Adriana Sandals, released under the comme il faut label, are the first she's felt good enough about to put on the shelves. The Adriana come in both light and dark variations, with some metal accent options available, they are an attractive elegant heel and perfect for the upcoming party season, yes we are thinking of the holidays already!

To really set an elegant tone I borrowed a dress from this weekend's Styles of edo Fashion Show being presented by InStyle Fashion Agency. This rich and satiny Hepburn Dress is irresistible in red with it's oversized back bow and super flowy skirt. Just a perfect party dress and one of many that will be showed off on Saturday (see Invitation below.) Hair is ETD Gwen, which is a great dressed up ponytail style and accessories are from Shiny Things, the Everyday Gems Garnet Set, one of the first accessory sets I ever bought for myself in SL, and I still wear it often.

All dressed up with someplace to go, visit comme il faut soon.

Someplace else to go this weekend...

Please join InStyle Fashion Agency for another great runway show, this time featuring the lovely creation from the 'Styles of edo' Women's Collection designed by Mami Jewell on October 4th at 4 PM SLT. Some truly sensational gowns will be gracing the runway, worn by some of SL's TOP Female Models. Don't miss it!

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, ETD Hair, Styles of edo Dress, Shiny Things Accessories. Shoes by comme il faut.

StyleCard: Biddle Boots

Time for something fun, a cute look that is easy and casual with appealing ankle boots in bright shades. Enter Biddle Boots, Graciana posted a review on some not too long ago, and they are back and 'On My Toes' to add punch to the great new Day Dream outfit from Sweetest Goodbye. Simplicity is best paired with the vibrant color of the outfit. A star covered 'used' denim dress set with a wide sash and treble clef accent, work well against the solid red ankle boots called Cuties, their simple red satiny finish and contrast heel (not to mention a chic little bow) are great. Short sexy hair from ::69:: and fun triple dice earrings from /artilleri/, go well with some simple black bangles from Caroline's. Fun, Color, and Cuteness.

Look for the Cuties and other styles at Biddle Boots.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Dress from Sweetest Goodbye, Biddle Boots, Accessories from /artilleri/ and Caroline's.